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  1. No worries there, it would just stop and grind.
  2. You say it feels like it's "on top of the gear." The gears are not synchronized. Have you tried to let the clutch out slightly and "float" it into 1st? I have to do that occasionally with all the 56 and 66 series tractors around here. All there is inside are the shift forks.
  3. The 686 is hardly an orphan, but it is the last in its lineage. It can trace its roots back to the H and M. Aside from the engine and hood styling, the 686 is basically unchanged from the 666 and 656. The 656 being basically a beefed up and updated 460 chassis, fixing the problems with the 460 and allowing it to handle more power. Yes, 460, NOT 560. Put the two side by side, inspect, and measure. I have. The 656 uses the smaller bell housing and rear end housing dimensions. It's not an updated 560 like some people believe. You could go so far as to bolt an H front half to a 656 bell housing, I am confident of that. If the 666 and 686 have the bolt holes in the front of the bell housing you could do the same with those tractors.
  4. Customs share the same serial number sequence as the Farmalls. The blurb on Tractordata states that IH "offered" the 856 Farmall in a Custom version, "Farmall" being implied as it is the subject of the web page. The Custom being a stripped down Farmall model that was a few hundred dollars less expensive.
  5. Clearly what I wrote came out wrong. That wasn't the intention. I watched my dad "heat and beat" bent parts back into shape for as long as I can remember. Just never occurred to any of us that it was blacksmithing.
  6. Not for nothing, but I'd call that more "heat and beat" than blacksmithing. Though there is a fine line.
  7. Nothing there that you're liable to break that can't be found aftermarket. Worst case, a torch and a welder. I've seen bigger kicker racks put on lighter duty gears. Man I wish I had friends that gave me free running gears... Around here the most beat up bent twisted train wreck of a running gear brings $500 at auction.
  8. You're balking over $100 for a bearing? Try $250 and there is no suitable cross match for the ST210 IIRC. Outer axle bearing for the M and Super M.
  9. ANY historical documentary is going to be a "gloss over." Nobody is going to watch a 56-hour documentary on the history of farming. But look at the marketing. IH is NOT one of the "cool" brands. Everybody knows Ford, Caterpillar, and Deere, even if you're not involved in farming. Most people own at least one piece of "swag" from at least one of these brands, and wears it regularly. Hats, shirts, pants, belts, boots, for starters. You find the logos on every product imaginable. The only place you find IH swag is at a tractor show, and the designs are horrible. Who wants to wear a picture of an old tractor on a plain gray tee shirt when you can wear flames and lightening bolts? How many songs feature Fords? Then there's Joe Diffie's "John Deere Green" which was a huge hit and still gets a lot of airplay today. The only song about "International Harvester" is that awful Craig Morgan brown note (you hear it and it makes your bowels move). It takes half the song just to spit out "International Harvester" and nothing rhymes with it. Ford, Cat, Deere all roll of the tongue. Trying to shoehorn "Eye Aich" into a song is just lyrical suicide. Shows are about ratings. To get ratings you need to grab people's attention. To get their attention you need to talk about things that are familiar to them. Ford, Cat, and Deere are still in business. IH ceased to exist 36 years ago.
  10. Yeah, because they own the tractors and the means to work on them. Warranty? What warranty. "Fix this for the boss, don't worry about invoicing it."
  11. Now that I look at it more, it looks like an IH Deluxe cab and a Year-A-Round got together and made sweet sweet love, and this is the resulting child.
  12. That was my first thought. Quad glass packs.
  13. My research showed there are two different spacings for the westendorf quick attach. 37" and 44" if I'm recalling correctly, but I don't think the 2350 is either.
  14. That is defintely Westendorf. I have both the Westendorf and the IH quick attach. The IH is nothing like that.
  15. Flange axle tractors usually have quite a range of adjustment its just at fixed 2" increments where a bar axle is infinitely adjustable. They can usually be adjusted to the common range of row widths. I just pulled out my 5200 series Maxxum manual and flanged axles can be set from 60" to 88" tread width. That covers 30" - 44" row crops.
  16. I should add that the 2000 loader is one of the easier ones to adapt to different tractors. If it came off a row crop tractor it'll fit most any other row crop tractor. The hard part as always is finding one complete, in good shape, close enough to chase after, at a price you can agree on.
  17. My money is on the tractor either belonging to the dealer or someone who can afford dealer rates. Then again, where do you find a good local independent guy to work on tractors? The good ones don't advertise but nobody seems to know who they are. I know of one but he's 400 miles away.
  18. Then the next guy will tell you he plows solid granite 12" deep, and this "half the width of the bottom" thing is some made up bull because he's never heard that before. ...and we wonder why nobody plows anymore... If I could bury the corn residue in preparation for seeding hay with any other tillage implement, I would. If I could dig up the sod in preparation for corn with any other tillage implement, I would. The only thing that works is a moldboard plow, and I HATE moldboard plowing. Is it irony that I own 9 moldboard plows?
  19. Here's a picture of the thing for posterity. Look carefully, she's got a little lipstick on her teeth:
  20. Your standards are way too high. It has both doors. Total creampuff.
  21. It's been that way for decades, and if any damage was going to be done, it's been done. You're not going to hurt it any worse than it already is, that is, if it's hurt at all. You wouldn't want to do something like that on a road vehicle because of the speeds involved. The differential can burn up pretty quick, but on a tractor the wheels are not turning very fast so the action in the differential is relatively slow too.
  22. If you can set the plow to the tractor and get a decent job, what is wrong with that? You don't get a medal for spending a day moving the wheels around on your tractor just so you can plow, and another day moving them back so you can do everything else. Heck you don't even get a medal for doing a decent job of plowing.
  23. Seems like a good use for a green loader to me.
  24. Found this for sale on facebook marketplace. You need to be on facebook to see the link. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/533590747878348
  25. Any I've ever seen are just 5" or 6" C-channel bolted to the frame rails, extending forward over the front end. Plow lift frame is booger welded to the C-channels. Sometimes they run a diagonal brace from the plow frame to the C-channel. I found plenty of images on google searching "Farmall M snow plow."
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