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  1. So did he actually kill the kid? Haven’t read it probably won’t. But even a staged photo isn’t cool. Maybe a little at first. second thought. No slack.
  2. Just throttle up lol.
  3. Could you put a selector valve in the line. A would be your bucket/ B would be rear remotes. That’s what I plan to do to my 2656. Something Like this
  4. There was a guy around here that could re-energize coils he did it alot. Supposedly a manufacturer offerd him alot of money to quit doing it but he refused
  5. Do they have hydraulic brakes? I don’t think they do
  6. I mean. I listen to Don Williams station al I want in good music. Naacp is infringing on my rights now they want my music
  7. I don't pay a subscription so I have to listen to adds. Thought about subscribing But I just heard a add for BLM. Wth.
  8. Hopefully heading to KY. I haven't bought anything. But I would still take it. Lol.
  9. Sometimes you can put a 2×6 or two in front of the ramps, it will allow your bumper to clear
  10. I built this set for the semi. Rough cut 2×10
  11. I tweeked this one at work. So it had to come out of service . D10 PULLING A loaed 400,000 # truck out of a deep bog. Had to torch the pin out. Lol. Think you will be ok.
  12. Iam impressed with the bolt bins as well.
  13. That cost more then the tractor. Lol.
  14. I had just heard Trudy on the radio great song. Call up Trudy on the telephone
  15. Where is the best place to find a 407. I may need one. 😔
  16. just kinda cool. We have a great view to the west
  17. Like I said. I don’t leave home much anymore. A while back I would have just driven out there. But family keeps me here don’t know if we can make it work. Kinda “drinking and dreaming “ as the song says. 1000 mi out of my mind 😉
  18. Just a wild thought. Want to get out that way. Would like to pull a camper (horse trailer). Looking at different options. No real plans yet. But I have a week of vacation I need to use. worked in Reno once. Been to St. Louis Other then that not west of the MS. River to speak of. But MT is on my list
  19. So to get off track what is oolite? Is it in the dolomite family
  20. We are mining right on top of are dolomite seam , at least That’s what we call it. Dolo 1, we are mining Hical we need low mag.
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    A very well put together add.
  22. dannyredfan

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    Yellow marshmallows that look kinda like chickens, hard to find this time of year though
  23. I didn't see it but we are at there house. I go buy there rules everyone thinks this is a open forum. Its not, we asked to be here. And I still like it 🙂🙂
  24. Glyphosate /24d lv6. Should do it.
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