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  1. my uncle owned the Chevrolet dealership in town in the 60's. His son Bobby would fall for anything. One day the shop foreman sent him out for a "gallon of compression" then he called the parts house and they would send him to the next one and the next one. Same happened when he sent him out for a thermostat for a Corvair, Then he sent him out for some "sky hooks" Same thing. Bobby eventually became a science teacher and got his doctors degree and then got lung cancer and never smoked. He went up on Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs and killed himself one night
  2. Needing a outside door handle for a QT 1 cab. It is on the left hand side. Any Ideas Thank You
  3. Dad had either a 2 or 4 row front mounted cultivator they would put on the 48 Narrow Front M. I do remember they did it all by hand and i was just a 4 or 5 year old kid but remember he and his hired man would bring out the bottle of Old Crow and take a few snorts when it was put on and ready to take to the field. In about 1960 dad traded that pile of iron (as he called it) for a 2 point 4 row cultivator
  4. Had a idea it was overfull so went out to shop this morning and was going to pull a vacuum on it and to my luck my Air Compressor motor had died so i already had the unit drained out. I decided to just fill the unit and put 4 cans of R134 in it and 1 small can of oil and it cools very little. I will just chop weeds of a early morning as i don't have a lot to do but it was running 30 on the low side and the high side gauge was really jumpy at 175. And the heater hoses are both shut off. One thing i will put a new expansion valve and filter dryer in it and pull a vacuum and try it again but it will be later on maybe even spring. If nothing works a red dot rooftop will go on the roof.
  5. Having problems getting this tractor AC to cool. Since Year A Round has died like most of the Aftermarket cab manufacturing Companies i am having problems getting it to cool but i think it is more of a science than anything. But i can not find how much R 124 to put in this since it has no instructions and was made for R 12. I guess i will have to just pull it down with my evac pump and put the right amount in it from the get go. I hope the roof does not have to come off but if it does it does. I think i will google the amount for a 966 with the factory air cab. I don't know anything else as the 766 was not equipped with AC when they came out
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/304093727317?hash=item46cd660a55:g:HkgAAOSw4~1cXTr0 Bought oneof these several years ago. Not bad for breaking tire down and getting off the rim. I do not like tool for installing tire. I usually use tire irons to do that. Had a big ol kid working for me a few years ago and he bent the mounting bar just wasn't strong enough for him.
  7. My loadstar will not start. i try and it floods and then looking under the hood it probably had half a pint of gasoline on the intake manifold. A few years a old fellow who was good at rebuilding carbs went thru it but he didn't do a very good job and has since died. I kind of think the float is stuck but hate to have to get a rebuilt one to cure it but better than a fire. I think i will take my small hammer and beat on the front of the carb before i try and start it next time. It seems like since it is not ran much anymore it is a pain to keep running. If dad had not purchased it new in 63 i would cut it off and make a trailer BTW it is a holly 2 barrel and the truck has a 4speed and 2 speed
  8. change the black hose from the filter to the pump. Dads got to running badly and it ended up being that hose and with the RD the dealer shop foreman said it was too late. They stuck a Roosa on it and it ran but not like a RD
  9. wonder if that is a honest bid or a runner bid
  10. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/210901/item/IN9801/1977-International-1086-Ag_Tractor-Tractor-Iowa I see this on Purple wave. surely someone is not planning on farming with this. Looks like a pretty light front end. Size of the driveshaft
  11. Need to send my RD Pump in and get it gone thru and change it back from the roosa master. Where do you get the most bang vor your buck as far as quality and price? Greatly appreciate any advice
  12. Get the starter turned the correct way so the 806 starter will work. A friend of mine he has a 806 starter on his 560 and the solenoid is down by the steering shaft and it works ok. In fact when he got his on i got a starter but it came off a 1466 and it works super also. The solenoid is in the same place as the one on my friends. Both of those tractors start so much easier than with the old 560 starter it is not even close. The Only Way To Go!!
