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  1. Transmission was shot ! All friction disc and plates being replaced. Purchased seal kit. Need to source a input shaft, part #709601C91, and a forward Drive hub part #709617C1. If anyone could help me out with these parts it would appreciated
  2. TD8/125E transmission disassembly. I have a TD8E With the late model, smaller transmission removed from the dozer. My service manual is for the early model larger transmission short driveshaft. Need help with disassembly procedure and specs on smaller transmission. Will probably order the correct manual, but a Headstart would be nice. Transmission is on my bench, And a baffle inside is keeping me from splitting the rear cover off of transmission. Does anyone out there have a PDF they could share of transmission? Or knowledge on how this disassembly is done. Thanks Joe
  3. No, I don’t think so. Trying to talk with the last owner to see how he had it.
  4. It is a 3905852 ! I have read another forum on this site that spoke of a .380 thick spacer he had to fabricate? Thanks for your input.
  5. Recently picked up a TD8E dozer, minus engine. This dozer originally came with a International DT239, but had a Cummins conversion somewhere along the way. I received the dozer with no engine. I have a turbo 4BT Cummins, and have purchased what is supposed to be the correct bell housing, flywheel and flexplate. Although on assembly there is not enough space for the torque converter and flexplate when mated up to the engine. Appears to be about 5/16 to thick! Has anyone had a similar issue? Is there a adapter, spacer needed between the bell housing and torque converter housing? Anyone have any
  6. I have a 83 Dresser 125e. It has had a similar problem since I bought it 3 years ago. Will not go into gear, forward or reverse when first started cold. After warming it up and playing with the selector for 10 minutes it grabs! always in reverse! Roll the machine back and shift to second and it will operate the rest of the day with no problems. Until you shut it down, for more than a few minutes. Then you have to mess with the selector going back and forth, forward and reverse and it will grab in reverse, usually much sooner the in the morning. Pressures are good, fluid are new. No apparent le
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