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  1. 4F-43 plow, made to go with the x50 series tractors.
  2. ny bill o


    just because you can doesn't mean you should. Or in this case, WHAT were you thinking when you planted it in the first place????
  3. I went to the national auction when it was in Maryland in 2015. Came home with all I could stuff in a pickup. There was such an overabundance of things that it was a real buyer's market. Felt bad for the sellers. Still kicking myself over a 1026 hydro that I figured was way out of my price range to the extent that I was off looking at implements when it sold for less than dirt cheap.
  4. happy birthday, Dan. I'm glad to have met you and Adam over several RPRUs. Enjoy the day and year.
  5. super haul! Bit of useless knowledge (unless you need to know): the 2 piece Fordson has rear wheel weights. The starter weight by the rim has 5 bolt pattern to attach to rim, also 6 bolt pattern holes for the outside weights, all the rest have 6 bolt pattern (use 3 per, alternate sets of holes). So without the starter weights, you can collect Fordson weights 'til the cows come home, but they will never be of use w/o the starter set. BTDT.
  6. I have an Oliver 546 5-16 auto reset with those curved colters and a buster bar. Does the nicest job of plowing, better than my 700 and 720 6 bottoms.
  7. interesting fenders. the right side looks to be for the Utility 460, left fender is for the Farmall 460 and Hi-Utility. BTDT. My Hi-U had 756 fenders on it when it arrived, I took them off and put on fenders off a parts Utility 460, then I got the original Hi-U fenders. Just about the same difference as in the picture.
  8. A Cue from Johnny Cash: Build A โ€œOne-Piece-At-A-Timeโ€ Combine | AgWeb
  9. The November 2022 Farm Journal has an article about building a combine "one piece at a time" ala Johnny Cash, with a quote from our very own nepowershiekfarmalls Aaron. Whoooeee!
  10. IIRC, that pin is used to give down pressure (or float) to the fast hitch. Wonder if back end of #1 is rotated so far up that the pin is over the front top of #1?
  11. you're right, I was comparing mine with Tom H's picture
  12. the fast hitch on my 400. the top of the cylinder is even with the lower bolt on the PTO shield, same as the OP's picture. My hitch goes almost to the ground. The lever with the bail handle on left side of platform should be all the way down- part of the "draft control" that I think never did much from new- but that shouldn't affect the hitch height/depth- 15.5s were an update for the 13.6s, almost the same height profile IIRC- 16.9s like on my 560 diesel DO make a big height difference in the hitch. Not much help here, I'm afraid.
  13. just last Sunday, I sold an Allis hopper blower to a neighbor for that very purpose. Told him I wanted to see it when it was done.
  14. awww, I'm disappointed. You don't have to restore it, just use it once and it will be an improvement over its recent life. I will admit, I have so many tractors, it is sometimes hard to remember to use them all (favorites, you know). Still, your name 7and8and1456 says you need this one too. I would start at $2500-3000, if she is a friend, go $500 higher.
  15. if you need parts for the newer 400, I think the hitches are the same for 4-560, maybe more. Are you right on Rt20? Seems like I have seen that combo of white barns and various silos when we were on our way to Richardson's for spray material.
  16. karaoke has been Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday for a few weeks.๐Ÿ˜€
  17. Thanks for the well wishes. I combined some corn, and had rib steaks for lunch. Good day.
  18. when I bought my 3010 in 1977, I wanted to see what it could do. The only 3pt plow on the farm was dad's IH 550 5-16, so away I went to the river flat with it. Started in the furrow where we had ended the day before, tractor pulled it at 8" in 5th gear. Impressed me. Our soils have always pulled easier than soil in some other parts of NYS.
  19. The 300 and 400 started out with the bell crank on the left rear platform and the second cylinder under the brakes. Think the switch was made later in the run of 00s. I would rather plow with the old style, think it does a better job of controlling depth.
  20. happy birthday to gh-in-oh, Bob01230, Smoker1, RonCook and the others celebrating. Jerry, you're still ahead of me...๐Ÿ˜€
  21. pretty sure it was 3rd direct. Super C pulled 2-14 FH in 3rd.
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