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  1. y Yes that is the one. Probable paid to much but it is in really good shape. It was the last piece i needed to make everything IH.
  2. The weather finally cooperated. Got the spreader 2 years ago , had it on for 3 months and never could use it. Just got the 4140, boy is that nice. Always used a loader tractor( 1456/ 2350) before. Dueto heath problems I sold the cows so was not pressed to haul. ( Fully recovered and ready to buy some calves.) Now to get ready for oats.
  3. About 5 years ago a farm in N. central Kansas sold on Big Iron or auction time a 4300, 4100 and a 4156. The 4300 went for around 75,000, the 4100 and 4156 went for 9-10,000 each. The auction rep said they all went to the same person. I had to wait 2 more years to get a 4156.
  4. Thanks for the info. I will try to keep it as original as possible and not worry about the sound to much. If the radio is shot that is q different story. I think I will do the box myself.,. Thanks again
  5. Bought an old 756 that had a radio on it (IH). Had the tractor restored and now would like to get the radio back on it. It would need cleaned and checked out and the box painted. Any suggestions on a restorer. I could probably do the box but did not know if someone does the whole thing.
  6. ihc56fan

    445 baler

    Thanks for all of the ideas. Making other adjustments probably won't and did not make it worse. We think that the twine is either not held in the right path or not holding tight enough.. We tightened up the twine end retaining spring. to match the good knotter. On this back side is where I get the rats nest like it is pulling the twine and not holding. Waiting for some dry weather to cut and try again. Going to empty chamber and run dry. Will try the bunge chord to replicate a bale. Thanks
  7. ihc56fan

    445 baler

    good question. I don't know. I will post some pictures in the next day or so. Thanks
  8. ihc56fan

    445 baler

    had problems last year. Twine discs were very worn so I put on new ones this spring. When we figured out it was not cutting we tried a bigger knife. It would cut occationally but not often. I think ( I know dangerous) That the twine is not getting held in the right position. Also when it cuts or pulls the twine there is a rats nest , like teasing hair on the back side of the disc. Looking in the manual it looks like there is a spring to hold the disc closer together. I have not adjusted this until I have an idea that it won't make it worse. Any suggestions are welcome.
  9. Thanks for the info. I think I will go with as many originals as I can find.
  10. Getting ready to finish up a 756. Kind of an after thought about getting a new set of sheet metal bolts. I thought I saw an add years ago where you could get sets for specific tractors. I see Steiner has bolts so I could just tally up each kind and go that way. I have a number of IH stamped bolts, but probably not enough of each kind. Just getting ideas from others who restore tractors. Thanks
  11. My 756 diesel wants to slowly go to the left. In a half mile I have turned the steering wheel 2 complete turns a little at a time. I am thinking internal hydraulic leak. Before I tear into the orbit motor or the power steering pump I want to know the best way to determine which it is.. Thanks
  12. My grandfather bought the 1256 new in 69. It was the tractor that got me started on getting more 56's.
  13. The overkill oats hauler. All other tractors had something attached to them!
  14. Here are some videos and photos that I promised!
  15. i combined 5 acres of oats. (worst oats crop in 35 years. wet to late and then dry to long after planting) My son took pictures and a video of it running. He will post for me so they will becoming..This is not a very big small grain area. My son and I cut out the old rusty auger troughs and welded in new sheet metal. Put a new Feeder house chain( sprockets go on next year if I can find some.) Only had to replace one bearing(yeah). Got the pickup head in S. Dakota . Had to redo the drive from the right side to the left for the offset platform.
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