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  1. 5488 HD Square front axle

    Sorry guys, I found what I needed. Just for your info it is 5488 HD Square front axle part number is 1255313C91 Steering hand pump.
  2. 5488 HD Square front axle

    Hi, everyone I am looking for the part number of the 5488 Heavy Duty Square front axle hand pump. 5488 MFD hand pump umber 1272731C91 5488 standard 2 wheel hand pump number 1263446C91 5488 HD square front axle pump number ? I am pretty sure there are 3 separate numbers if I remember correct. I used to be able to find it on some caseIH parts diagrams, but I cant seem to find it now. Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. Tractor pics

    nice pictures, I like the 1566 mfd
  4. Building a Sentry Module

    Are there any new updates on this project.
  5. Building a Sentry Module

    Your doing a great job, keep up the good work and keep us posted. I am very interested in this post. I am glad someone finally took this project on.
  6. 826 Serial Number Registry

    I currently own three IH 826 tractors. serial number 15503 that is a 826 hydro in very good shape, fenders, tilt wheel fast hitch serial number 13339 that is a 826 hdyro in very good shape, fenders three point and I have one gear drive that I think is serial number 11565 but I could be off on this one, i had a hard time reading it. It has a K&M turbo kit, runs good but looks a bit rough.
  7. Looking for

    I was reading your post and am interested in your search. I currently own three 826 tractors, I will look up my numbers this weekend if I remember when i am at my farm. One of my 826 tractors came from minnesota and the other from middle eastern south dakota. I am currently located in northeast nebraska. I myself am thinking of starting a 826 search for my dads old 826 that he sold around 10 to 15 years ago. If you come across any info on a International 826 wheatland that was bought in northeast nebraska around 15 years ago i would be interested. My dad bought this tractor from cornlea, ne back in the 1970s, when he got home from Vietnam it was a international 826 wheatland with factory no ta, but had a rockshaft. When my dad bought it, it had all the wheatland fenders and platform, but my dad switched that all to regular fenders, added the fast hitch arms. It only had the wheatland front end left when we sold it to a guy in Iowa that was going to try and restore it back to a original wheatland. It was in great shape when we sold it in the early 2000s it started and ran awsome, it had a chrome straight pipe on it, had very dark maroon paint. any info on it would be great too. the combination of the wheatland with a rockshaft is kind of rare, plus it was a factory no ta tractor too. It also did not have a tilt steering wheel. I have pictures of it when we owned it, but we never wrote down the serial number. I would be interested in find it, if someone has some info on it. Even if the guy who owns it dont want to sell it, i would like to know what happened to it. seth foner
  8. IH golden plows

    guys, I am looking for pictures of golden plows that iH produced and any info that anyone wants to share. I believe there were 3 bottom golden plows that were behind 560s were there 4 or 5 bottom plows as well. How many different types of Ih golden plows were there and were they only made in 1970 like the tractors.
  9. IH Gold Demos production

    I have a question on the IH 826 gold demos, were there gold demos in the gear drive and the hydro versions, or was the gold demos only in the gear drive tractors. i am not sure I ever saw a ih 826 gold hydro.
  10. 86-88 cab shade

    Matt This is my ad, I removed it off of a 5488 that I bought and am currently repainting. It was the first one that I ever saw, according to the tag it was manufactured up in Minnesota. It mounts to all the same holes as the glass, it did not break the glass, but it makes it very difficult to clean your rear window with it on. It does work for blocking the sun and you can see out of it pretty good too.
  11. 3488 hydro 3 point wont go down

    Allan I suppose I should ask why even though i really dont put to much load on my three points, heaviest thing i usually would haul on the three point would be a big round bale. Did you have something happen.
  12. 3488 hydro 3 point wont go down

    Thanks for the answers! It steered me in the right direction to get it fixed. It was the draft control causing the issue. Thanks Again!
  13. 3488 hydro 3 point wont go down

    I got a question for everyone. i got a 3488 hydro tractor that the three point wont go down on even with a heavy load on it. What could be my problem and where should i start looking.
  14. 3488 registry

    Hi, I have ih 3488 hydro #660, It is 2wd, has traction lock, has a turbo installed, 7600 hours. Ken and Seth Foner 52970 S 54D Niobrara, Ne 68760