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  1. auger wagon

    this is my #10 cart. the front half is divided into 2 compartments, both separate from the back half. I had to replace the bearings and bevel gears in the back gearbox. bevel gears are NLA from CIH, but gears from an Allis Chalmers self unloading wagon worked. my uncle bought the cart new in the 60s.
  2. auger wagon

    I have one, and 3688centMo has one. he helped me when i I needed some part numbers to rebuild the gearbox.
  3. getting psyched for RPRU

    I have been in northeastern Alabama for going on 6 weeks. in the time here, I have toured a cotton gin, met a man that is hauling cotton pickers for RPRU (saw one on his trailer) and visited with him about cotton production, saw 2 tractor collections, (lots more visiting- just ask Linda) attended a farm auction and made a couple purchases of small things, took in a tractor show, plus some sightseeing, while getting a house ready for listing and sale. (we have a signed contract). also found several venues for karaoke. there are fields of cotton stubble around here big enough that you could take all the land I farm at home to feed 130 milking cows and replacements, put it all together on a field, and have land left over. the hospitality we have been afforded is wonderful. you meet the nicest people with tractors. we are heading home in the morning, but look forward to coming back in June for the roundup.
  4. Figuering acreage.

    43,560 square feet in an acre. a little bigger than 200x200'. for small acreages, you might figure that way. for larger, the numbers would get so big that it would be very easy to make a mistake in the math. if you can get aerial maps from soil conservation or FSA, they used to have acreage overlays that were to scale so you could just count off the acres underneath the boundaries. maybe google maps has a function for it. I'm still stuck in the 70s.
  5. 1466 won't go in reverse

    On the top of the transmission case, there are 2 plates that have to line up to drop the park lever. one plate is on the hi-lo linkage, the other is on reverse side. most likely the roll pin on the reverse side is broken. iirc, it is a double roll pin for extra strength.
  6. 544 questions

    i wonder if a combine of the era would have that kind of stand alone light.
  7. Calif . Antique Equipment Show is here!

    I'll bet those loads get a bunch of smiles and thumbs ups on the road. they sure would here. enjoy the show. Linda and I are still in Alabama, selling a house.
  8. 86 series 4post value?

    my 1086 has that ROPS and it is great for summer work like haying- cool breeze in the shade. I put a windshield/front glass from the ROPS enclosure kit on mine, and it reduced the engine noise and heat considerably.
  9. Proud of my girls

    congrats! where in Alabama is the pageant? work it in with RPRU.....
  10. way to go, Tony! the judges had a good eye for quality.
  11. Farmall 404 letter codes

    I saw a Farmall 404 today that had been under a cotton picker. the serial number is 1757J T W. I think J is for rockford clutch? what are the T and W codes for? one is probably for the reverser that was on it?
  12. Wife farming money! 😃

    I have been doubly blessed, with a wife who offered to do the books, if she didn't have to learn to milk cows, and who has indulged my farming inclinations for the last almost 45 years. I hate bookwork anyway, so a nobrainer there. we have had a successful farming career too. and I still get to play with tractors.
  13. Wife farming money! 😃

    now hold on, Tim. I was typeing the same thing as you posted.... maybe that is the answer to Gleaner's issue- a bidding war on the 1026.
  14. Driver1

    happy birthday to one who keeps good track of the rest of our birthdays.
  15. Value of 966 mfwd

    front axles by themselves are usually advertised around $5k. fwiw
  16. Mysterious white Farmall C

    all white demos should be from the first third or half of 1950. I don't have the serial no range in front of me. where I found the best white paint on mine was on the toolbox, under the back light support.
  17. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    driving around northern Alabama today, first time to see some disking and planting going on. field was actually kicking up dust!
  18. Cab 1300

    where the diffs around the hood show up is going from 06/56, to 66 series. the 66 has the ridge in the center of the hood, which means a higher up cross piece under the front window. plus, the hood on a 66 is wider. i put a Hinson cab off a 1256 onto my 966 when i couldn't find/afford something better. I had to block the front a little higher so it would clear the hood. I think a 66 cab going on an 06/56 would be less issue, just a little bigger hole to close in under the window.
  19. B/BN Equipment

    we had a restored BN at plow day a couple years ago. I didn't have a 1 bottom plow like the owner's family had used during it's working days, so I let them pull a Little Genius 2-12 plow. it was a LOAD, first gear. 1 bottom plow would have been much better.
  20. B/BN Equipment

    your best chance to find attachments in one place will be RPRU in Montgomery. definitely worth the trip just for the parts vendors.
  21. B/BN Equipment

    A and B/BN also was available with vacuum lift, if you really want a challenge for finding complete parts in working order.
  22. Cab 1300

    686, 666, 656, H70,H86, and probably 544 are all small frame tractors with the same dimensions to match the mounting holes with the frame. the mounts probably will not line up with a large frame tractor like an 856. cabs that match a small frame tractor are a lot harder to come by. fwiw.
  23. Cab 1300

    any large frame 706 or 756 or bigger, should fit.
  24. Gold 1026

    well thanks, now there is drool all over the table.. super sharp!!
  25. Farmall 240 Fix Up

    welcome to tractor repair 101. every project I have tried turns out like that. just smile and sign the check....