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  1. Well I got to meet 5488Duke today, as most hear are. nice fella Had a short visit. I really appreciate you helping me ( a stranger ) out. The tires where just exactly what I was looking for. all in all it was a 12 hr. Day. Left at 6:30 / unloaded at 7:20.
  2. I think he is saying it not fast enough to pass anyone safety. lol.
  3. I just really don’t know where to go with this. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot.
  4. I really thought the gas in the bags was a joke. D^^*
  5. Lexan is the only way to go. Thats what they use in forestry equipment it will scratch but “practically” unbreakable lol. Also used as bulletproof glass
  6. And others would be upset that nobody stopped in. Lol.
  7. Do the pullers want bias or radials?
  8. I know they are out dated but I have been trying to find some. A few years ago needed 18.4/34 and couldn’t find any, bought new radials. now I see 18.4s everywhere lol. Want a set of 20.8 For my duels. Can’t justify new anytime soon. It’s a want. I have 40% on the tractor now, And bald duels. Would like to make it a little more useful
  9. I could put that and a k&n filter on my lawnmower ? Lookout tim the tool man lol.
  10. I was always turning them down. Now wife’s car is messed up. now they don’t call. I could use there great service now lol.
  11. Well here’s mine. Was the main horse for several years. Now she doesn’t do to much. Actually I don’t farm anymore so my herd just kinda mingles lol new fronts before long. Lol.
  12. I bought the truck from work. This there improvements
  13. my work let them play with a welder now they are aces?. One left us, told me that he told the new company he was a great welder and that’s all he done ??????? (I ran out of laughter faces). I told him, they will definitely be surprised. Ten minute welding class I got this. I can weld pretty good, but these take the cake ps. There was one good weld
  14. I was just getting ready to answer that. Lol. Cheap treat for the kids. But it is pretty good.
  15. I tried to read it for you but the bumps are smooth on my phone ?
  16. Iam just glade the cart wasn’t bigger lol. I burned about that many calories pushing it around.
  17. Not much anymore, used to pull a 24’ disk and a 12 shank chisel plow. And I quit grain altogether last year. I do have a dirt pan/scraper that Iam gong to try out.
  18. 18.4/34. 460/?34. Yea the outsides are wider. Was pretty disappointed with the width and height of the new ones. But my new wore out ones are still shorter lol ?
  19. Got my duels mounted today. Put new radials on several years ago. Finely ran into a used set of radials to Mach up. Got them on today
  20. You was in the left lane and got passed? Lol.
  21. In the summer time we get white ones in the pasture. Was told they were good, but not that brave. There’s two white ones that can grow there, one is good. Other not so much.
  22. You can order cool chore. Muck boots. They are still pretty warm but not hot
  23. No can't see wear either one would cause foaming, hate to say but you are getting air in your system. Really only one place it would come from. Hope I am wrong
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