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  1. I don’t pull. Wish I could. There is no farm stock classes around hear This one is NTPA. Sanctioned so it does bring people in from a ways
  2. Going to the pull tonight looks like a lot of red tractors. Just wandering if any fellow red power members will be there.
  3. Did the early black stripes have hood louvers? obviously the may have been replaced at some point. I know of a guy now that needs a new black stripe hood because the barn fell. But my spare hood is white panel
  4. Yea. Looks like someone changed the hood though lol
  5. Another good reason not to go.
  6. Yes sir. There wasn't very much
  7. I agree It still needs alot of TLC. It has set for many years. Think I will drain the oil. Fill with water and see what comes out the oil pan. It could bee a very small leak. The battery that was in it was from 2013.
  8. Well gas and battery a tap on carb and it fired right up. So not as bad as the mechanic made it sound.
  9. I just got it home yesterday. It's gas. Will get pictures later
  10. Hello everyone seems I am the proud owner of a 300. I already over paid but it was my uncles and great uncle's. I new it was a non runner but wasn't sure why. After the sale a got ahold of the guy who helped him mechanic on it. It is getting antifreeze in oil. What are the possibilities?? And witch is most likely?? Thanks. Already over my head might as well swim lol.
  11. Idk. That's all they told me. At the time I didn't realize there was different ones. They are supposed to let me know
  12. 110v with a ground just below it. That should do it. Lol.
  13. I found a Trailblazer welder that I think I can buy pretty reasonable. Not sure the size, but I know it has the Kohler engine. Has 1800 hrs. Not sure of the year. And no leads. Will find out more next day or so. What do you all figure it is worth??
  14. I think Iam the guy on the left guys at work think Iam the one on the right so I end up in the middle lol.
  15. Great looking tractor. what front tires do you have? I have been wanting 4 ribs for mine.
  16. Would depend on the severity of the fire. Looks pretty hot. but probably no worse then a old rusted, patched, held by primer, ones. I have had lol.
  17. Foot fungus. You have to read the whole thing. Lol.
  18. Funny sweet corn I can grow. Beans and tomatoes evade me lol.
  19. Was picking a few. Ears for supper and ran across this ear. What happened to it
  20. Do they make a kit for the 5488?
  21. That’s pretty slick. But I really thought it said unlaid tech lol.
  22. I thought That was for M hyd. Oil, And low ash was motor oil in a gas? Obviously straight 30w in diesels
  23. What you didn’t use 30w low ash....
  24. I got a treger. Kinda by accident lol. Really like it. ? 3 # meat loaf for my baby tonight The mustard cooks and leaves the writing lol
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