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  1. ho w high is the back of the trailer? tilt or not? shop crane or??? makes a big difference. if trailer doesn't tilt, how about lifting the rear axle and moving trailer ahead until front wheels are at the back, let back wheels down and lift front enough to get trailer out? similar to what bitty suggested.
  2. if it wasn't a good idea to put a couple spray tanks on the front of a 2+2, that merger ought to be right in there too.
  3. bet that guy thought he had the world by the short hairs.
  4. that sucks, Pete. Hope you and family are recovered soon.
  5. are they different from the 2pc/side wheel weights? I have a bunch of those from 350U etc. The link TeachersPet showed refers to their weight working for 330U, 300U and 350U.
  6. classic old #6 (or maybe #3) unloading wagon, too. I had 2 different #6 wagons early in my farming career. I put a roof on one box and used it for a feed bin when the wagon was worn out. The other one still catches bales if I need an extra wagon. Agree that the photog could have picked a better place to snap the picture. Or maybe that was as good as it got???
  7. thanks, BJ. I was hoping there might be a setting here to do that. I'll try opening my eyes better in the future.
  8. I won't let my 400 see this post. Don't want to give it any ideas.
  9. Deal with Tim. He's a nice guy.
  10. BJ, can it be done??? In my half-awake stupor, I hit the icon again, for the 2nd or 3rd time this week. I would rather take it right off the menu, if it is possible to do.
  11. One station I should have mentioned in my first post was WBT from Charlotte, NC. I spent many 1980s Sunday night milkings listening to Rockin' Ray and the Original Sunday Night Hall of Fame, with my General Electric Superradio. Great DJ and great "beach music".
  12. WLS, WCFL, CKLW, and WOWO, along with WKBW from Buffalo, all made it to my transistor radio in upstate New York in the 60s.
  13. if you don't currently have the valve, be advised that you will also need the feed lines from the hydraulic pump to the valve. Those lines are different from the ones that just feed the touch control assembly.
  14. Agree with Matt about the shifter. I have had my 1086 since 1993, and the shifter gets sticky at times. Usually just an external lubrication problem. The hydraulic assist clutch makes it great for baling when you have to stop while the bale ties. Also check the steering arm/spindle area for tightness.
  15. Richard had it at Bloomsburg, first Roundup I ever attended, which is where I drove it.
  16. me, too. at the 2003? Bloomsburg RPRU.
  17. ny bill o

    Made #6

    and to think I knew you when you were just one of the little people..... Nice!
  18. my 966 had worn 20.8x34" tires when I got it from the original owner, but he had had the rims widened. With clamp style hubs. When the tires needed replacing, I bought blocks to change to 38" rims and tires, because blocks plus used rims plus new 38" tires, were less money than new 20.8x34s. When the clamp centers cracked, I went to 38" wedgelocks and took off the blocks. Just about the time used 38" wedgelock centers started getting scarce. Quite a journey to get from 1984 to today.
  19. that looks like a True Survivor, even with it modified. Great catch! I like!
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