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  1. Hi again Miles, and takk for the return note.  Have a sister-in-law that lives north east of Rimby and have worked in that area years ago in construction, worked for RH Smith out of Saskatchewan, doing the road building thing.  Guess that is where I became familiar with IH.  Am familiar with Browns out of BC, going to have to give them a shout and see if they have a pump.....this puppy is HUGE and heavy.... takes two big sons and a small grandchild to lift it......and.......you surely will not be going far....  looking forward to conversing with you.

    have a good one

    Ron. E. Lund          redlund@telusplanet.net

  2. Hi Todd, welcome to the forum. Sure you will find this a very entertaining and usefull place to visit......just a question, where are you from??? generaly speaking....have a good one, Ragnor

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