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  1. we have found less problems with heater using kerosene, plus smell is way down,
  2. here in central wis. we have a couple of good movers, have hired them myself, a couple of times, like it was said they have the beams, blocking and its neat to watch all the jacks work from on location, its amazing what those guys can do and how many tons they can move and transport,
  3. i remember when the 8000 came out, local dealer sold a bunch of them, for around 8000 dollars new back then, we had a chance to but a new 9600 with cab for 13,500 later on but had to pass on it back then, still like that style, still a lot of them here in central wis. Cherokee Garage was the dealer back then, was quite a step up compared to the old 6000,
  4. we are finally watching the series called yellow stone, given to us last christmas, i knew it has been on tv before just never watched it, seems very interesting ,
  5. guy commented earlier he didnt want to brag but he has enough money where he doesnt have to work the rest of the year,
  6. was at local lumber yard yesterday, guy that waits on me is 60, told him what i had done, said he is scheduled for feb. had it recently, got into his eye, a trip to eye doctor every day, was on top of his head, said it felt like needles being pushed in ,
  7. what i can add is there are so may variations, must be how they read their bible, here in central wis, we got some of the most backward groups to some of the most progressive people, all the way from no electricity to cnc,s in their fab shops and everything inbetween . all in a 20 mile circle, often wondered how one group can be so different from another group
  8. Hello, any of you ever had the shingles? i know of at least 3 close guys i know had it and they suffered, one even got it in his eye, been thinking about the Shingris shot for a long time, postpones it at least 3 times, finally today got the first dose, kind of got a little sore arm out of it, but the pain i saw these guys go thru, couldnt even put a shirt on, had to have pain medication, i am going to be 65 in less than a month anyway, they claim once past 50 you are eligible,
  9. Hello there, i have a 029 stihl farm boss, probably 30 years old, however usually only cut firewood for shop, lately it has been acting up, you can grab it off of the floor give it a few pulls will start right up and seems to run fine if you keep it going at higher rpms doesnt seem to want to idle down well, will start to flood itself out ? then after it dies it wont start, wait awhile, clean up some then it might go again, awhile back the compression was checked, guy said 60 pounds, however at high speeds it runs well and a person can cut a lot of wood, after about a half of tank then it wants to rest, could it be somehting electrical getting warm? or a carb problem? I did finally buy a different saw, a 63 cc efco, like to keep the stihl going , once in awhile you get a saw pinched in a tree, nice to have a backup. thanks
  10. been watching the equipment facts auctions in wis the last couple of days, one was hennesey and the other was tesch, there were some really strong prices on the lower houred tractors, if i remember right a 7700 jd with only 900 hours 150 k
  11. hey guys finally after milking tonight felt ambitious put new light switch on problem solved, thanks, the old one sur looked good and did turn on a couple of the lights but not all of them,
  12. i was surprised at price also, dont remember them being 61 dollars before.
  13. i looked agin , it is a new switch from case ih having a hard time finding the word bat, but will look again, had to go and milk cows at the time, thanks again
  14. i am not very good with electrical problems but i get by just barely, i think the light switch is bad now, we have replaced all the lights with leds, so we do have less trouble, question i have is, on the switch how can you know which tab is the main power tab? it looks to me that the very top one is the main power tab? thanks,
  15. was at fire board tonight. Colby wis. got hit pretty good Stanley and the Greenwood area along Hy 73 there must of been a tornado, i fell asleep at 10 p.m they said storm was moving at 80 miles an hour, have not heard of any injuries, but listening to the volunteers about doing the accidents in the fog, drivers are nuts the way they drive, no regard for the fog which you couldnt see a car length in front of you, lots of close call,
  16. should be interesting here in central wis, tornado watch out for our area, so whats going on to the west, looks like minn. getting it now, we just plowed snow all day saturday, really foggy out, local fire dept had lots of calls today,
  17. so what is this extension? it isnt the way the 66 series is where you just loosen the 2 wing nuts, have not heard of this before,
  18. we had the injectors out of the 756 awhile ago, repair guy said they are a little more work to get out, mentioned a sleeve that could be a problem, on a different note i asked earlier about water intake aluminum manifold was able to find one, so when the pumps cant be fixed anymore, then what? a 360 or a 312 maybe, i just like the small frame. while not practical for a 20 foot wagon full of silage, on a dairy farm making hay it still has a place.
  19. it seems like in our area a lot of mennonites from out east are the ones doing the rebuilding, was a bunch that moved to clark county over the years. lots of repair shops for just about everything, wasnt like that before they started their migration to our area, at least 6 very good fabrication shops within 10 miles and all are busy, several good tractor repair shops also.
  20. just was reading a post from local car dealer, saying that used cars right now going thru auction are bringing more than when they sold new a couple of years ago, finding out now about price increases, our 7 by 9 garage door is 33 years old, gets a lot of use, been repaired a couple of times, called the guy, said they have doubled in price, wonder how long this will keep up? or will it go even higher?
  21. just recently had starter on 1066 redone, as said earlier since going to starter shops so far we have never had to buy on, last repair the ammeter needle was going down when starting, suspected, solenoid, could not get it off at home, finally took whole starter to repair shop, first time repair guy said the solenoid was wierd on the inside, took apart turned the armature , fixed it overnight 112 dollars, we have benefited from the guys moving here to wis. from out east,
  22. although i will be turning 65 in the middle of january will be nice not to have to endure all those medicare adds, should end today? also do you guys that are on it carry the supplement? been looking into it. appointment is on dec. 28th. for my not so big ss check and medicare which will help out more than anything else,
  23. is that the loader that fits a boxcar magnum 4 wheel drive 7120, was really cold plowing snow today with the 856 no cab, or windbreaker, was nice during summer though. thanks
  24. are complete 3 point available if you want to change from fast hitch? what about cost, did one 20 years ago probably was cheaper then?
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