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  1. One of the best things about warmer weather is, not trying to aim though 2” of clothes 😉
  2. Well it made a believer out of me! he told me to bypass the filter, make something to feed clean fuel straight to the pump ( what difference does it make where it comes from ) lol. but after trying it tonight, it worked. Best I can figure is if your tank is empty it actually lets the bypass through the return lines easier. so it primed faster disclaimer : my 656 doesn’t have a check valve on top of pump ( it’s supposed to ) That kept the tank fuel from back feeding the pump and air locking it. More or less. My best guess
  3. Na I ain’t given up. I plan on checking transfer psi this evening. Injection lines are very loose on pump. No fuel there. We have not been in the delivery valves
  4. The guy I took it to used to rebuild them every day. But was in a wreck and is disabled now. I trust he knows what he is doing. But peace of mind is worth a lot. Yes the flex ring is replaced. I tried the inspection cover no luck. I haven’t ran it out of fuel yet lol. So maybe it is always this way. Plus it’s a hydro so I can’t pull start it 😔
  5. Well got it back from that guy. Still won't pump fuel. Is there a special way to bleed them. Had all the lines loose at the pump. I was told to bypass the filter. But I have a good flow though the filter pump is full. Idk what to do.
  6. I know it's not what he asked but. In flat fields we have pulled are 8315 with the 806 pretty decent. Kinda the tail waging the dog lol. It will still push the unweighted 1066 around on hills. But the 5488 handles it anywhere
  7. Yea. That’s one of my thoughts Iam 98% sure I put it back just like it came out. Is it c or cc.
  8. No I had the D manual. The wrong one. The guy iam taking it to does it on the side. Hopefully me and him can do it together so I can see what went wrong
  9. It seems the little rubber plug was replaced by a steel bushing. I put that in no change.
  10. Well return line is clear. I just pulled the pump it’s going to a shop.
  11. I have the plug, but there is a rubber piece that has a hole though it that sits on that plug. the problem iam having now it its not pumping fuel the pump has fuel to it. I didn't take the head assembly apart
  12. Well decided to repair it myself. Thinks went OK at best lol. But putting the final peaces together I messed up a little rubber plug that didn't come in the kit. It goes in the bottom of the end cap. Anybody know where to get one?
  13. Very true, but you really need to wipe it on your pants before you use it for food. Lol.
  14. My thought is the old blades where worn thin and smaller diameter. That makes them cut in harder ( sink ) now they have more lift. dad went a size bigger on a small disk we had. It doesn’t do very good anymore 😒
  15. I did a selfie so that I could tell were I was pointing it lol. Guess it reversed the pic.
  16. Well I can't get the Communion pictures to load
  17. Had two oldest make First Communion Sunday. Had a cook out then did some field work. ( just enjoying the day ) we had some drains I wanted to work up For the renter. My boy is ten decided to put him in control lol. He done a fi e job
  18. Well with the shut downs, my wife and I had to step back and look. ( we where both considered essential) workers where harder to come buy, which made for a pay raise for me. We are booming at work so we are also short handed. Also kid sitters are hard to come by. so we are better off for her to quit work and stay home, And she had a pretty good job. It’s not just the lazy ones that are unemployed
  19. I heard a add on the radio today. If I remember correctly it was Union Pacific,they wanted conductors & Engineer’s A few years ago I would have given A left hickory nut to run a train. But 40s +16 yrs = not gona happen but still wouldn’t trade it 😉
  20. Yes definitely a Hoe snake 😂
  21. My brisket didn’t look anything like that. Lol. Brisket isn’t big around here. I think they are cutting it wrong. Mine had a big fat seam though the middle
  22. I was wondering about the fat. But the one I had was about 1/2 fat. Might just be the way that Bucher cuts them. Idk.
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