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  1. It's a different tractor as far as power is concerned. The combine engine is maybe mid 40's for hp. I will hook it up to the dyno this spring and have a better idea. It's a strong runner, about the only thing I use it for is my hay elevator, discing the horse riding arena and the kid antique pulls it twice a year. It's got a very short intake manifold and is extremely cold blooded, the carb on it is almost the size of one on an M, so it's kind of sensitive on the lower end of the rpm band. Which speaking of that is about 1000 rpm over what a stock 113/123 in a C is, so it really cranks. I don't run it that fast very much, so it's not that big of a deal but it really scoots in 4th. Yes, I took the hydra touch off, because I figured I would never use it and wanted to complicate the project by having to buy more parts. I could have just left it on the motors aren't any different in that respect. The one thing removing the hydraulics gave me was room to fab in my M&W Dry Type Air Cleaner, that I had laying around. I have seen others just add a cone filter to the end of the carb, but I decided to go this route, with the help of some 806 gas intake piping. The oil filter was what came on it from the 105 combine, I don't know much more than that.
  2. I had a fellow member and Wisconsinite guide me through this relatively easy engine swap. I took a 105 combine motor and put it in a Farmall C. I promised I would post a couple of pictures, not that the tractor is anything special, to help explain how I did a couple of things, like the air cleaner/intake piping, lower radiator piping, and top radiator/thermostat housing modification (I don't have a picture of that yet.). Not really sure anything that I did is better than what anyone else did, but it's how I figured it would work the best for me.
  3. I have done a bunch of research with the help of a bunch of people on this site and a couple others like pulloff and yesterdaystractor and decided that my budget build this year is going to be a DT360 into a gas 706. My budget is $4000 (not including general maintenance items or items that you would buy or have to buy regardless) and I have almost everything needed, I think. Here are a couple of pics and I will update the post when more progress is made. (Sorry for the picture quality, the camera lens must have been dirty.)
  4. That's a factory IH turbo manifold for a 282, that's been converted to naturally aspirated. Good find. Get a turbo, fab up some oil lines, mod the air cleaner system, and you will be hearing the whistle!
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