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  1. I rotated the tires on mine this winter and drove it around a little with out the duals on. It felt very tippy- a lot of weight on 4 18.4-38 tires. Just from the little bit I drove it around I wouldn’t want to use it with out duals when it is set narrow.
  2. Mine has 18.4 38 on it. When I bought it was set for 36” rows all I did to switch to 30” rows was switch the wheels side to side. And yes those hubs can be fun to manhandle.
  3. On my 9130 row crop they are all 8 the same with the large 10 bolt hub. I would think a 92 would be the same?
  4. The one I have is a magnum drawbar out of a 7140.
  5. We are by Canby. Still a few diamond in the roughs around.
  6. I am in SWMN so not real close.
  7. Where are you located? I have one laying in the shed I would part with.
  8. 706 German


    I am going to leave everything how it is except the seat, I will keep it but this truck is going to be used a little so I want a little better seat.
  9. What year is yours. Looks nice.
  10. 706 German


    Thanks everyone. I am pretty excited about.
  11. 706 German


    So the history with this truck is it was an over the road truck from 85 to 93 then was turned into a tow truck. From 1993 till 2016 it had 60,000 miles put on it. In 2016 it had the wrecker chassis pulled and they put a plate back on it. Digging through everything I got with it I found the book from 93 that has all the in and out mileage and every bit of maintenance that has been done from 93 till 2016. In the last 5 years it has had less than 1000 put on it.
  12. 706 German


    400 Cummins with a 13 speed
  13. 706 German


    So I posted this on the truck forum also but I feel really fortunate to have been able to pick this truck up so I thought I would post some pictures here also. It is a 1985 with 483,000 miles and everything is clean and works. It came with the original owners manuals for the truck, engine, transmission, and even radio.
  14. Just bought one and wondering what makes it a super eagle and what years they were produced. I will add more pictures once I get it cleaned up some. Thanks
  15. I have a 230 IH that you could have. Hasn’t been run in 15ish years but was always under a roof until last fall.
  16. I am going to end up marrying the 806 and a 1066 support together to get what I need.
  17. That is what I am going to end up doing. Just holding out for the needle in the haystack still.
  18. In addition to the frame rail/hood issue you will need to move the bottom bung on the radiator over. What I did was took a bottom bung from a radiator off a 1086 and had a good radiator shop braze it on. Worked pretty well. I used a 766 gas air filter housing and welded the support from a 1066 to the bottom of it. Also cut the back side off the 1066 air filter housing and welded it on the 766 housing so I could use the 1066 hose to the turbo. With using the 766 gas filter housing the intake was in the proper spot to use a 806 gas hose to go from the filter housing to the front support. I used a 1066 fan without the spacer, not sure if I am going to put a shroud in or not. I used a 806 diesel fuel tank and just had to trim the seam where it meets the back of the head. I used throttle linkage from a 1066 and custom made it to mount on the back of the block to cross over to the other side. Any other questions let me know.
  19. One other note is my donor tractor started as an 806 LP.
  20. This has been a year long project as I have time and I am down to making the front tank support and I will be done. It is not the hardest thing to do, but definitely more than just slap it together, if you want it to look nice when done.
  21. I got the engine plate fro Ed Leaman. The plate is top notch quality. I can save you some headaches and tell you that you will still need to lengthen the frame rails and hoods. The only way you can get away with out extending the frame rails would be to use 806 gas frame rails and an 66 series back plate. Mine is set up so that in the event that I find a 1026/1456 hood it will bolt on. I am not holding my breath for that tho.
  22. You mean you want to do this?
  23. I have a 7140 2 speed reverser that was a terp tractor 10 years ago. We patched the block and kept using it. Tractor currently has 10,000 hours on it and about 400 hours ago we completely went through the powershift and put a longblock in it. The same time I replaced the front bolster with a good used one and replaced the radiator. No doubt in my mind that it had a rough life in Texas. I have every intention of getting another 10,000 out of it.
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