  13. i had a put a can of R12 in my 1066 with the Factory Cab and the condenser behind the cab. If you check the condenser and wash it out it may straighten up. The only thing i ever replaced was the clutch on the compressor. That had to be the very best AC on a tractor i ever saw. I always said you could have put paper on the windows and used it for a meat locker. Had a neighbor with one less than 100 SN numbers different and that AC was never worth a poop. He finally cut the belt and put a ByCool on the roof and went that ways. So what i am saying though you need gauges and set the pressures to the chart to the weather at the present time and it should work with freon
  14. Kind of looks like a gal Ol Runner had at the Mission Restaurant one night. I think they were in his orange scout
  15. could have a worn out TA and when he steps on the brake it stops and when he releases it it might take off again. But A TA does not work that way. I have to think it is a confused seller
  16. Thank you guys i will get at it tonight when it cools off.
  17. At times the range shift lever on the 806 shifts hard and it recently started it. Most of the time it shifts rather easy and the other day it was almost impossible to move but acts like it is right up under the hood in front of the gauges. I can remember on the 856 it had a place to grease but the 806 does not. Is there a trick to this or is it a mechanical issue?
  18. some relation a few miles from that knows the stuff. It has been ran hard and poor maintenance. It has not ran for several years and it was his dads and well sad story. if you look on last weeks auction they had a 8,000 2388 and some stuff that was in ill repair that did not sell good at all
  19. Will be 70 before too long and before the Covid i used to enjoy going to the local Eagles and play bingo. Well 2 weeks ago i went for the first time in over a year and could not hardly wait to get the H out of there with all of those griping ol grouchy people With age our patience wears out just like a smooth tractor tire
  20. Heck Runner ol Buddy i saw the name Springfield up there and was hoping you found you a honey at Springfield 50 miles up the road. I have tried to set you up with a few around here but you don't seem interested. You gotta have a break from those ol guns every once in a whild
  21. A guy up near Sheridan Lake CO who had 2 1586's and 1 1486. He used the 1486 for most of his tillage as it gave a lot less problems than the 15. Something if the brakes wore too much it would ruin the rear housing.
  22. They had the great big Farmhand stack movers in this area at one time. Really popular in the 70's. Lots of 1066 Hydro Tractors sold to pull them with and they did a great job. Some were widened out to haul 3 hesston 60A stacks sideways and most of the time they did really good. Now you can not hardly find one and it will bring a little more than scrap iron price if on a farm sale
  23. a few guys around here tried the F25 but said they were too slow on the dump and the hay basket would not fall like with the cable. I do not know as i quit staking hay with the F10 in 74 and went to a Hesston Stakhand. One more question it looks to be a 560 diesel. How do you get it started in the winter? do you plug it in or lots of good batteries, glow plugs and a engine in good shape? I put a 1466 starter on my 560 diesel and it has about as much power as the engine it seems but does start a lot better
  24. My cousin stopped at a stop sign on the highway once and called me to come pull him home which i did and i said the clutch would not be the problem as the right rear brake locked up and left a mark about 6 ft long on the pavement. Long story short it split the bull gear on the right side. He put in a used bull gear and a brake pinion shaft and put it back together and away it went. Pretty simple fix but was time consuming. It was a 460 and it would go if you stepped on the right brake also
  25. Ok What happened a family has a 280 + - irrigated farm and the ditch water has been put into setteling ponds recently and then pumped into center pivots. The farmer works for the FSA and is head over 3 or 4 county offices. His daughter and son in law both worked for the Lower Arkansas Water Conservancy District. He is a engineer and she was a secretary. There were funds available to get cost sharing on new center pivots and linings for ponds so they do not leak so much. This son in law signed his in laws farm up for 100% funding for the pivot and the pond lining. The wife wrote up the contract and it went thru and was over budget about $20,000 dollars and it ended up costing $180,000 at 100% funding. I do not farm anymore but the local farmers who have had to pay for their sprinklers are totally irate. I am afraid nothing can be done. It is a little hard to get the article but it is on there
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