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  1. Finished cultivating today.
  2. 706 German

    1066 Hydro

    At one time we had 3. Two of them came from factory with out three points. Still have 1.
  3. First field of corn looks good.
  4. Drove home my latest purchase.
  5. Probably can’t see it in the picture but it has continentals on the front and I bought new Mitas in the same tread time match for the back. The ones on the front are a few years old and have a fair amount of stubble damage but very little bar wear. They clean out and pull very well. I paid $860 for the last 2 I bought. This fall I am going to be switching the tires on the 7140 from 20.8 38 and 18.4 26 to 18.4 42 and 14.9 30 and will be going with all Mitas.
  6. I carry 500 gallons of 28% on the front of the tractor it handles it nice. I know it is a extremely overkill but you use what you got.
  7. Beautiful conditions here
  8. How’d it run? Mine is still in pieces.
  9. You will probably beat me done.
  10. Had 1 hour on it since we completely went through the powershift. Just got it running about an hour ago.
  11. A bit over kill for 8 row but works good with the liquid.
  12. If you going to use 1066 frame rails you will have to put spacers on the front end in between the bolster. If you plan on using the existing radiator you will need to move the bottom bung to the other side.
  13. I looked at milling the original plate down but when we measured it we would have hit hollow spots so opted not to.
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