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    Our forum is not a platform for political opinions and discussions.
  2. I don’t know about the 560. But I Think there is a black 1066 in southern Ky runs battle of the blue grass circuit
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    Don’t start that s^*+ hear
  4. Just bought a S77 Oliver row crop. Anyone know how many where made? will need to get some seat rubbers and would like to find lights. it’s a older repaint but will fit in nicely to add a little color to the collection. Lol Dad has been wanting one for a long time He grew up on a 77 row crop. Plan on surprising him real soon 😃This is the previous owner on one more ride.
  5. Well its funny. I posted here then thought, wander if the owners manual would say 🤔. just funny lol
  6. The idler stuck and slipped the belt. Burnt one belt up and almost caught fire in the chaff what is the best way to change them?
  7. I would guess it’s for already worked ground. Field prep, yards , arenas.
  8. I know less then you about this. And haven't watched the video yet. But there is a big difference between, cough syrup and ever clear. Both have alcohol Now I have watched the video. I still think it's about the same.
  9. That looks like a cheavy to me, with location of springs. I know ford didn't do that to pickups. Cars I can't say
  10. I bet companies were very productive today. Lol.
  11. It had a broken ejector. But a local guy was able to find a suitable replacement, he polished And cleaned it while he had it. He did a excellent job getting the old dirt off. It was really dark and very little wood grain showing though.
  12. here’s mine. I bought it right Needs work but a good worker.
  13. Grandad had a western field No.47 bolt action tube fed 22. Was wandering if anyone could give me a time line of when it was made?
  14. I like 96.9 fm Wxbc out of Paoli IN. Good classic country, and the new stuff that has the older sound
  15. Farmers are creative. I know a guy who had a farmall 300 with bad tires. And had a MF combine with good drives. He Cut the drive hubs off had a hole drilled in them to fit the axle and welded them on. 20+ years ago ps not sure on combine size
  16. This is hypothetical. I am wandering if you have low air flow through the radiator, and lack of air flow is why the disrupter isn’t working. Just guessing
  17. Might check the radiator With a course screen it might be plugged. Not letting the air through.
  18. Wire won't work. Buy a lawn mower cable and try it. If it works then you can get a factory style
  19. I have a fine 303 parts machine if someone wants it. Free to a good home.
  20. Good job, sounds like you took a good approach and he listened. Iam just glade It’s not closer. Lol. I have a soft spot for misfits and fence rows finds. 😊
  21. I didn't realize case IH. Made a 1086??
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