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  1. Joy IL about 45 miles south west of the Farmall Plant in Rock Island.......hate admitting im from IL these days but its home. Family came here in late 1800's and been farming ever since.
  2. I actually have four plows with cast wheels- two 2 bottoms and two three bottoms. one three bottom has had the tail wheel replaced with the new style wheel and hub. one two bottom has always been inside and there is blue paint under the cream on the cast hubs but in all the old photos I have seen the wheels were cream when they were new just like the steel wheeled plows. I have a buddy not far from me that has a nice two bottom with all 3 cast wheels.
  3. I have 3 #8 plows with those expensive wheels-they are crazy rare and were offered only in '39 and '40. Around 30 plus years ago i met a former employee of the IHC Canton P&O plant at Old Threshers in Mt Pleasant Iowa and he had started there around '37. Talked with him for hours and he told me those cast wheels came out in the fall of '39 to dress up the plows for the release of the new letter series Farmalls. The new A B H and M were promoted on rubber so they wanted the implements on rubber also. He said they were an expensive wheel to produce and an expensive option so not many sets we
  4. STREET RACING!!!!! back in the 90s and early 2000s that's all we did every weekend......good times and everyone lived to tell about it. I ran a '55 Chevy sedan then a '56 Chevy 2 door hardtop and both were set up early '60s gasser style......I was into old school before it became cool again. but played with FARMALL TRACTORS during the day!
  5. The line card should show if the engine serial matches the chassis -i was told it still existed....but that's the story i got from the man who was there when the switcharoo took place and he wasn't a B.S.er -had no reason to be and was an active IH collector. An seriously why would they switch the tires? after all the hoopla was over it was loaded up and shipped to the Smithsonian.
  6. FYI.....the tires were never changed.....the serial number tag was switched by a disgruntled employee with the previous 5488 that was supposed to go to a buyer from the south that wanted the last tractor off the line that was sold to the public. This was told to me years ago by an employee that was witness to the whole deal and i have a feeling now he was more involved than he had first told me. Unfortunately he passed a few years ago. Next time you get a chance to see the tractor in person look closely at the tag. It has damage and the rivet heads are flat from being driven back in with a ham
  7. There's a crazy lady east of me that has a 1206 that's been sitting in a barn since the '80s it was her husbands and he passed several years ago so if anyone asks her about it she goes full ghetto lunatic....... she thinks its worth a million dollars an is afraid somebody is actually going to break in-spend 3 days moving stuff to get to it.....and steal it. I had a friend that knew her ask to see it to get the serial number off it when I was searching for my grandpas 1206........big mistake!
  8. I always figured the reason the C-153 and C-301 blocks had no sleeve is because they just plain ran out of room for a sleeve.
  9. IMO there are two types of Stanley mufflers.........there either brand new or the bottom bell is rusted out.
  10. Wow that's a thing of beauty.......I haven't seen a 615 that nice in 30 years. I have a 715 hydro with a 310 with 1200 hours on it that's crazy clean an original that's a twin to that 615. it was bought new around 1977 or 78 by a guy that worked at the FARMALL plant an farmed on the side. About 30 years ago I saw 615 with around 300 hours that was basically still brand new sell on an estate sale down by Roseville ILL. Never heard where it went but I hope it got well taken care of.
  11. Ross Richwine from the Aledo ILL area? ...... I rescued that exact same helmet that's resting on the dash from Dana Monsons shop when it closed.......a few years ago I gave it to a buddy that's a related to Ross an one of these days hes gona get it back to Ross.
  12. I think your real problem is a crack in one of the intake runners -put a good used gas manifold on it and your problems will go away.
  13. I'm sure Dana had it on his dyno but that was a long time ago. it runs REAL good and has seems to have a different sound to it but it hasn't run in maybe 15-20 years.
  14. I have 706D #539 and the only thing that got changed was the park brake lever -a friend has what we think is the only one in this part of ILL with the foot park brake lever that never got updated with the hand lever an he hates it so were going to swap them one of these days. You should fix 668 -there don't seem to be many early ones left anymore. Just take your time and work on it when you feel like it -you don't have to do it all in 2 weeks.....lol
  15. Here's a good story on 400 series heads -back in the mid '70s we bought a 1466 that had been drove over the side of a bridge and broke in two with just 9 hours on it. it sat around for 2 years before it got put back together and in the meantime our IH mechanic noticed cast into the top of the head between 2 injectors was the word ''special'' -he had never seen that before and that tractor always ran better and sounded different than the other 1466's in the area. about 10 years ago we had a young mechanic from the West Liberty Iowa dealership working on my 856 an got to talking about tractor pu
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