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    ih brad isnt on here much anymore? always liked his posts
  2. Thanks for the reply, CIHTECH, i wasnt aware of mechanical reversers till i drove this New Holland, the ones i drove always had the reverser on the column, so are the mechanical ones still offered? Would like a 4 wd with loader, always thought a 5230 or 40 would be okay also, then the guys say well you might just as well try for a mx 120, well then nothing gets done . almost had a 5240 a couple of years ago, not as nice as a mx but probbaly nicer than our 856 during winter, as i said dealer said good engine , good rear end, not so much electronics either,
  3. as i mentioned earlier we only live about 4 miles away from factory lots of them around
  4. Hello there, looked at a new holland T5060 at local lot, it has a mechanical forward and reverser, on the left side, local guy said same as a jxu case ih, said the reverser isnt that badm always thought they were elcctrical, anyway 4wd has a loader, it is a 2008 model, there are so may models between the 2 colors its hard to keep straight, anybody have experience? guy claims a good motor and a rear end from the 7710 series,
  5. i also am on our local fire district board, and one of the emts is a paramedic for a larger group, they are only buying gas models from now on as our disrtict the last 2 have been gas models,
  6. Did they buy dealerships in western wis
  7. was watching agday this morning, machinery pete is always on there on monday, recent sales he showed a 7130 and a 4440 both around 72k , sure must be a lot of money floating around.
  8. Hello. our township has a older case 570 4 wheel tractor loader, I am on the board, anyway our town employee has had his leg amputated , now both our gone, however he plans on coming back in 3 months. first one was slow to heal, question I have is about the tractor loader, it has about 1800 hours on it and is a 4 wheel drive, what needs to be checked, engine oil is obvious, what about hydrostatic oil, and are the front hubs similar to our magnums? do they have oil in them, cant really find any records , and i think anti freeze should also be changed? snow plow season is coming up soon ,any help would be appreciated. as we only have that one employee, thanks
  9. question, where the green circle is, what does that adjustment do? we have a couple of 720 plows, both 18 inch, always wondered what that adjustmaent is for, ours is currently set out farther than the one in the picture.
  10. also was looking at an 5130 maxum 2 wheel drive, must be older didnt have the neutral reverser, it also had a 2350 loader on it. didnt think that would work,
  11. was looking at a 2350 coming up for sale, looks like where the loader mounts by the clutch housing the mounts are square?
  12. put some new tires on the 2500 1999 chev pickup today, instead of putting weights on they put some beads on the inside, rims are aluminum, they claim they do that to 3/4 ton and larger, first time i have seen that. and talk about inflation, tires use to be about 160, a couple of years ago now 250 apiece, and on another note, our township grader needs new tires also, so they shop priced up michelins that came with the grader, i think 17 by 22.5, size, i was thinking about 12 to 15 hundred a piece, michelin recently had a 29 percent increase, those tires are now 3 k a piece, so we are going to put the BKT tire on, a little more reasonable at 1655 a tire, you cant tell me that there is only a 8 percent inflation rate,
  13. contractor was talking the other night, said here in central wis, hard to get the powder for redi mix,
  14. probably meant prairie doge, he did use a 22 250 , said their group must of shot over 800 while they were there, landowners were happy,
  15. Hello there , couple of guys i know went out to the dakotas to hunt antelope, they did have some success, then he mentioned pocket gopher hunting, never heard of it, he mentioned gopher towns, mentioned all the holes they dig in the ground, and they are a nusiance out there.
  16. i am on our local fire board, so i hear about the close calls that happen, glad yo are okay, you and the rest of the volunteers literally put your lives on the line when you step out on a 4 lane, nobody slows down.
  17. so i wonder what the reasoning is behind these large loans, lot of them have to be well over 10 per cow if not more? at least around here it seems that the loaners are just shoveling it into the large operations by the wheelbarrow full, FCS guy tolm a couple of years ago guy wanted 14 per cow to build a setup, they didnt loan the money but sure somebody did, it seems lately that paying a loan back isnt such a high priority ?
  18. Hello there close neighbor starting on his 12 robot barn, lely robots, one building is going to be 146 by 360, wonder how much $$$$
  19. also tried describing the lock shingle to a guy never heard of them, they were real popular for barn roofs back then, now kostky everybody either lets them cave in or puts tin on, once a hole starts it usually doesnt take long to fall in, cant blame anybody, well over 20 k for a small barn.
  20. i started to remove the shingles from a 40 foot garage this afternoon, just not quite up to that task anymore, anyway got it done, i am going to be 66 in jan. there should be a warning on those shingle forks pertaining to age maybe, hope this is the last time, i see why there isnt a lot of older guys doing shingles.
  21. So hello there, anybody drink almond milk? had my first taste today, doctor is running out of ideas and now wants me to try this fodmap diet for a few weeks, basically most diary, gluten , and so on products, so this morning a bowl of corn flakes and almond milk, wasnt to bad
  22. So Bitty 1200 ton is going to be a short day compared to what you have done, how is the not having to milk cows going? Still a lot of herds being offered for sale each week,
  23. I see the semis are Meyer we are 3 miles from the factory,
  24. local repair guy sells the karcher make, i understood that they were made over in europe, netherlands? around 6k for a larger one.
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