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  1. Wondering opinions on them?
  2. Mine was slow and hard shifting also. Getting spendy now. Odd clutch pack had low pressure and the shift valve needed to be rebuilt.
  3. Just a plain 806 lp. I don’t feel bad using it for my project then.
  4. Finally got a chance to take a picture of the serial number.
  5. I looked at the tag but can’t remember what it said. I will get a picture of it tomorrow. I pulled the lp tank off the front already and thought it was neat that the bolts holding it on had IH stamped on them.
  6. I recently bought an 806 lp. I have zero interest in it being an lp so it is going to get a 414 transplant. Anyhow after getting it home and looking it over I discovered it to be a 63 model. It has one factory 806 lp emblem and serial number to match but appears to have came with the lp tank out front from factory. Maybe it isn’t that unusual but I have never seen one like that. The only picture I have is not very good.
  7. I just finished this project and thought I would post some pictures of it. It had spun #4 rod bearing and had some pretty severe scoring. Ended up grinding the crank bore and sleeving #4 and #6 holes in the block due to cavitation and completely redoing the head. Got to be a big project but it turned out really well. This is the first 66 series that I have had that the a/c blows cold and the factory radio works. It’s even got an 8 track player. Enjoy.
  8. Not a lot different. The 3488 is fully restored with a fresh out of frame. The 186 is in nice shape as well. The only one that really gets used is a 10 on a loader.
  9. Speaking of hydros... we have 3 1066 hydros a 186, 3488 and 2 656 hydros 1 gas 1 diesel.
  10. We run daycab Mack’s at work. 360 hp Mack motor 10 speed 190 wb with 40 foot aluminum air ride trailers. Combination weighs right at 24,000. We have a guy that comes in with a 46 foot triaxle cornhusker and a 07 9200 with a c12 and a 10 speed super singles all the way around weighs 25,000. It is bare bones.
  11. 706 German

    5488 MFWD

    Is it possible to put a magnum front end in place of the old style MFWD. We bought one off an auction and the front end is shelled out. Just wondering if it possible. Thanks
  12. 60 miles east of me. Let me know if you need help.
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