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  1. Post your Projects Here!

    here is a few more pictures of my Wide front M I am restoring. I have fitted rear tires and the wide front axle is at a friends getting new bushes and pins made. I am looking for a steering rod that goes from the steering bolster shaft to the left wheel. This axle has the tie rod out the front. I am still yet to replace seals and gaskets in the back end and put new oil in. I also have a few new gaskets and a rear oil seal to do in the engine. I have a PTO shield to make as well. After a bit of panel beating it only needs to have the old paint cleaned off and painted. Then I can put on new decals and a new clip on seat cover. But this may take 12 months.
  2. Post your Projects Here!

    Yeh we are really enjoying it and she is growing quick and she is 7 months old. Now it's alot of family time and I do a bit on the tractor when I can.
  3. Post your Projects Here!

    I have managed to get a second air precleaner cap in Australia that has the glass jar. Will put a new picture up when it stops raining. Progress is slow due to our first baby and the wallet is a bit dry but I am getting there. I am still planning to put power steering on this tractor and I am looking for parts. It now has one rear tyre. I have just started using an electrolisis bath to clean rusty parts and it is working great. slowly cleaning and priming the front axle parts. I have been able to find all bearing and bushes for the front axle except for the pivot pin bushes.
  4. Post your Projects Here!

    No, I think I will paint it. The double air cleaners were add by me. I was wanting to do this and I bought a wreck for parts an the wide front. I had an extra aircleaner so I so I have customised the tractor along with trin headlights. I have seen pictures of Farmall M's in America with twin air cleaners. I am usually a pefectionist and have to have the tractor exactly as it came out of the factory but his time I decided to be different. I am hoping to use this tractor pulling at shows.
  5. Post your Projects Here!

    No, I was owned by the local council and it was set up on a creek with a pump to fill their water tanks. Everything in the councils here used to allways get painted yellow. It also has a numer on the grill and bonnet that is just readable. It was stenciled on with black paint. I bough this of a friend of mine that collects massey fergusons. He told me that this tractor got submeged in a flood years ago when the council owned it and the fully rebulit the tractor. I found this was true when I got the tractor started. It had sat for years and didn't even blow smoke.
  6. Post your Projects Here!

    Yeh should be good when I am finished. I have alos added an extra air cleaner a put double headlights on the light bar. I now have one rear tyre fitted and I am looking for wide front steering rod parts if anyone can help.
  7. Post your Projects Here!

    This is my wide front Farmall M. I have it running. I still need a few missing parts yet. I still need to do seals and gaskets in the back end and fit some rear tyres. I have a friend that has given me a set of used tyres. I have a stainless exhaust I have made up for it. When I have finished the mechanical I will clean it down and paint it. I have just got a set of rear mudguards from the USA for my tractor. I made the extension plates. You don't see these on Aussie Farmall M tractors. I am thinging of putting dual wheels on this tractor. I would like to do a bit of tractor pulling at the show's with it when it is finished.