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  1. Good looking load. 

       Kinda funny to me anyway.        We bought a 445? Timco  out of the UP.   He keep telling us that they had big timber.     He even cut a big oak ( not sure what kind it was )  it was 18_20" stump.        The job we where on was smallest 20" stump .   There big trees was are small limits.        

    Just kinda funny with geographic differences  and past logging practices i guess 

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  2. 44 minutes ago, KWRB said:

    It's not like a muffler. A muffler reduces sounds by mixing up sound waves. Sort of like active sound cancelling generates opposite phase sine/cosine waves that cancel each other, a muffler accomplishes that task less precisely by just bouncing the sound around and off walls (baffles).

    All of the particulate that enters the muffler, exits the muffler. Also the flow rate in, is the same as the flow rate out. So the muffler is a poor analogy in support of a mask

    So why don’t pullers and racers use the.  It doesn’t restrict the flow some ?   There’s a analogy 

  3. 1 hour ago, Pete1468 said:

    I don't think it's anything like a muffler, cause I can still hear the ones I don't want to from a long ways away.

    I understand cumaparts and jimmies are still Loud with a muffler but it helps.     Guy next to me put two mufflers on his timberjack   

  4. Ok here's my take on this, its just like a muffler it disrupts the air flow so that way it doesn't travel as far. Even if there's just a slim chance of it working why would you not wear one. I don't want to wear one but I will if the establishment that I am going into ask me to or if I know I will be around my 80 yr old parents. I don't wear a mask for me I wear a mask for everyone else. 

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  5. My buddy just bought a 450 case  its pretty fast for a highlift.  I have a 953 cat.  If you get used to a highlift you won't look at a dozer for land clearing  can pile trees, grub roots with the teeth yor up high where you can see what's going on.    On his ground I did the heavy work got in get out. Then he bought this to do the light work.     try burning a brush pile with a ss,ctl.  Its a good way to get killed.   

    Although its dangerous work no matter what you are on         I've had enough close calls on my bigger machine to know first hand. 

  6. I have a buddy tbe works for the Recc.  They shut there trucks off and listen for generators.   And test the lines, or work them hot  even though they are dead just incase.  A transformer will increase the out going voltage so they would have more then 110/220v

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  7. Kinda fell like a pup. One 5 yard  eversman had the duels on but think they hurt me sence they are bald  and so far I haven't had enough room to fill 2 pans.  We also have some pretty hard clay ground 20200524_173819.thumb.jpg.92854e6c09c098667b8ba5aaa9c2b96c.jpg

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