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  1. my tractor has the roosa master changeover and it still uses the RD gear on the front of the engine. Plan on removing it on Sunday and hopefully it goes well. I have a RD to get overhauled with all the fittings and lines but no more than i use it i decided to just rebuild the pump drive since my roosa is still good
  2. Gathering up some parts for my 806 pump drive repair. Have the 2 seals, O ring and the front cover Gasket. Now the questions The nut that holds the timing gear on 83991073 is that a special nut? Case Ih up the road 80 miles does not have the bearing but the parts man said it subbed up to a ST287 i believe but the number i have is a 346893R91 so i plan to get the one from NAPA. Hoping to not have to remove some stuff on top of engine if i can unhook a couple of injector lines at the pump if they are not hidden on the back side of the pump. I feel pretty confident about this job as i took a pump off the 806 i purchased a couple years as a non runner and fixed up and sold to a friend after i installed a used pump. Now when i checked the oil the other day there was basically none on the dipstick and the 2 seals are the only place where the fuel could have gotten into the crankcase as when i started it up it blew lots of fuel out of the blow by tube. I know of no other way it could have gotten fuel into the crankcase and it was unreal how fast and furious it blew it out. Going to change oil and put in NAPA 15-40 diesel oil and 2 new filters even though it had only 10 hours on the oil and filters and hope for the best. PLEASE IF ANYONE SEES SOMETHING I AM OVERLOOKING OR DOING WRONG LET ME KNOW I WILL APPRECIATE IT
  3. Oh gosh it has been 15 years ago my son got some filters at CaseIH for the autos and when he changed the filter on his 95 suburban there was NO threads in the filter. It was a fleet guard. Another time we changed the oil on the 7210 and the filter would not quit leaking around the gasket and we changed it and returned it and the new one didn't leak. This stuff is man made
  4. Neighbor boy in his early 40's who was very big and mean who lived at home and had beat up his father before and once the swat team out of Pueblo came to help get him cornered well he had a mental problem and his parents were afraid of him and story is the dad carried a gun in his pocket and last night he went off and attacked his parents and the dad shot and killed his son in self defense. I can not even imagine that. The young man was dead before the ambulance even got there. Dad and mom are in their late 70's. There is a older brother and sister who lived away from home and were scared of him also. Hard on the whole neighborhood
  5. Well while you are at it find a 1086 I have had both in my farming past and the 1086's are more plentiful and will do so darned much more work and honestly don't burn any more fuel if as much because of the turbo.
  6. Have been looking pretty hard at the DR Trimmers which Tractors Supply sells locally but they just sell with no service. I do not buy things that run without a service department. So i called the local Small Engine Shop who sells Cub Cadet and they said they sell around a dozen of them every year. Has anyone had any experience with the Cub Cadet trimmer? I liked what i heard from the guy and am about to bite the bullet as i usually have weeds weeds weeds that are too hard to get to with the tractor mower and too hard to get to with the John Deere D140 mower which is a lawn mower. Just feel it would be a good investment. I hope i get some advice
  7. So after a couple of phone calls i was told the seals are in the pump adapter for the pump since it was a RD changeover. Further more the one guy said there is a good chance the thrust ring (plastic) has came apart in the pump and some of those pieces have caused the seal to leak and if i get a rebuilt pump adapter and a rebuilt roosa master so this is going to set me back about the same as getting my RD rebuilt and putting it back on. I got the rebuilt from a guy who had taken his 806 to the CaseIH dealer to get a shaft seal fixed with no parts they put a roosa master change over on his tractor and i got the RD and all the lines from him. I am tempted to install the RD on the tractor and see if and what bushings are leaking and perhaps fix it myself. But it would not kill me to have it rebuilt first. It is more or less a sentimental tractor as it was my first tractor and since i do not farm anymore i have no deadline to meet and i guess just want the tractor. I probably should sell it but really don't need to as it is pretty early SN 673
  8. Been a few months since the old 806 sn673 has been fired up so today i started it up and it fired right up but the blow by tube on the left side started flowing diesel fuel out onto the shop floor. I assume the double seal on the roosa master gave way and the gravity put a lot of fuel in the crankcase. Can a person buy just the seals and put them in? I have a RD pump and lines for it but do not know if i wish to install that at this point. I hear those pumps the plastic ring and the oil /fuel seal on the shaft are the main problems. I suppose if that is the case it probably needs rebuilt.
