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  1. An ass can be either ,that more of there attitude lol. A donkey is just that. Its a lot like cow vs. Buffalo. A mule is the result of a horse breed to a jack ( male donkey), A Jenny (sorry a Henny)is the result of a donkey breed to a stalon (male horse) both are sterile and cannot reproduce. They are a man made animal if i remember right thats why Amish don't use mules.
  2. I have a 1066 carcass that I would love to make a puller. But sadly lack of time. O yea and I spend all my money on the other tractors lol.
  3. You have to be careful about using donkeys. Most are fine watch guards but some will attack new calves. Like richard said on jumpers. If they do they will, of they don't they won't. Do your research before getting one then watch it for the first few calves Most dont bother calves, but the odd one will.
  4. There was one a lot like that killed at my grandads place probably 50 years ago. It’s mounted and sets over the bar at Mike linnings restaurant in Louisville. I seen it I seen it about a year ago
  5. Yes I would much rather be at a field party. I have no luck at wheels of fortune
  6. May have sucked air going down hill there is a oring in the pickup tube that will start leaking, that why some people over fill the hyd.
  7. I don't get it. But for hydration purposes I have started drinking some pedealight (sp ) grape is the one I like best so far. Its not sweet and sugary like sports drinks.
  8. Well this is what I came up with today. It’s been on my mind but today I started the ac is getting ready to get redone and the doors back on. I want a seat belt mostly in case they fall asleep clean it up and find some thin padding. Just roughing it in tonight
  9. Triple r is a one piece correct. I was planning on getting th ac from him.
  10. We got it. It keeps stopping hear. I wish it would head you way. For both are sake.
  11. Iam finally looking at putting a new headliner in there are several different ones. Just wandering what you all have had the best luck with.
  12. Can you buy a small screen and cut it out. Start small and get bigger if you need to. do you have a plasma cutter?
  13. Looks like you need a shovel.
  14. where was that. I don't watch either
  15. Just to be fair cattech caught that to. Lol. Just couldn't resist
  16. I would imagine it was some what bigger. Looks pretty small on my screen lol 😆
  17. I think its evil vs evil. they both suck. Seems ones an idiot and the other no better
  18. Needs to look tuff, that way nobody picks on him
  19. We was talking about that the other day. I told them I would, I want to make sure he gets their. Lol.
  20. Thanks. Hope to get a few years service then look at trading it off. But after running a 15' cut center swing it will be hard to go back. Lol.
  21. there are three different styles of blades for the disc mowers One looks like it would help suck the grass up. The other looks like it would resist abuse a little better. But then one style has both types so that you can revrse the and have either one you want. Which results in having both styles cutting and a uneven cut. Mine has the style B and they where turned every direction. I havebeen slowly changing them to style A.
  22. 10/4. I seen some kits for the 544 I think. They where $30. So I was hoping I could find one for this. Thanks
  23. Bump I am guessing I can't get a kit ?
  24. Well I don’t subscribe. That’s why I have to listen to adds. But now Iam sure if I did subscribe they would send money anyway. I was trying to find another source, it’s just Aggravating they play it every others add.
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