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  1. happy belated birthday, Wilson and all
  2. I have 4 656 gas hydros. The first 3 are (were) loading/ feeding tractors, and the shiny one was destined to be a loader tractor if needed. Can't beat them for that kind of work. 2250 loaders. As Mark said, the 656 was the first hydro that IH offered.
  3. Maybe airplane tires were used a lot more in the early 60s? Our local AC/NH/NI dealer sold a bunch of Allis unloading wagons on NH gears with used 16" airplane tires on the rims. I don't recall the number of plies (12+?), but the rare flat, the tires went somewhere that could dismount them from the drop center rims. We never changed them ourselves. I still use a couple of the rims that I cut the old scab tires off with a sawzall.
  4. Linda's mom took the picture. I didn't realize all the things it held until years later.
  5. model is SPF. yes, it has the BD427 Continental gas engine. 125hp. for quite a while, it was the most hp of any machine on the farm. I used to joke that it used a 3/4" pipe as a gas line. I made the front page of a regional magazine one time early 80s while I was chopping corn alongside the road with the Fox and an Allis unloading wagon.
  6. Linda walked into my life. Cornell's Zeta Psi fraternity Freshman Tea. Senior NY aggie meets freshman artsie from the state of Maine. What are the chances at a school the size of Cornell? She finished college in 3 years so we could get married, and still made Phi Beta Kappa. Smartest person I have ever met. I farmed, she worked off-farm for 34 years, 2 kids, fires, cancer, a major farm accident, retirement, and we still like each other. Picture is one of my all-time favorites, taken 4 years after we got married. I am showing my father-in-law the Fox chopper I had just bought. He is no longe
  7. happy birthday, I always enjoy your contributions here.
  8. not 311- 311 has rectangular beam. this one is a F43, which has a wider plate onthe bottom of the beam. my plow book calls it a 4-F43 under a picture of a 4 bottom plow. Not sure if the 3 bottom is named different than the 4 bottom. 4-F43 was built in 1956. 4-FTC43 was built 1957 and 58. Unclear as to the difference.
  9. good reminders, guys. I let the 4th anniversary of my incident with the Fox chopper go by w/o reminding you all to be careful. I'm fortunate to still have my foot and walk relatively normally. But it only takes a minute of inattention/haste to send things south.
  10. spike? off a cotton picker. my friend Mac Coley in Alabama gave me a couple of them when we were there 2 years ago.
  11. blade looks similar to an aftermarket blade that Dad bought years ago, and I have now. Decent picker, but one row at a time will take a long time to get enough for that many cows. Was this Fraley's big fall sale?
  12. we had a killing frost Friday night. Corn got scorched bad. Usually, the river and fog protects us here, not this year. The neighbor that wants 5-600 ton of corn from me, is still waiting on the big farm to get their own corn under control, before they chop and haul from here. Hopefully, this weekend.
  13. must be the one at Edmeston. what did the 706 bring? big crowd?
  14. right through the old gas tank....
  15. funny story about the 1468 I was interested in. The auctioneer asked "who has $7000?" as his opening salvo. I was already ready to go to $8000, so I was almost ready to "start the rollback", so to speak. Apparently someone else also had his own truck running.. The auction crew stood there with their mouths open, as the bidding went past $9k. I quit at $9100, and the other bidder got the tractor for $9200.
  16. here are the 2 choppers I am using. The Fox opens the fields 3 rows at a time, and the Fargo wagon fits through the 3 rows. Then chop with the NH. The Richardton wagon holds more and dumps higher, but needs 4 rows to avoid running down corn. This was this morning's view in today's field. first trip thru after the Fox cut the road. Front And rear We have been relatively lucky with the rain most of the summer. Even after watching solid lines of rain coming through, only to split and miss us, or just disappear, we got enough moisture just as it was getting despera
  17. many moons ago, I thought it would be nice to add a 1468 to the herd. There was one for sale relatively close by. Inquiries on this board as to the desirability of one were generally unanimous- junk the V8 and put a 466 in, and you will have a tractor! So someone took that advice, though there may be other reasons for that particular one.
  18. a field I was chopping on Monday.
  19. X2. I wanted to stop there during the trip for the June RPRU. We know how that turned out. I would love to see more pictures. I'll never see it in person.
  20. happy birthday, you guys. Bill, glad to hear of the improvement in your wife.
  21. Your duals would probably make that green one pull better. as opposed to my 1466 that has a yellow rim on the one side. JD guy asked me if it worked better that way. I told him, that's the side that always spins.....
  22. Troy, I have 10 bolt yellow duals that fit right onto the 5288- no problem at all. fwiw.
  23. I usually can find a divot in a parking lot, or a low spot, or a small rise like the pic with the BN, to put the trailer tires in, so the deck doesn't have to be so steep. Sometimes, draft a friend to run the tilt control, so when I get the tractor on the deck, friend can lower the deck to a more reasonable level. I could have gotten a remote control for the hyd pump, but it would have cost extra. When I loaded the Regular, it was in a flat field and the tractor didn't run. That one was winched on with a HF inexpensive winch (you can see it in the picture), and the deck was lowered after the b
  24. Chances are, I saw those tractors at Syracuse. The state fairgrounds had national pulls in the early/mid 80s, and several of us from the area drove up to watch. Good times.
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