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  1. please post a link when they do.
  2. I wouldn't be too quick to blame a phone. news said the accident happened at 9:35 PM and the tractor was pulling a baler. not exactly what you expect to find on the road at that time of night. I wonder what sort of flashing lights/ reflectors/ escort vehicle the machinery had. nevertheless, its still a tragedy.
  3. ny bill o

    Never Mind

    and some of them might be correct...
  4. that was where. I had bought parts for my Fox selfpropelled from Works's for many years. good people.
  5. I think my friend said that CIH doesn't make a roll baler type picker. that surprised me.
  6. a lot of the roundups have been memorable; some of the reasons I gave when listing the ones i attended. Also- Bloomsburg 2003- the first person I met there was Richard Lantis from Michigan, and I got to drive his Farmall 806 #501. somewhere in here, I got to drive Easy Bob's one of a kind 1026 Rice Special Duquoin 2012- we stopped at Norris Works' dealership on the way- Works had more Fox chopper parts than Fox- good to know if you have a Fox chopper Lima 2013- Nebraska Cowman had his dyno truck on the track for people to hook onto if they wished. Montgomery 2018- seeing the development of cotton pickers/equipment was quite amazing. there have been a lot of good memories from the Roundups and the people I have met. too hard to pick one as the best.
  7. I had to replace a few when I did the broken axle on the 200. got them at NAPA.
  8. ...and Linda told me I had too many tractors. like Bitty, I'm glad its not closer.
  9. I missed the original post, too. RIP, George.
  10. ny bill o

    RPRU how many?

    '03 Bloomsburg Pa '06 Mansfield Ohio '07 Bloomsburg Pa '08 Colombia Mo- first long trip- there were some red power friends I wanted to meet in person in that area- the 2003 Chevy pickup stranded Mike, my daughter, and I in Wentzville, Mo for 3+ days on the way home '09 Madison, Wis- helped with the Regular restoration '10 Laporte, In- Mike hauled his '29 and my '26 Regulars all the way out there '12 Duquoin, Il- took corn planter parts to a guy on the way '13 Lima, Oh '15 Sedalia, Mo- visited my Uncle and Aunt and went to Branson beforehand '16 Union Grove, Wi- helped with the F12 restoration '18 Montgomery, Al- stayed with some Alabama friends going to and coming back '19 Bloomsburg, Pa- started IH fenders on their way to a guy in Mich. so 12 RPRUs so far. the Cub Loboy has been to 8 of them. It has been great to make friends and contacts all over the country.
  11. ex-farmers/neighbors/friends broke down there until monday at a truck stop.
  12. I had met Eldon at a RPRU, too. he was a gentleman. rest in peace.
  13. IN 2018, I was fortunate enough to be in Alabama 3 times- in the spring as cotton planting was starting, for RPRU in June, and in October as cotton harvesting was underway. In the fall, we watched a field being picked right by the road, so I took some pictures of the process. the module builder was run by a well worn 1466, while the cart had a nice MX 200 with A/C. totally logical. Interesting to watch, but I learned enough over the trips to know that I didn't want to grow cotton- not that its possible this far north. Not to hijack your thread, but it is machines (other than tractors) that we never see up here.
  14. Slaterville Springs, right? We went past it today on the way to Empire Farm Days. nice rig.
  15. Wayne, hope you waved when you went by me.....😃
  16. mine is a Darf. Dad bought it in about 1960, along with a NH 900 Speedrower. the mower only put hay in windrows, so the Darf worked to roll the windrows over to make dry hay. I was using it to roll over hay that had been raked, then rained on before I could get it baled. you learn real quick that to make a right hand turn, you make 3 lefts if you don't want to scuff the wheels and/or wad up hay ahead of the wheels.
  17. light switch is faster than a paper bag....
  18. prayers from here also.
  19. ny bill o

    EFD 2019

    I'm planning on Wednesday, looks a little cooler than tues or thurs.
  20. yup. that little mountain-shaped support in the OP's first picture is the giveaway that its a straight B, and, from a conversation at RPRU, hard to find if you were putting a second seat on a B.
  21. no, its a B. this is my BN- left side extra seat, but the right side is the same- no space between seat support and fender..
  22. definitely a 66 series, 9 or 10. def a hydro, from the quadrant where the TA would be on a gear drive. the hydro 100 had the stupid white racing stripe going up over the front end of the hood, so it isn't that.
  23. Ouch! both the wound and the repair. maybe it will push back out? that truck is a beauty.
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