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  1. I have heard that . Have a friend that says him and a buddy talked about cat litter for like thirty minutes. Then checked there phone on line and there was adds for cat litter. I have no reason to doubt it what the. I guess they have bugged us all already 😒
  2. I heara delta dirt. I just couldn't resist. Coke makes a great marinade . I also like dr pepper
  3. Man I'm kinda thirsty know
  4. On a I phone you can turn off emergency alerts. I got mine around 2:00 but now I have turned it off
  5. Pretty sure I know the answer but are the front end the same between these two?
  6. I have wandered if you was planning on keeping duels on. If cast wouldn't be the best bet
  7. Pete if it can test 400. What should it be able to stall out? I think it whould be hard on everything stalling one. But it does happen I guess. He did say he had several tractor books to go with it. Up till about mid 80's
  8. He said he would check but best of his memory it will stall a 250 hp. And test a 400 hp. Does that sound about right
  9. dannyredfan

    A&w dyno

    I know it been asked several times. I know where there is one setting. Has been setting nearly 12 years in the dry. He was going to sale it years ago I guess it didn't sale. Should have all the shafts. And manuals. Think it's a pt400 ? Think it can test up too 400hp. He bought it new. Or almost new. Need to call him again. But what do you all think it would be worth?
  10. Do you know if they are glued or riveted brake pads? Hytran will take the glue off some parts
  11. That is interesting. Looks like a 06 back half. But all new front Would that be a dt466. Or something like that in front ?
  12. This is a sumac. I think yours looks pretty close
  13. Hate to digress. But. The currant president acts like he is the only one in charge. You can't piss of other countries like there some contractor you don't intend to pay for there work. The storm started probably 30/40 years ago has maybe always been there . The other countries have a person in charge and they also DONT like being told what to do. This is just part of that storm Maybe should be on a different page but this is where it landed
  14. dannyredfan

    Plow day ky

    How many acres are you plowing?
  15. That way you have two hp. Per wheel haha
  16. I really didn't like this I don't pull can't afford to play. Seems kinda a?? To me
  17. I seen a 4 cyl m pull in a class at the championship pull in Louisville farm show. Didnt win but it did a danm good job.
  18. I was thinking all 06 used the claw style top link, didn't realize it was only the1206. As bad as it seems I was thinking about getting a green one and painting it red lol. 😏
  19. Fast hitch "2 point hitch". Does not use a third link
  20. I know this has been brought up before but. Does anyone know or have pictures of the different style top link for each model? I know what the 66 series looks like . Was wandering about the 60,06,56 series. And where did they all go? Lol
  21. https://owensboro.craigslist.org/grd/d/international-826-tractor/6232907111.html
  22. Seen one on Owensborow ky. CL . Tonight . Think it's in Evansville in. I don't know how to put on links
  23. Thanks tony. That helps a lot. Might have to make a new mounting plate. Rainman the 166 has it mounted on side of intake. But the v8 doesn't have that location . Thanks for the help planning on getting that done this winter. The tractor sets most of the winter. But really don't use it much just disks and chisel plow. It's still the biggest horse in the barn lol.
  24. Can anyone tell me where the ether can should be mounted on a 1568. I know I shouldn't use it. But she's really tired and needs a snort to get motivated. I have a parts 1066 that I can get system from just wandering where I should put the can . Thanks .
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