  9. Save your money and let the 760 set they were a follower of the IH 610. Dad purchased one of the first 610 offset disks called a pilot model. They had tags on it that said property of International Harvester and no charge for using this. The undercarriage was light and had lots of trouble with the block holders until we had them built heavier than the original ones. I sold that disk a few years up in the Rocky Ford Area. Dad purchased it in 1969 and it was on its 3rd set of front disks and 2nd set of back disks
  10. They will probably bury her in Saint Olaf
  11. Down southeast of here a ways Dad and i went hunting at this place and when we pulled in there was a old JD 80 and the front half was about 20 feet in front of the rear part of the tractor and both had not been propped up. Went inside the place where we got our goose pit passes and there was this guy working there with his leg in a cast up on the table and one arm in a sling. One guy in the group in front of us asked him what had happened to him and he said (did you see that tractor down at the corner?) well we were trying to get it started and squirted starting fluid into it with that pony running and it blew it in half. Looked like it darn near killed him.
  12. In the spring of 2016 i found out my kids were not coming back to farm and the only one was my 16 year old grandson. Well he thought he wanted to farm with me and after 2 weeks he wanted to go back home (175 miles) Then i hired a neighbor boy to help me and he was fair but more into his phone than working and even ran the tractor in the mud one day when i told him to not go that far. A few weeks i got most of my wheat on one farm hailed out and also the milo and the alfalfa beat to nothing, The neighbor boy wanted to quit and go to work in town. Here i sat and said to myself i have to pay someone to even put air in a tire here. It is not worth it. That fall i sold one farm turned a rented farm back and leased the place i live out. I have never had one bad feeling about what i did. Kids are upset with me but if they wanted to farm they needed to come help and work in
  13. Had a neighbor boy who used to live down the road and today would have been his birthday but he passed away a while back
  14. got one years ago from Worthington Tractor salvage. It was a good unit.
  15. Had a 15.5 ft 415 purchased it for $8500 in 1990 and sold it 2 years ago for $6500. Really a great machine. Sold to a neighbor and he said a far superior machine compared to his 315. Also had a IHC 510 24X5 Double Disk i paid $3200 in 1976 and sold for $2500 Both were good machines. The only problem with the 415 was the cylinder bracket that was welded onto the rock shaft broke loose and i welded and reinforced it and never another problem.
  16. Everyone needs Prayers who are living in Denton Montana. The whole town is literally burning down from 2 grain elevators on fire. The cause they think is electric wires in the high winds.
  17. A young man i know fell into the fire one evening after a Super Bowl Party. He was ok after some burns treated. They didn't know if he tripped and fell or fainted and fell into the fire
  18. Had a 7110 and 7140 start acting goofy and would shut down at times. Had them both hauled to CaseIH and both ended up having a $2500 diagnostic bill and each required 2 $38 check valves. but they have to diagnose the problem first. Told them if the 7210 ever had that problem we would put the check valves in FIRST. I know if it was my tractor that is what i would do first.
  19. Wish i had taken a video of this today. 560 had not been started for about 3 weeks. Has been a warm early winter. Went out held on glow plugs for 30 seconds and hit the starter and it it spun that engine over so fast it was running in 10 seconds. Was 50 out though but it is a whole different machine to start. This is just normal now.
  20. hagan

    Rollover plow

    This is quite a unique plow. It was made for the days of the D6 7 and 8 Cat. If you look close the roll over design is just extra large one as compared to a 642 IH mechanism https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/AtlasSD416SpinnerPlow
  21. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/1984International54882WDTractorForParts Looks like this is what a person ends up in the end. Note no sentry box and engine knocking
  22. Yes the solenoid is turned about 1/8 or a turn to the left from the rear looking forward but it misses the steering shaft. If i remember the 656 has hydraulic steering lines instead of the shaft so it should work easier than on a 560
  23. Have a 560 with the same engine and i put a starter off of a 1486 on it and WOW it spins it really fast and starts so much easier.
  24. I sold a Bermuda grass harvester and planter this spring and it harvests sprigs with a machine similar to that and plants with a cage type machine.
  25. I see he has been driving his ol brown F150 quite a bit to work recently. I keep wondering and asked him the other day if he has a lady who is using his car. He has more demand at his job than he used to have. He is one heck of a great manager at our O'riley Store here in town. That store took a heck of a step up when they moved the last manager out and Runner in his place
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