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  1. Used to be you couldn't give them away. Are they worth it now? No, but if you have one to sell and you can find someone to pay that much, I'm happy for ya. Please keep me in mind when 1566 and 1586's get "hot." After all they are the precursors to the 5x88 series tractors.
  2. Seems to be a rush on 504 manifolds. Two other guys on facebook looking for them too.
  3. I've seen shafts and rubber bushings for the monroe seats, but nothing else. Your best bet is a good used seat suspension. There have to be plenty of them out there.
  4. Lithium battery smell is a sickeningly sweet smell, not at all like propane or dead animal at least in my opinion. If it's a dead animal, good luck. Remember the old episode of mythbusters where they let a pig decay in a Corvette? They could not get rid of the smell.
  5. Matt Kirsch


    Pretty sure you can watch your dog run away all afternoon most places in Iowa, LOL. Around here there are plenty of places that are too rugged, or too stony and wet, to work. That's where the cows graze.
  6. Matt Kirsch


    I do too. The milk from the small messy dairy is from cows who got grazed from April to October, and isn't pumped full of growth hormones. The milk is more "natural." On a big dairy, the cows feet never touch dirt. They get nothing but fermented forage and grain. It's all filtered, pasteurized and homogenized anyway. If there were any nasties in the milk due to the "messy" farm, they're long gone time the milk gets to your store. We had a small dairy. Wasn't the cleanest but wasn't the messiest either. Dad did what he could when he had money but there were many years when he could not afford gravel for the driveways. I can name a couple of "messy" large dairies too.
  7. Matt Kirsch


    Does anyone really need to "make up for the ones we lost" though? I'm pretty sure the dairies that have sold out were already "made up for" long before they called it quits with the big dairies constantly expanding in years past. It's not like there has ever been a shortage of milk production capacity The big dairies around here already don't have enough land to feed the cows they do have. Expanding is not even on the table.
  8. Have you found a source for hydraulic filters for your 240? That's been an ongoing problem for the 240 model. The hydraulic filter was discontinued a long time ago, and no suitable substitute was ever found that I am aware of. Of course that also assumes we are talking about the 240 and not the 240A Industrial tractor.
  9. Nah, not no speed limit. Just a higher one.
  10. That's right, it was Goodridge. Alexander Equipment is the Agco/Kubota dealer up on 20. I was over scoping out the containers while that IH snowblower sold. I have a big JD one already that doesn't get used.
  11. I'm pretty sure Alexander is already closed. They had Teitsworth do an online relocation auction back in September. Must've gotten sick of Mike Petersen's shenanigans. Teitsworth would do a big sale first weekend in January every year at the old Alexander Equipment. When Landpro took over, they must have been under contract for one more sale because after that Mike Petersen started having online sales a few times a year. Problem was the opening bid was the list price for the piece of equipment on the website and hardly anything ever got a bid.
  12. Say what? I grew up 3.5 miles from the North Java location. Started out as Ortner's. That might explain why there is virtually nothing on the lot over there, and hasn't been. Looks like I might have to start driving Masseys or Fendts.
  13. I would guess that it is similar to the old fashioned "drag disks." Set the gangs at 0 angle, and hit the road. They won't cut in much. Those big industrial ones I'd think folding them up and backing them on a lowboy trailer from the side is also an option.
  14. Thanks Sonny, unfortunately mine is quite a bit different. Same idea, different execution.
  15. So you are saying there is no change in speed when you shift from 1 to 3 to 5? We might be on to something here. If this is the case it sounds like your speed transmission is not shifting. You are only getting 1-2 in each range. 2H is exactly 10MPH with stock tires, which fits with your description. For further diagnosis we're going to need one of the 5088 series experts like @88seriesrestorer
  16. Oh heck, onelonleyfarmer towed a Hardy sprayer halfway across the country behind his pickup at highway speeds. With the big tires the wheel bearings are barely turning at those speeds. With no load on the tires they can go at much higher speeds than they are rated for.
  17. Rear seal of what? The engine? There is no temporary fix for that, except keep putting more oil in.
  18. 5 should be slower than 6 3 should be slower than 4 1 should be slower than 2 5 should be faster than 4 3 should be faster than 2 1 should be faster than 6 in the next lower range
  19. You might not be able to stall the engine with the brakes in lower gears. What you are looking for is if the tractor pulls harder with the brakes on. If the tractor just stops moving and the engine continues to run at the same speed, the clutch is slipping.
  20. Stall the engine, or stop the tractor? Also you have two threads on this. Check the other thread for more information. Hopefully the admins can combine the threads.
  21. Definitely looks like the piston moved on the rod to me. From your pictures the steering arms are definitely not "too far one way on the spindle." IF they were, one would hit the tire, the other would be way in.
  22. Just talking out my rear here, but it seems to me even if the master clutch were not fully engaging, the tractor would still build up speed to normal on flat ground with no load behind it. Also it should slow to a stop with any sort of load or resistance, such as applying the brakes. Are you sure you have 18 distinct speeds? Maybe you don't have high range for some reason? According to TractorData it tops out at around 8.2MPH in 6M with stock tires, which I presume to be 20.8x38 bias ply. Radials would be a bit larger and put you right at 10MPH.
  23. From what we've discussed so far, I believe that would be considered a 240A. The PL indicating "PayLine" as @R190 stated earlier. Not very many made, and most of the specialized knowledge about them lost to time due to them being part of the IH Construction division. A quick synopsis there, IH sold the construction division to Dresser around 1983 to raise some much-needed cash. Dresser only cared about the dozers and pretty much dropped support on everything else. Once the parts stocks were sold out for things like the tractors and backhoes and excavators and payloaders, that was it. Dresser eventually got absorbed into Komatsu, and recently the dozers got split off into "DRESSTA" but those dozers have little in common with anything IH made except the "TD" designation. If there is no Reverse on the Hi Low Neutral selector, then it must have another selector for a Forward Reverse shuttle, or "reverser."
  24. Do you have a picture? I think that may be the one I bought last year at an auction. Cylinders go over the top of the axle housings? Mine's got some bent metal that needs to be straightened out, but I don't have the heat or heavy holding power to do it.
  25. Because IH abandoned the "last digit is the number of cylinders" thing when they started cranking out 2+2's. The 00, 50, and 60 series tractors didn't have 0 cylinders, did they?
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