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  1. Just think of how much it would have helped IH if they would have made the 660 with a fast or 3 point hitch. they could have kind of competed with the 4010 a little bit better.
  2. Personally i would NOT take a pair of snap on duals as a gift. I remember when i was in high school and dad had 806# 13118 with 18.4 X 34's the tire dealer sold him a pair of economy duals in the 14.9 X 38 with new tires. They matched pretty darn good but we were for ever breaking those bolts on the hub on the inside wheel. Pulling 2 15ft K 2 Krause One Way Plows created a lot of side draft We kept extra bolts at the shop and yes change a pair every month or so. Dad was pretty tight and would not spend a lot on stuff. I guess that is why i always purchased direct axle hub duals. Not good memor
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    Golly Runner Ol Buddy that thing looks like something you might catch about 3 blocks west and 1 north of your work lol
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    Hey Runner Ol Buddy was that a bit ago? I saw a cloud in the west looking kind of that shape. Looks like it is coming from a fire somewhere.
  5. Want to put my 2 cents worth in on the 666 and 686 series. IH was going thru some financial problems when they were being developed and sold. This one old gentleman up the road at the next town was at the IH place in the early 80's having problems with his 686 and the hydraulics after he got upset with his 666 and traded up for a new one. They were trying to figure out this certain tractor and he said i had 2 560's : 2 656's they were both good. The 666 was not worth a crap so i got this one and now it is not worth a crap. His 686 ended up on the green lot and he had a smaller green tractor
  6. Ran a 715 for 25 years. Never cut soybeans but don't be afraid of it. Those are a descent combine for their vintage. I ran a 20 ft 810 head in wheat, barley and milo. Operators book is a good place to start from.
  7. Step Dad, his brother and father purchased 3 I-9's after the war changed the gears in the transmissions to the W9 gears and put thousands of hours on them farming until the 560-660 tractors came out.
  8. The Covid is not a funny thing. I have 2 kids in their 40's my son was quarantined for most of 1 day when a employee who works on the same crew as he got sick and they tested all of the guys and quarantined them until the test results were back and they were all free of the Covid. Now my daughter who is a drug and alcohol counselor at a treatment center was not feeling well and had the last 2 days off (her weekend) and went to work this morning. She still does not feel real good. I just pray to God that she does not have the stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying.
  9. The New Holland Dealer had a old gas burning white boom truck and they got one of the first 30 ft combine heads in on the train and the workers tied the front end down to the train track to keep it from going off the ground. Well short long story it split the frame and that ol truck sat there for nearly 10 years and it was cut up for scrap. Pretty nice old truck when it was hurt
  10. No it was a 95 and still pretty tight ol pickup. Was nearly perfect condition until the hail and then grandson put some custom touches on it
  11. There is a 2 WD early 90's ext cab pickup in town that had a little over 700,000 miles on it the last i knew. It needs a total suspension rebuild, door pins and a few things like that. Things are not honestly made to run that long. Just goes to show good maintenance .
  12. Bought this pickup when it was 8 years old with 101,000 miles. Had been previously owned by a older couple and passed it down to my son then his grandson ended up with it. Son had it hailed pretty hard up in Colorado Springs and got nearly $4000 check from insurance check. He got a different pickup and oldest grandson got it and drove it for 5 years. He sold it the other day Put a for sale sign on it and the first guy that came by to look at it bought it for $1500.00 Needless to say he had a little bad luck on the right side and it had a different color box, hood and drivers door. Oh and
  13. parts shows a item for a 806 radiator a strip under the bottom but does not even list or explain it. Is a piece of foam supposed to go under it? Any information would be greatly appreciated
  14. hagan

    Lug nuts

    my 63 ihc pickup had left hand nuts on the left side. I remember well as when i graduated high school in 1970 and a few too many coors we had a flat and 3 of us had a heck of a time changing the left rear tire on the pickup. We all learned to screw the right way not the wrong way
  15. Ol Runner and i have been catching and releasing since i can remember. Runner is pretty good about releasing them and they walk away. My last catch 3 years ago just won't seem to walk away. You were talking about women weren't you
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    Hey Ol Runner i can't figure with the big smile on you if you caught a big fish or got a fantastic lay
  17. go to Shoup mfg.com i am pretty sure they do. I know we used to build our own and got new bars and heads at New Holland in the 1112 days
  18. in the western states farmers were pretty good engineers on machines like that. We had a 48 ford 2 ton with a farmhand F10 loader on it with a 16 ft hay basket and used it every day for about 10 days 3 times a year and stacked loose alfalfa hay. We cut up lots of 50 and 60 model pickups and even some old cars and 2 T trucks. They were expected to do more work after being worn out than when they were new. Some guys would buy new chassis without bodies and make them new. Some tractor loades but very few running backwards but they did work really well.
  19. When my kids were to driving age i was going thru a divorce with their mom and funds were tight to say the least. I had purchased a car from my aunt and it was a 79 LTD and was slime green and she called it the slime. The car was 17 years old and she was happy as can be. My son got his great uncles 77 Chevy pickup with 2nd gear out on the automatic. Those 2 autos did good for them and liability only and they learned how to take care of them or WALK. This was in the late 90's
  20. We are out here in the dry climate but a friend who used to live up the road and passed on purchased a rare pickup he thought and its paint was sun burnt and more or less gone. He and his daughter purchased a gallon of farm tractor red paint at the local tractor supply and some paint pads and painted it in the garage. As soon as they were done they drove it outside in the hot sun that afternoon and you could not find a run one on it. I do have to honestly say the paint job was worth about as much as the pickup. But he was a guy whom it did not matter to how it looked
  21. Like asking "What if Obamas dad had wore a condom" We would all be a **** of a lot better off
  22. Got papped in the rear in Colorado Springs a couple years ago. My receiver ball did sure help my pickup escape a lot of damage. My son who lives up there heard it is illegal for you to drive with it in there because of the damage they can do when someone rear ends you.
  23. Sure did on a 150 and 7100 shovel drill. On them we ran 2 3 X 3 square tubing up from the back under the walk board and welded a tab onto the front cross bar that controlled the depth rocks haft that went to the shanks. Then we fabricated a 3 point on the rear. On the 150 we welded pipe along the edge of the channel irons about 8 ft apart that goes from each wheel back and put a pipe across and fabricated a 3 point hook up that way. I do not know if i have a photo of any of them but can look. They worked really good and saved the packer wheels from road wear. One thing we never did was trans
  24. Really a nice looking 1456. That tractor would sure handle a load good.
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