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  1. is there a Email address we can send them a message?
  2. The water pump went out while mowing hay a few weeks ago about time to fix it. Looked them up on internet. Not to bad. $110/160 well more then I expected for giggles I called the dealership $280. I also seen rebuilt ones. Can I just get a rebuild kit myself? I can find them for others but none that say they fit a d361 I also need a new fan pulley
  3. My 2656 has a loader. The main difference is the hyd leavers are positioned for easy operation of the loader. And it doesn't have rear remotes. Has 3 point hitch, 540 pto , ant two peace drawbar
  4. Before long trips I will skim some on. Short trips not so much.
  5. I think you are on to something
  6. Yes. I would love to get behind that protest where do I sign up. Is there a link or a secret wink 😉
  7. At least she doesn't have a big Adam's apple. I
  8. Not sure what mine is had it about 8 years, it came with a momentary push button that zip ties to leaver. Just push the button with finger and move leaver Is great for planting. Hold button lift marker let go of button and planter raises don’t have to pull the leaver but once 😉
  9. It’s at my house. I bought it wrecked
  10. it was a nice tractor before the previous owner . I have put another front end on it out of a 1066 it had wide front tires. The duals are some i picked up along the way, pretty rough but hold air and have tread lol.
  11. That's good a was afraid he, was much more shady
  12. Yea I told him I would like to talk either way. I always figured it was a puller sometime in it life. Had 7.50/16 on it when I got it. Might try again
  13. He never has called. Guess he’s not as interested as me😔
  14. Thanks for posting. I just remembered I have some bacon that would be great on the cheese burgers Iam getting ready to grill. Thanks again
  15. I guess but it sounds different and is strong. He made it sound like they did engine work. Idk. I wish he would call me
  16. A guy messaged my wife on fb. Wanting to know if I still had the 966 for sale. She was kinda short with him, its been on there a while and she gets tired of the cold leads. Well turns out he used to own it has JJ dinomite painted on the hood its been gone from him near 30 years. He said the local dealer Jacobi in palmyra did a bunch of work to the engine. It seems strange to me. But said it was set up to pull anything a 1206 would?? Why would you compare a 1206 &966.
  17. this one is a parts machine in Ky. Came from down near Ky Tn line
  18. Yes I did some looking. That is it
  19. Can't say. What brand it is . But I would love to go see it restored
  20. this. Is the one they used to have at work. Its in MN. Now at a museum restored to working order I remember seeing it there long before I started
  21. I skipped most of the post. Will try and go back to read them. So if it has been said forgive me. But it sound Like you could go in with a 953 highlift and do it in about 20 hrs. 120/130 per hr. 3000. Burn the piles. With the tooth bucket a good operator wouldn’t tear the ground up to much.
  22. 706 is hyd. TA. Unless it’s deleted
  23. Thats what it looks like to me. We have had it a time or two. Bio kleen works good
  24. When I need information about Fertilizer for my corn I’m not going to ask Paris Hilton. Why not she's full of sh#%
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