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  1. machinery pete also showed a 97k used pickup that was sold
  2. Hello there, so trying to trim up some rotted wood of of a 8 by 8 timber on the house, are the oscillating saws handy, and corded vs cordless, i am slowly switching to 20 volt dewalt tools from 18 so that would probably be the choice, thanks
  3. Hello, so looking thru our agri view, i see a large dealer in wis. now offering leases on the larger New Holland tractors, ad says 45 in stock, so is it starting to slow down? Really haven seen leases offered for awhile,
  4. well finally got the 318 down to the local repair guy, as i said oil was running out of the motor and smoking, tonight while milking he shows up with it, showed me the oil sending unit that was bad, solved the problem for now, thanks for replies, wish more fixes were like this,
  5. what is a sanden compressor? we have kept the air up on our 1066, better than nothing, we keep using the compressor style that it came with
  6. it seems that our heifers are being bothered a lot lately, we have cameras up, they knock 6 inch fence posts over , i was always told they dont like the scent of a bear,
  7. pt756

    85F at 6 am

    its been decent here in central wis, rain is really spotty, the other night just after we cut all our new seedings and quite a bit of second crop, with no rain forcasted , well it rained , where we live over 3 to 4 inches, a small spot, a mile away 3/10ths.
  8. was watching the rodeo on rfd this morning, the south dakota govenor sang the national anthem, and sure looks like she can ride a horse
  9. Hello, ended up with a Brady 630 5 foot flail type mower, was trying for one of the M C mowers earlier but usually went high, this one looks in good shape and it seems that parts are available at Shuop yet was planning on going where the brush mower doesnt work well, anybosy have experience with one?
  10. neighbor just bought 2 machines, claimed a very long warranty. they are about 400 cows
  11. pt756

    magnum prices

    today a nice ford 5000 on a schindler auction in wis close to me sold for 9200 dollars, claimed low hours, it was probably on a hobby type farm and owner died,
  12. was lookint at equipment facts yesterday, auction is wis. 7140 at 61k and a 8950 at just over 80
  13. Hello there again, our very dependable 318 lawn tractor looks like there will be a problem with the onan motor, always understood that they are high priced to fix with hard to get parts, tractor has about 1000 hours on it and we have had it for almost 40 years, so i see guys repower them, i have always thought fix what you got, anybody ahve experience with the onan? it is 18 horsepower,
  14. was at fertilizer plant yesterday anhydrous was going out to the field for 2000 a ton, urea was at 670, prices are right up there, anhydrous was about 650 last year
  15. Hello there, yesterday Priemer auction had their machinery auction live and on equipment facts, was looking at a 1066 and a 1466 open station, 10 brought 12k and 14 15k strong prices i thought, today Nolan sales , another close auction had a 7220 magnum, also on equipment facts, was thinking with 4400 hours probably will bring 60k plus, seen the results 81k, and they say no inflation!
  16. Hello can the whole weight be cut into 2 halves? once in awhile you see it, or will it look lke it has been cut up ?
  17. hello so i dont know much of anything about long haul truckong, the other day our milkman was showing the new guy the route, said he was over the road for 20 years, claims owner operator trucks sitting around for sale all over the area. said the costs. one thing he mentioned was tolls. claimed the pennsylvania turnpike was 300 dollars for truck. are tolls that high? then he said you got ohio, indiana and illinois. not hard to figure out but the vendor that bid our township gravel earlier in the spring said last year fuel cost was 50 cents a mile this year 87 today, wonder what they used to bid 3 months ago?
  18. Ran across a 656 gas early model , i still dont have the 350 that has been in 2 pieces done yet, ironically the the guy that is overhauling the 756 is the same guy that has been repairing the t.a on the 350. i think the 756 will go better as it is in pieces , and i think he knows we need it back sooner than the 350, question is does the 350 and 656 have the same rear end gears? i once had a 656 gas a long time ago but at the time gas tractors werent that popular, now with the price od diesel up there not much difference, mostly a haying tractor,
  19. Hello again was planning on an update anyway, so thanks, so the crankshaft has been checked out no cracks and it only needs to be reground 10 thousandths , as i said i am no motor person but i routinely here of cranks being reground that amount, also the guy mentioned he is going to get the rods checked to make sure they are round, said they can become egg shaped, and one more question would it be necessary to have the block line bored> the tractor during winter would leak a small amount of water into the oil, i assume the o rings were nearing the end of their useful life, and lastly i was looking for the number on the block to try and identify if it is a 310 or 358, the side where the oil filter is on is the side that is showing, there is a number there , thanks
  20. i am sure by now you all have heard of the bear that crashed thru the house window and attacked the couple there after they hollered at her to get away from the bird feeder, was on bob and tom show this morning, pretty close to us, medford wis taylor county wis.
  21. Hello, what years did the 656 have the grill with the silver pipes on, they were later?
  22. so was at local machinery place yesterday. we were rained out again, ran into a IH guy i knew for awhile, he suggested this, he put a 312 in his 656 which had the head cracker 282 in, got it from a hydro 70. we talked some more and he claims the 312 is narrower than the 360 and if out of a 70 it would bolt in better, has the same frame rail as our 756, well its another idea, wish it would dry up a bit, anyway he said all are going to be hard to find,
  23. just recently guys sold their 2015 3/4 ton chev regular cab only 8k miles for 35k was red,
  24. i have read a lot of posts about overhaul kits, which are the good ones, so far i have heard reliance, red power, absolute that is the best! and checking around a bit , i was always told the german diesel was more expensive, priced out a german kit and a 360 kit, the 360 kit was a couple of hundred more, thanks
  25. Question was the series meant to compete with another brand very few around here, guy across the road had a w 4 hooked up to a new holland baler with a motor on, they always looked like they would turn hard, never sat in or drove one yet.
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