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  1. 421malibu

    Soybeans replant

    had same issue along with a lot of others they didn't get deep enough to get moisture , I went back in with cyclo and they came great went near 2'" we had only 1/2" rain in past 2 weeks after replant , you should get replant for free if treated or $15 if un treated , I have a bad feeling about our moisture future this season , windy and 100 degrees in near future
  2. 421malibu

    Appliance parts

    appliance parts pro's x3 , great service , have got jennair , Kenmore , ge and others website has service bulletins , wiring diagrams and great tech line ,,,, Greg ps warehouses all over usually had mine next day
  3. 421malibu

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    so if any of you guys has these tools that you don't need anymore I am interested in a loaner or purchase , otherwise I will make them , going to be my winter project thanks,,,,, Greg
  4. 421malibu

    1486 ac

    x2 txv , case ih has one for 134 if you have retro'd , mine runs mid 30's low and around 230 high on a hot humid day at above 1200 rpm , I have always charged by suction line temp at compressor , its a feel thing but around 40 degrees and add 1/4 lb , sre people will argue but with no scale and retro to 134 and no exact amount required its what I have done for years ,, Greg
  5. 421malibu

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    the 15-566-6 and -7 ?
  6. 421malibu

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    pics would be great , manual doesn't have a good pic thanks
  7. 421malibu

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    procedure pretty simple , looks like I will be making my version of that tool ,,,, Greg tool # 15=566=6 and 15-566-7
  8. 421malibu

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    just received my ih service manual for my 800 cyclo , and was wondering if anyone has made the tram gauge tool that mounts to drum shaft to measure manifold to drum clearance and shaft to firewall clearance , my local dealers cant seem to find to borrow , haven't done any measuring yet but was thinking 2 carpenter squares attached together at the inside dia of drum and clamped to drum flange , I know my shaft is not square and needs the bearing , also put a manifold on it so thinking gap to drum may be my milo pop issue , Greg
  9. 421malibu

    opinions on bean replant

    I went in this morning and hit the bad spots of Johnson grass and cocklebur with max of gly and oil with 4 wheeler and a 15' tip , will see my options on another pre mix pass , over night some of cocklebur was turning yellow from first pass guessing ..... Greg
  10. 421malibu

    opinions on bean replant

    usually I plant much higher pop shooting for 150 to 160 surviving , but in past years bpa has been dropping and locals have been dropping pop and doing much better just looks like half a crop compared to past , going to see what it looks like in couple days , just never remember almost 3 weeks for a full stand ... Greg
  11. 421malibu

    opinions on bean replant

    so ground was cool and a little wet , worked anyway had to go over extra pass in between got hot and windy so fluffy and dry , should have waited butttttt , so only 25% emerged in first week then no rain for 2 weeks , got couple inches and now others are starting to come , (just breaking surface ) looking at it today maybe 80% of 140 k will be up next couple days , the pre emerge was hit and miss without rain so will be going back with a stiff dose of roundup , and probably hit it again in a month or so , they are drilled , so stay the course and see what happens or try to inter seed some ? start over ? thinking replant seed is 10$ a bag / 24 ac and pre chem was 975 , thanks never have had this dilemma with beans , Greg.........
  12. 421malibu

    A/c discharge air temp

    thinking when I got my 1086 there was a option at case ih to get a txv that was for retro 134 systems , I flushed , replaced dryer and txv and charged till I had a good cold suction line at compressor , on the hottest days I never have it on full cold , and fan on low , never put a thermometer in duct but it fogs windshield so you have to use wiper on a sunny 90 degree day , pressures are 190 and 27 ,,, Greg
  13. 421malibu

    Who Makes A Good Refrigerator?

    my last ge artica lasted 16 years , word of caution I ended up with another ge with just artica ice maker from box store in a emergency and its not half the true artica ,,,, Greg
  14. 421malibu

    1086 brakes

    no pedals both rock hard no hyd assist feel , have tried it with a 300 bu cart on a creek crossing probably 30* and holds fine you can feel the hyd pushing back , but running pto at pto speed it gets a engine off hard pedal feel , my 966 had no isssues brush hogging backing down same hills , Greg
  15. 421malibu

    1086 brakes

    some time ago I brought up when backing down a steep hill brushogging I have little to no brakes..... steering ta etc fine , this is like a 45* hill , so in using a blade on same hill backing down brakes are fine , I have it 5 gal over full all the time and brakes hold great until pto is being used with nose up a pretty steep hill at pto speed , any ideas ,,, Greg