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  1. Local AM station 680 WINR is also part of 96.9 Classic Country. Good stuff.
  2. this is what has worked on my 656 scoop tractor for a long time. Just a piece of (5/16" iirc) key stock, with a hole drilled for the cotter pin, and heated and bent at the appropriate place. QT1 cab. Thanks for the tip about Slayer Bros. Never heard of them before.
  3. just the Super C and the 200. 230 FH was like 460/560.
  4. well there goes the guess of an old style battery launcher....
  5. oh, I was going to say something about lipstick on a pig, but no....
  6. tool box looks like the ones on a couple of my Fox choppers.
  7. never EVER seen a cart like that. looks so handy. how about some more pictures? manufacturer? I just started chopping corn to sell to a neighboring farmer. His hardpan fields are swampy wet from all the rain he has gotten.
  8. and not very well. At this stage of the game anyway.
  9. I think whatever list that you looked at was wrong. The serial number list published by the National Farm & Power Eqpt Dealers Assn lists 856 Farmalls as such: Beginning ser # year 7501 1967 9854 1968 19554 1969 28693 1970 32420 1971 856 Customs were made only towards the end of the 56 series run. Not nearly as many Customs as regular 856s. And only in the Farmall models. There is a separate and differing list for the I856 and 2856. So your tractor would be a 1968 model. Nice straight looking tractor that you have.
  10. good possibility, especially if it had a side mounted Bushhog, and the weights were only on the left side.
  11. My point exactly. Or the rear end would crash because there was no slip. Or the back tires were filled with helium.....
  12. regular utility, not High Utility. Why in the world would it have all those rear weights?
  13. In the 1930s, IHC had a program to bring in your "old" steel wheel tractors to get them retrofitted with rubber tires and a tuneup. Painted if you wanted. I have a poster made up by Nebraska Cowman extolling the program and how much easier the tractor rides and works on rubber. I am going to leave the Regular just as it is, with only painted wheels.
  14. this is my 1926 Regular. I bought it from an elderly ex-farmer who used it on his family's farm for many years. When he sold the farm, he kept 3 Regulars, an F12 with a Massey Harris loader, and an M. After many more years, he sold them, and I got the 1926 and the F12. My brother got his 1929 Regular. All the old tractors had been refitted with electric start and foot brakes, and the Regulars also have Monroe Easy Rider seats. The old man had just rebuilt the engine on the one I got, but couldn't see well enough to time the magneto. Old F20 from the forum helped me with that. Thanks, Ryan. It had steel rear and cutoff rubber on the front. I changed it over to F&H rims after I had it for a few years. We took the 1926 and 1929 to RPRU in LaPorte, Indiana in 2010. I also have a 1929 Regular on steel and another 1929 Regular with an F20 engine on rubber.
  15. ny bill o

    My SA

    😄 So anyway, the As and Bs with the drop boxes, or whatever they are called on the final drives, tend to make a lot of noise right out of the box. Are you sure the noise isn't from those, rather than the tranny itself? I have had a couple of both models, and the noise was there but never bad enough to do anything more than make sure the oil level was correct. More of a whine, than any clunking. There are several videos on youtube on rebuilding the steering boxes. A thru 140 are all similar. My brother did his, but I wasn't there to see what he did.
  16. 1064 has that style automotive tie rod ends. 1065A has just a pin. Not sure on a 1065. Decent running gear with a little work. My brother has a couple 9x15' kicker racks he built using bed pieces from an old unloading wagon. If you sistered longer cross pieces so you could have something to hook uprights to, you might be able to use that bed over again.
  17. hope you have good ones, guys. happy happy.
  18. Apparently the one thing they won't eat is milkweed. Which needs to go away the most.
  19. I grew up in the days of aftermarket cabs, but I have never even heard of Westrum cabs, let alone seen one. Some unique designs on it, for sure. Must be a regional brand?
  20. planning to go. Decide later what to bring.
  21. First most obvious difference is the steps. IH Custom cab step has 2 outside supports. Hinson has one square tube down the center of the steps.
  22. feedlot special posted his pictures a bit sooner, but here is the Hinson Royal cab on my 1456 again. Looks the same.
  23. sure it wasn't a 510? Black smoke says diesel. The 510 in my hay barn has the 6 cyl 354 Perkins. Plus, the discharge auger is quite long, maybe more than a 300 would have? Anyway, great timing for the shot. After typing the above, I looked in my 1983 Official Guide from the Dealers Assn, and the 300, 410, and 510 all were available with diesel engines. And, Grain tank size: 300-56 bu 410- 73 bu 510- 85 bu A lot different than today's monsters.
  24. happy birthday, Wayne, and the others celebrating today.
  25. I bet its reeeeally cheap, too!
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