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  1. I ran over two different cell phones, didn't really hurt either one. They went between the cleats lol
  2. I had a dui once. Had a lawyer tell me I couldn't operate my tractors or highlift, Because they where moter vehicles. A quick phone call proved him wrong lol. Don't just trust a lawyer, actually well nevermind
  3. I think its a cousin to hin bit Best I can tell is about like eating a dandelion
  4. What do you all my research shows purple nettel. What do you all call it. And iam guessing it's a lagoon?
  5. I like you all. But I would throw the tv out if that's all that was playing. It's kinda funny to us adults, but no way would my kids see it, they will see enough to get them confused At different times in my life, I might've jumped in with everybody. But honestly that is possibly some of the problems we have now.
  6. I have a 5488 and haven't gotten to the service yet. But shouldn't the tank filter be serviced like the others?
  7. There's a bushhog on the back that's all you need. 🤣🤣
  8. I have one of those. I like it, it Works good
  9. Generally a tote will qualify 😉
  10. Iam wanting to use this to help identify dealers. Maybe we can put are towns in the dealers tags.
  11. No, viscosity oil. I can’t spell well, but Really don’t know how it got spelled that way. Lol.
  12. Been thinking about making a post about becoming a viscosity dealer. Didn't want to break any rules as far a selling stuff on here. But after seeing how many of us are already dealers, maybe do it more like a locater. Iam in between Louisville, and owensboro KY. I just do it so I can get mine cheaper, so I make a minimum order use what I need sell the rest. Please add your name. We can make this a list page to help each other find the oils we need THANKS GOD BLESS
  13. Iam also a dealer for vescosity. just west of Louisville I try and keep a couple 55 gallons of hYTRAN on hand
  14. Makes sense Looks expensive to build though
  15. I jumped to the bottom so someone could have said this. With a roster master/ stanadyne pump it is easiest to bleed with a clean auxiliary tank plumed straight to the pump. Even just a big funnel with a hose. And I had the tank empty. I think mine was air locked at the fuel return line and causing the pump to shut down. I have been told the auxiliary tank deal more them once from a pump builder
  16. Got these In a box. Anyone have a use for them?
  17. I don't think the peanut butter is for keeping them away lol. More to attract them to a tough spot 😉
  18. finished it up about 8:00 last night mostly straw, some drive way manure, and ground up hay. I bought some fungal compost to start this year with. think Iam going to treat a few acres and see how it goes
  19. I was wondering more about. deer, coons, crows? We have a lot of tree lined fields. They can already be a problem. I may just have to eat more lol. Ps. Not crow I eat enough of that already 🤣
  20. increasing your soil health should increase you brix numbers (sugar) would that increase you wildlife pressure? Anyone have any experience?
  21. Merry Christmas from ky. Have a great day
  22. I know where there’s a 1066 painted gold. Looked ok. The owner bought it that way
  23. Some people can do witching. Some can't I have had good luck, and then miss terribly lol
  24. A three speed trans with 5 ranges
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