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  1. Grey Wolf, Thanks for coming here and posting those great pictures. I never tire of seeing pictures of Best 110hp #175. My good friend Dean Alling has run that engine and is on the cover of the July-August issue of Steam Traction magazine. I'm going to place a picture of it combining in California with an old Holt or Best combined harvester. It looks like a period photo, but isn't! I'm also placing a picture of Best 110hp #185, shown in Oakland, California in a parade, being operated by my good friend and one of the project's restorers, Paul Reno. I like the IH tractor and was wondering if you'd been to Fort Benton (the world's innermost port), Montana to see the 1,000,000th IH tractor in the state ag museum there? It is a wonderful museum. I lived in Billings from late 1969 into 1974 and often went out to visit Oscar O. Cooke. I wrote a story about his collection that was published in the Steam Traction magazine about a year ago. I don't have a copy here with me. I've never been on the Steam Traction website to check their archives, but I understand you can now check their archives of Steam Traction, the former Iron Men Album and the original Farm (Senior moment?) Album magazine. You might be able to access the article there? Richard Backus did a nice job with the info I sent him. I had an instinct to go back to Oscar's museum and photograph as much as I could after his death and before Marcella's death. I must have a couple of rolls of pictures in my scanned files, of Oscar's engines. He was a one of a kind man. I never had a Montana Steam Traction Engine License at the time I lived there, but I used to help my friend, the late Clyde Corley run a nice little 20hp double simple Gaar Scott engine at a couple of shows. Gary Hi Gary, I'll try to did up some more photos. I'll have to look up Fort Benton too, I didn't know about that museum if I did I sure would have made an effort to go there and spend some time checking it out! I'll see if I can find the article too. Here's a few more shots that I found I thought you might like to see the old iron that hauls the old iron around!
  2. Guys these are great pictures sorry I don't have any of old iron on the farm but here's a couple (if I can figure out how to attach) I've taken at the shows around here. By the way Gary you spoke of Billings in one of the earlier pages did you ever go to Oscars Dreamland before he passed away. We stopped in there in the late '80's and we spent half the day there with him he had quite a collection and sure loved talking about them all.... GW
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