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  1. 1086 brakes

    no pedals both rock hard no hyd assist feel , have tried it with a 300 bu cart on a creek crossing probably 30* and holds fine you can feel the hyd pushing back , but running pto at pto speed it gets a engine off hard pedal feel , my 966 had no isssues brush hogging backing down same hills , Greg
  2. 1086 brakes

    some time ago I brought up when backing down a steep hill brushogging I have little to no brakes..... steering ta etc fine , this is like a 45* hill , so in using a blade on same hill backing down brakes are fine , I have it 5 gal over full all the time and brakes hold great until pto is being used with nose up a pretty steep hill at pto speed , any ideas ,,, Greg
  3. Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    I have a 99 24v , vp44 , on mine ecm sends signal to run lift pump , thinking that on this truck itis in tank fuel module not on block behind vp44 like mine , ecm sees crank signal and runs pump for a prescribed amount of time and if oil pressure isn't ok at that time turns off
  4. 5400 soybean special

    well in looking around at other comments if the 5400 doesn't plant population wise better than a 5100 or other drills I will have to keep going the way I am , Greg
  5. 5400 soybean special

    looking at several that are too wide , was they made 10 ft ? smallest I have seen has been 15 ft here in mo ,,,, guessing they will plant milo ? things to look for same as cyclo planter row unit wise ? any experience would be much appreciated ....... Greg
  6. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    searched for this product and all in Canada ?
  7. Vp44 injection pump rebuild?

    usually 1200 here installed , x3 lift pump fass direct replacement here , my first was at 120k now 180k so far so good..... Greg
  8. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    ya monoxide detectors on all floors smoke alarms the same , large extinguisher by fireplace and garage smaller in kitchen , what stumps most sweeps I have talked too is its the first 3 sections of tile that are the worst also firebox , upper 20' takes little cleaning all of flue tile concrete and stone is inside room except top 6' , the first part of it should be hottest correct ? will try to bring infra red home next week and see , seems plenty warm its heating near 4000 sq ft 6 degrees outside 15 mph north wind , 82 in here lol ,,,,,,,,,Greg
  9. flu fires always in the back of my mind

    by tight I meant I can shut it down and kill a fire in smoke chamber I do run it pretty hot when I am here , I do blame a lot on beattle killed oaks during summer still having sap in tree , it stands dead a year or 2 then cut and split on stack for 2 yrs , this all started 10 yrs ago dead trees and creosote , Greg
  10. cant help but worry , have never had a bad one , smoke chamber has been burning before and its pretty un nerving , I have a new air fireplace that burns 36" wood think its 300,000 , its a very sealed unit and that makes it develop a lot of creosote , flue is 13x13 clay about 30' tall surrounded by concrete block 2' all way around , box is 10' wide 12' high and 4' deep , I burn it hot as I can and use only white and black oak split on stack for 3 years , I use the anti creosoot spray and it helps , anyone else battle this ? I try to rotary clean every 20 to 30 days but with cold snaps like this its hard to wait a day for cool down to clean , guess with age comes paranoid lol , Greg
  11. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    remember lol yep deer season 17 in driveway with great grandmas black kettle and press , pie crust to die for ,,, Greg
  12. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    had pizza tonight !!!!!!!! will see how it effects , crust is made of ground cauliflower , shallots green pepper black olives and mushroom , no sugar sauce and small amount of Canadian bacon it was really good really , came from diabetic living , my research leads me to staying away from processed fats ? a small amount of real butter ok stay away from margarine and cooking oils other than olive oil , I will be seeing a specialist soon also . the potatoes and pasta keep calling my name though !!!!!!! Greg
  13. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    I agree IHDONNIE , last night had to have a steak , put a prime rib rub on it and pan fried in olive oil , did spaghetti squash with pesto sauce and both had real taste , grapes and almonds for desert , 2 hrs later 131 this morning 103 , been having couple eggs and wheat toast and a tiny bit of apple butter for breakfast sugar is less than a bowl of bran flakes ...... Greg
  14. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    been eating a orange of apple when I have steak or chops as a desert , grapes and or almonds as a snack been from 100 to 140 2 hrs after meal , have been waking up with a headache about 4 or 5 am never thought too check sugar but couple hr later its 100 to 110 ,,,,,Greg
  15. first time diabetic nice to meet you

    don't know my A1C number but it meant my average for last 3 mo was 200 , I was just tested in may and was perfect ,,,,, was trying the all salad and lean meat stir fry , thinking I will try small portions of real food and no sugar , did anyone notice eyesight changes at same time ? my reading distance got worse at time that night bathroom trips started , I know its not the end just don't want what my dad has he was rejected when he was called up for Vietnam at 19 and ignored it till 50's his nerve pain is a 10 of 10 almost all the time oxy's don't work anymore , morphine no longer now on methadone , still cant take it , Greg