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  1. I saw 350 Diesel

    There is one on craigslist in the Harrisburg Pa section for 3500 i believe
  2. BD264 gas vs.C263 gas

    i do think there is a forum member with a bd 264 in a 560 if i remember right. Post on some pulling forums I swear people have had these motors in 560's
  3. 560 rims

    they will fit on the 16" rim i just did it last summer
  4. Antique Stock Tractor Pulls

    Around here it just has to be stock appearing thats about it. My dads M runs around 80 horse and its a consistent top 3 tractor (in stock classes). The John deeres have bigger motors but anyone that pulls them will tell you it takes money to make them pull a stock G will never touch a stock gas motor M (8060 head) imho. My 460 diesel has stock internals and thats about it. runs over 3k and has a lot of pump work and it seems i barely have enough power for the top 5 at the bigger pulls. Theres no such thing as stock pulls
  5. D236's in airplanes

    A local IH expert who rebuilt the pump on my 460, was saying they used twin D 236's as airplane motors and they turned around 4k RPM. Does anyone have any info on this?
  6. Yesterday's Barn Find: IH 75lbs weights

    Some of my 75 pounders have an M on them too
  7. Farmall M pushing water out radiator

    Its the thermostat, my old one did the same thing.
  8. 460 Injector Pump Removal and Installation

    Thanks diesel doc i as soon as i get the seals i will swap them out!
  9. The old pump on the 460 is putting a lot of rubber into the filters. I think its probaby the flex ring in the pump. Luckily i have a new pump on the shelf ready to go. So i have the pump in time and do I just get the engine lined up with the timing mark on the crank pulley? How do i know the pump is on the same cylinder as the engine? I still have the old pump on the tractor and its still running. Its just a pulling tractor, does anyone know if taking the timing past 6* will gain me any, already have the leaf springs turned in and the external screw set on the new pump.If someone could give me the step by step that would be great! Thanks!
  10. 460 Hydraulic Question

    I have power steering and would like to keep it but, im assuming that if i get rid the hydraulic pump that i will lose power steering?
  11. 460 hydraulic leak

    took it apart found one of the O-rings was busted up replaced it cleaned everything put it together and it is dry as a bone so hopefully it is fixed for good
  12. 460 hydraulic leak

    From in between the blocks
  13. Help ID This IH Farmall Grill

    they had them on the engines on the older balers
  14. 460 hydraulic leak

    thats what i was thinking of doing its just a tiny leak but its enough to get on my boots and make everything slippery
  15. 460 hydraulic leak

    The blocks under the steering wheel ( Aux. Hydraulics.), had a leak last summer so I took them out and put new O-rings in. I have still have a small leak. I need to know if there is a specific set of O- rings I should use? I had an O ring kit at the time so i just used the ones out of that. Also can I take the one of the side supports off to make putting them back in easier?