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  1. We took ares to an upholstery shop. 140.$ I think I bet you Google one they are closer then you think. Call a body shop they might point you in a good direction. Or a boat shop. I don't think its all that bad to do yourself. Depending on how much you are worried about looks.
  2. I have it on the 5488 now but haven't got to use it. Hopefully this week. It is pretty flat and very few rocks but it was definitely the tail waging the dog lol. With the 806.
  3. Good. Think we did ok. Kinda big around hear but the center pivot helps. had to screen shot some pictures
  4. Who built the 8315 discbine? whats the good and bad on them? Kinda late cause I already bought it just wandering pictures later
  5. We had matches at are wedding 8 years ago. I just wanted the nostalgia lol
  6. Guess I waited to long to watch video. I can’t find it that someone isn’t putting there side to. don’t really care to watch it but I guess I should
  7. I haven't watched it. But if I was on your porch who owns it. The cops don't know. I don't really trust cops. But thers no way for them to know.
  8. How does someone know that it is there land ?
  9. They have even started in Owensboro KY. Of all places. It just planed has to be. Starting to feel like its a movie character villain behind it. That once they burn it all they will have all the power.
  10. 68 f100. Light blue two wheel drive chick machine. Except I was to busy running around with buddies to notice lol.
  11. In Louisville there was a Black girl killed by some cops a while back. And I think the cops are on leave but not in jail. I don't keep up with it. My wife kinda does. Just hate its this close to home. There busting windows, monuments. There is two different groups the ones calmly protesting for the cops to be locked up. Then the second bunch arive later. And they clame to be for the protest but they really just want to run wild. Imo.
  12. They are protesting in Louisville now. It started calm but as night fell it got rowdy. So they tried again today, was calm till dark. So they are going to try again in the morning. What do they think they are accomplishing.
  13. Also. Really hate the bald rice tires lol.
  14. That just whats there i hung a couple more before I got started need to redo the ac so just pulled the doors off for now.
  15. Not that iam going to. But you hang 1300# on the front thats a lot of psi on front tires
  16. getting ready to put duels on
  17. Front end Friday. Wait it was Saturday lol
  18. Well I was thinking a straight tread tire. Just for floatation? Less ground compaction
  19. Anyone ever duel the front tires for flotation ?
  20. dannyredfan


    When I see 5x2. I think of a strait 5 speed with a two speed rearend a 10 speed is split in the trans itself
  21. Well thinks to a fellow member, I have it back together. A little bomb can paint screwed the grill screen in. Looks much better. thank for all the help. not a lot of these models around
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