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  1. well returned call to the hair cutting lady this morning, asked if we are all going to die? she cut my hair on Friday, wanted to be ahead of the mask mandate in our state, she said she started getting sick on Saturday, bad headache, and so tired, also loss of taste but tummy still hungry, today she is feeling better but tired, her husband works for the village they live in now he has to stay in also. hopes to draw unemployment, she said if she doesn't get sick then reopen in 10 days, also has another lady about 35 years old that works there , she also has to stay home, however her husband is a fda meat inspector he has to go no matter what, my hair cutter I think is in her middle 50.s and looks to be in good shape, then got a call from the county health department, I knew what was coming, as of last Friday now I am supposed to stay home, however other family members can come and go as they please, doesn't make a lot of sense, did ask if I need a work note, didn't think the cows would understand, so the last 5 days she never asked about, I could of been anywhere, its the next week she was concerned about, and of course if a person should not start feeling well, also 100 to 500 dollar fine can be imposed. so far so good.
  2. gee maybe I will get out of milking cows a few times? when I had my hip problem in 2015, I was put out of commission for 42 days, brand new replacement dislocated 3 times in first week, got a different model a week later, with an abduction brace, didn't enjoy the time off either,
  3. well this will be interesting, just got call from my hair cutting lady, she has been diagnosed with covid, was there a week ago, got to call her back tomorrow, I have been there twice since reopening up and both times she was masked up, small shop, whoopee!
  4. so last Thursday night went to a towns meeting, first off probably less than half of the regular guys were there, most town guys are older, then I noticed all the county people form marathon county wearing there masks, probably less than a 1/4 of us were wearing masks, funny part was when one of the county people wanted to talk down came the mask, so what good did it do to sit there for 2 hours all covered up and then pull it down when you speak, it all just doesn't make sense to me lately, it seems that if you think you could be at risk then staying at home would be the safer choice?
  5. hey chadd thanks for the shart, we also had a larger dairy farm in the area, now out of business, they used to rake with 3 farmall a.s and 258 rakes,
  6. radio was saying Sturgis is coming up expect 250k people in a week
  7. neighbor lady told me yhat at their catholic church this morning and its a small church masks were handed out and you were to wear it,
  8. 40 years ago we had an h with the 9 speed transmission, well then I didn't appreciate all that much and of course it got sold, not realizing 40 years later, I would be interested again. same thing with nice mta. needed money bad for 1066 motor, guy seen it in the shop made good offer thought well I will get another one, 30 years later still no mta,
  9. went to local lumber yard this morning, sign up about state mandate to wear mask. next to that sign another sign we are not enforcing it , just about all the sheriffs depts. are not going to enforce it either, I am sure that next week there will be a challenge to this mandate,
  10. so our governor has mandated masks be worn all the time with few exceptions, most county sheriffs have been on t.v. and will not enforce the mandate. a day before it even started, I understand there will ne a new judge taking over next week he figures she might vote his way when challenged
  11. so I have been looking this up what is the 7 mph gear that people talk about? is that the super m 4th gear?
  12. what would the the difference in speeds be between a super m 4th gear and a straight m. the reason was we were raking with the new Holland 258 today and just a little more speed would be nice, and also if you have a mta with a t.a. is that faster than a super m in 4th> thanks
  13. yes and all day talk radio was talking about the 2 women that attacked a senator I believe he was in Madison wis. one was a social worker in mount horeb school district the other one is a physical therapist in Madison, I understand they really roughed the guy up they turned then selves in, I think the school one is suspended for now
  14. pt756


    I also started using the product sometimes instead of sand blasting, question is I have always brushed on. I see comments about spraying it, what do you reduce it with?
  15. question are the accumulators stll available or is there a retrofit?
  16. dealer has a nice 648 it has net wrap and is a silage special. what we have now is our old dependable 848 chain baler, 648 is a belt baler , we were kind of thinking of a 740 or a 7060. any experience with the 648 out there? our 48 is twine and that takes a while plus in the short second crop grass the chain baler doesn't do quite as well thanks
  17. thanks for replies the reason is we still need a grease gun and am leaning toward the 20 volt dewalt, we like a lot of guys have quite a few of 18 volt tools and don't get used a lot, there was a kit for sale from dewalt at napa , 20 volt grease gun and a impact driver that was a bare tool, for about 250. last month they would trade in a broken cordless grease gun and sell you the kit for 200. our Lincoln 14.4 volt greae guns have served us well but are getting up there in age,
  18. anybody try one? guy at Fastenal said a few guys are using the adaptor on their 18 volt tools with a 20 volt battery about 75 dollars?
  19. wayne from wis. actually he is the tech guy that takes care of the township computuers, thanks for replies
  20. I guess what the clerk had said that if the treasurer would change something she would not know? I think Lorenzo summed it up, kind of which my very limited knowledge of computers it shouldn't be done. it guy did say you could get a virus, I think the clerks computer has been updated to windows 10, there was a grant awhile ago, not sure of treasurers, we probably only have 20 to 30 bills a month, small township, most of the problem is probably personal as is in most of these small town governments. I guess the treasurer doesn't like the word no. thanks
  21. help there kind of a off question, recently at one of our town board meetings, the new treasurer wants to take the thumbdrive of flashdrive out of the clerks computer and put in hers, she claims it will help her reconcile the books easier, the township uses quickbooks for their financials, well they tried it one time and it didn't go so well, so what I am asking and I don't know diddly squat about these things, is it a good idea to exchange these flashdrives or thimbdrives, also the clerks computer is supposed to be a secure computer because of the election stuff on it, I know there are guys on here that are very good with these things , thanks for your patience and help. rather talk about tractor stuff, instead but thuis has caused a lot of friction between the two,
  22. pt756

    756 weight ?

    going to weigh it after different tires are on they are 18.4 x 38 firestone radials. they are used, were on a outside set of duals, customer traded them in on a bill. new price around here is 1075 a tire, used price will be about 900, estimate a less that 1/8 of an inch off, probably doesn't make sense can but a new set of BKTs for 850 a tire, new firestones are almost 3oo more per tire in this area,
  23. pt756

    756 weight ?

    got around to weighing the 756 german diesel yesterday, 10, 6oo pounds , fluid in 16.9 by 38 inch tires, no cab, was just curious as we are planning to switch to 18,4 by 38 tires . trying to avoid reusing the fluid.
  24. another question bias vs radial will there be much difference on a small tractor like the 756, and if no fluid would the radial be better?
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