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  1. On marginal soil I like to put it in corn. then after harvest molebord plow the residue, then go back to no till. seems to help alot around here we have 8-10" of top soil then yellow clay
  2. Clamp on duals are fine. Like said if you are doing serious tillage go ahead and get hub duals. But for light tillage mowing hills you will be fine. Just make sure they have good tread as well you don't want to spin out when your bald tire is carrying the weight, been there
  3. Maybe they do already but could they put vibrater on the side of the bin?
  4. I guess are cat had to go show how was boss. Lol. Went missing a couple days he came back looking as good as ever. Dang good cat hate to lose it
  5. Your supposed to put the ring down, before you sit.
  6. I would really like a wheel horse just a tough machine
  7. Well no dice. But they are helping point in right direction
  8. Yea pretty certain I trust the shop. But I haven’t seen it. I guess where the ball got dropped is they told him a reman head was $ 2000. And he decided to try and get by cheaper, they still have the head The top of the cylinders are starting to rust. πŸ˜”
  9. its pretty dirty. I was the only one that washed it lol.
  10. I bought back a truck I used to be partners on. Has a 3406b was told from a good shop head was cracked my brother decided it would be easier to swap motor. I have bought the truck as is. Its a 9300 What is the best place to find a head? wanting to go check it out today To get more info
  11. When I got my 1568 the pipes where on back and no muffles Loud!!! I was afraid the engine was going to be bad. Thought about a 3208. Or a 7.3. But it’s ok just tired. Like a lot of people shot of nose candy and we are off. lol.
  12. Sweet. But I think I would have put the stacks towards the front somehow lol. I would take it for a lap or too
  13. I kinda took it as maybe the paint or workmanship isn't up to par idk.
  14. I am of the thinking if you let one thing pass then you will have to let the next thing pass. Politics,Religion,and Her (Sammy Kershaw ) are all things that We know will get nowhere fast in a open forum to many opinions
  15. I prefer to get my corn protein from Beef. πŸ˜†
  16. 4 wide rows or 30”? Guessing the axle has no adjustment
  17. I have a brother who likes to turn them till they snap. Then back off a bit πŸ˜†
  18. Better then the guy that designed it lol.
  19. Dang its getting close. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
  20. Have to say. We just got the B,child Don are other queries a 220 I have not been on it. But looks painful to run. I am very to OLD equipment lol.
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