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  1. AC compressor quit and hasn't been replaced yet. Never heard of Ty-crop or Artex. usually Richardtons for small operators like us. the BTOs chop into trucks. I doubt that 17' wagons would fly here. I have dumped 12' wagons into 14' trucks. if you needed a truck over 18', might as well chop right into truck. No other trucks to help? buyer's choice. he only milks 60 cows and makes do with what he has. I'm happy with the yield and quality. population was good. when i clean up spillage where we have dumped, the ground is yellow from all the kernels still on the gravel. I'll have a lot to combine when buyer gets what he wants. his bunk is getting full.
  2. ny bill o


    so true, Mark. I had lots of time to think about stuff when I was laying around in the hospital 3 years ago after the chopper chewed on my leg. then got healed, and promptly forgot most of it. trying again now, somewhat.
  3. I first heard that phrase from my old Sunday School teacher, after Dad rented her farm and we started hauling manure to her fields.
  4. I think it is the original model of Fargo wagons. holds about 80% of what the 700 Richardton holds, and dumps lower too, even though both are slide and dump design. I had the second coming of Fargos and that one held about the same as the Richardton.. bottom rusted out on that one. nice thing about both Fargos is that they will follow the 3 row Fox without running down the 4th row of corn like the Rich'ton. the Fox is the one that chewed on my shin 3 years ago. I'm extra careful around it, and it is feeding better than it was then, too. we missed the frost by 1 or 2 degrees last week.
  5. I'm selling chopped corn to a neighbor that couldn't get enough planted last spring because of the constant rain then. He has a 10 wheeler to haul it back to his farm, a little over 10 miles one way. it doesn't go too fast, but I have other stuff to do in between loads. I was opening up another field tonight, and I ran out of wagon before I ran out of row. (picture with flash, poorer quality.) I shut off the gathering chains and mopped down the rest of the 3 rows over to the edge of the field. I hope I can go against the corn with the New Holland chopper later and salvage some of it.
  6. the windshield and bottom windows on my 1086 were out of a 186 hydro. no other windows came with them. the windshield sure cuts down on the engine noise.
  7. thanks for the tour. that is some beautiful collection.
  8. never heard of the machine. looks neat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36U64U42nyU according to Jim's rule, this one should be running about 8# oil pressure, though it sure doesn't sound like a Detroit.😁
  9. I have made HMEC since the early 80s with a 2 row NH snapperhead, a 2 row New Idea picker-grinder, a 3 rowhead on a Unisystem, and a 1063 head on a 2115 NH chopper. the NI made the cleanest (least stalk/leaves) feed. the owner of the 2115 didn't want to spend the bucks for a screen on the chopper, so that wasn't as ground-up as it should have been. the Uni was slow if the corn started shelling as it was picked ( hard to push sand back to the knives), but the feed was good. I always substituted HMEC pound for pound with corn meal, and felt the cows did just as well, milk-wise. the extra ton of cobs/ fiber per acre was nice, vs shell corn. I stored it in a 14x35 or a 16x50 upright silo, and then in a 10' bag. feeding out of that size bag wasn't an issue with 130 cows eating. no more cows now.😒😥
  10. ny bill o

    Farm safety

    I will add that 3 years ago at this time, I was laying in a hospital bed, 12 days after getting my shin gnawed on by a corn chopper. the result of being in a hurry and aggravated at the chopper not feeding corn in. I am fortunate to still be here with both legs and both feet. it took almost a full year for my leg to heal. things can go south in a real hurry, so BE CAREFUL!
  11. Saturday night, went to the usual bar for karaoke. there were a few faces there that I hadn't seen before. I got my Coke and sat down. one (younger) new guy sits down at the table I was at, says "what's new? tell me about your day." music hadn't started yet, so I said that I had spent most of the day working on my chopper, getting it ready for corn. he replies "that was always my goal- flying a helicopter." "uhhhh, no, a corn harvester." he let that sink in for a while, then went back to his buddies playing pool.
  12. what model, Orin? what happened to the old chopper? I'm trying the get the 824 corn head ready to chop corn here.
  13. chopper end is factory IH, the tractor end is from a NH manure spreader, a tiny bit too long. (got it w/o front half of pto). as you can see in the 2nd picture, there is about a 3/4" gap between the end of the back half and front yoke, so I would expect the actual factory shaft to be just over 20" c/c. just my guess.
  14. this is my #16 chopper. 6 knives, rotted out cutterhead band. saved it from the junkman. the c/c distance from the lower left universal to the upper left universal is 21". the male end of the shaft isn't factory (NH), but it will give you something to go on. the female end where it hooks to the chopper is splined, but not sure on the size. maybe tractor supply would have something in their selection the right size.
  15. happy birthday, Orin and BJ. good to see you at RPRU.
  16. hey, I've been admiring that tractor! good honor, John.
  17. these are the best pictures I have of the old style head on my 1961 Fox SPF. you can see how far above the 28" drive tires the tinwork is, compared to the new style head.
  18. that is the newer style. any heads with that setup will fit your chopper. my 6250 has a 3 row belt head. only problem with it feeding is when you get into super tall silage varieties.
  19. I think that would be the case. Works's could verify for you.
  20. afaik, Fox only used 2 types of mounts. the early heads had 2 upside down Vs that fit over pegs on the side of the intake raddle, and a threaded Tee bolt that locked the head down. I'm talking early-mid 60's. the other mount went on more like a corn head on a feeder house, iirc.
  21. try Works Sales in Indiana 812-534-3472. they have been Fox dealers for a loong time. also try Fox Forage Equipment Enthusiasts group on Facebook. lots of people all over the country.
  22. that is a really nice one. I have my Dad's 410 in the shed next door. it had never set out either, when he ought it. he had a 4 row head for it, though you had to go slow to keep from choking the combine. 3 row would match up nice. still, it gave the cleanest corn of any combine since. unfortunately, you need to find the right person (collector) to get much over $6-700 for it. maybe put it on a massey site or yesterday's tractor combine forum.
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