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  1. yes, 6 row pull type. the marker box and the cyclomitor grounds both go directly to the negative post on the single Gp 31 battery. I will take them apart and shine up in the morning. maybe related or not- the monitor won't read the seed count either. it will sense when the seeds start dropping, and displays 0 on row 1 until I get the end of the row, then scans 1-6 until it starts planting again, then 0, 1 again.
  2. the marker control on my 800 planter isn't working. Can I run them off a remote from the tractor? What is the plumbing? thanks. Actually, if I could get the control box to work right, it would be even better. I have power into the box, and all 4 prongs on the light bulb side are hot, which doesn't seem right. I presume one pair is for automatic, and the other is for advance. Neither bulb will light. I have some small pasture fields to plant to corn, notill. I just can't follow the rows to space out the next set of rows, thought maybe the markers would help.
  3. Bob Off had a 1026 standard rice special goldie that I got to drive a short distance at a RPRU, before my brother drove it thru the parade. may be the one IH hog farmer mentioned.
  4. Remarkable condition for the age of that Caddy. Our first FWD car was a '73 Toronado during '78 gas crisis, followed by another '73, a '72, and a couple '78s, before we started buying smaller FWDs. those 455s could get up and go. not so much with the 403? in the '78.
  5. sounds like all this swapping tractors around will work out well in the end. it sure is handy to have enough tractors to do several jobs at the same time. one question- is it an illusion, or does the new tractor have skinny back tires? if so, why? seems like a ton of HP for the size tires.
  6. I hope you are up and around soon, Bruce. see you again at some shows, when they open up.
  7. I would have thought that you had more topsoil up there than that. how far down to gravel?
  8. happy birthday Chris. a little better day than the first of this week.
  9. finished plowing the field for the seeding, retrieved the 2006 Chevy pickup from the repair shop, and got 12 of the 15 acres planted and half of it rolled the second time. rain coming tomorrow night.
  10. ny bill o

    Close call

    no, it was a late 90s IH. 2nd picture.
  11. happy birthday to John and the others having celebrations today.
  12. beautiful El Camino, except for the Stupid Wheels.
  13. those are some sad looking tractors.
  14. the disk blade is part #PO 12 314. the tail wheel blade is part #658404r1. neither number comes up as good on the Mesick's site. It wouldn't surprise me if blades from a different machine could be adapted to fit your plow. Possibly Agri-supply would be a place to start.
  15. Saturday morning, I stopped to put gas in the Impala. other side of pump, a girl was shivering putting gas into minivan with Colorado plates. Second girl comes out of store to the van, laughing about clerk noticing the shivering girl. Second girl pulls out the brush to wash her windshield, and 1/2" chunks of ice fall at her feet. I bet they remember getting gas in NY.
  16. I have the parts breakdown in a FCI-2 catalog, titled "Farm Implements for use with Farmall Super C Tractor equipped with Fast Hitch". what parts are you looking at? There are 8 pages in the section, and I would have to take the book apart to scan everything.
  17. when my 1466 got new back tires, one rim was poor. the only replacement I could find was painted yellow. I had a JD guy ask me if it ran better that way. I told him no, in fact that wheel spun out a lot more. we both laughed.
  18. aw come on. I'm 70 and keep trying to convince myself it the new 50. Happy birthday, anyhow.
  19. make sure of the amount of oil to put in the bar. too much is as bad as too little.
  20. congratulations on the new arrival to the family.
  21. I just came in from disking corn ground in a snowstorm. the snow is melting here in the valley. I can't see the hills thru the clouds, but I won't be surprised if they are white in the morning. lets hear it for globular warming!
  22. actually, it is the first 6 cylinder, power steering tractor I ever drove. my Dad's tractors at the time were a Farmall 300, International 300 utility, and a Super C. he borrowed the neighbor's 460 and rake. what a deal!
  23. I told Linda about a 460 that I have been trying to buy for the last 15-20 years, that might be for sale now. She just asked what was so special about that one.
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