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  1. I just finished this project and thought I would post some pictures of it. It had spun #4 rod bearing and had some pretty severe scoring. Ended up grinding the crank bore and sleeving #4 and #6 holes in the block due to cavitation and completely redoing the head. Got to be a big project but it turned out really well. This is the first 66 series that I have had that the a/c blows cold and the factory radio works. It’s even got an 8 track player. Enjoy.
  2. Not a lot different. The 3488 is fully restored with a fresh out of frame. The 186 is in nice shape as well. The only one that really gets used is a 10 on a loader.
  3. Speaking of hydros... we have 3 1066 hydros a 186, 3488 and 2 656 hydros 1 gas 1 diesel.
  4. We run daycab Mack’s at work. 360 hp Mack motor 10 speed 190 wb with 40 foot aluminum air ride trailers. Combination weighs right at 24,000. We have a guy that comes in with a 46 foot triaxle cornhusker and a 07 9200 with a c12 and a 10 speed super singles all the way around weighs 25,000. It is bare bones.
  5. 706 German

    5488 MFWD

    Is it possible to put a magnum front end in place of the old style MFWD. We bought one off an auction and the front end is shelled out. Just wondering if it possible. Thanks
  6. 60 miles east of me. Let me know if you need help.
  7. The HTA contract is a great tool, but the problem is most elevators have fees associated with doing htas. The further out you go the more the fee which generally eats up most of whatever basis improvement you would have gained. We typically see guys doing htas 10-12 months ahead for new crop(dec) corn with the intention of capturing an improved basis. If basis doesn’t improve they roll them to March or May and see what happens.
  8. Basis contract- so a basis contract is a way for the farmer to pick up a few cents locking basis when the local market demands the grain with out locking the futures. Typically for us the best time is after harvest, around holidays, or in September before harvest starts. You can roll basis contracts but from my experience it very seldom works. There is a lot more to them but I hate typing on my phone. One thing to remember with basis is it is attached to delivery- meaning what month you lock basis is the month you deliver unless you roll the contract. For example our local market has 3 different delivery periods(basis’s) against the September futures for first half of August they are bidding -.32 for last half of August -.30 and for September -.28. So if a farmer thought that the futures market was going to rally he could lock the -.28 for September and leave the futures open and try to pick up the futures rally. Hta contracts- Hedge to arrive- so with a hedge to arrive the farmer is locking the futures price and leaving the basis open. Hta’s can be used any time the farmer likes the futures price. Htas are a lot more fluid and can be typically rolled cheap. For example if a farmer likes the futures price (cbot) for December but doesn’t like the basis he could lock the futures and leave the basis open. Any time after the farmer locks futures he can set basis but the month he picks for setting basis(delivery) has to be traded against the month he has the futures set for. I know it is getting muddy now. There are only certain futures(cbot) months traded for corn September, December, March, May, and July. That’s where the contracts work together. Like I said I hate typing on my phone. Signed, Grain merchandiser from SWMN. I can try to answer questions if they are asked. Also I started out as the sap dumping trucks.
  9. 706 German

    Strip Till

    We use a Krause 1205 8-30 mounted on a 440 quad with a 2300 air cart behind. It works best at about 7 mph.
  10. That’s what happens when you side draw steel bins. We removed all of our side taps at work just for this reason.
  11. I normally don't post very often but I can weigh in on this topic. I turned 30 in February. February 8th I had aortic valve replacement which was my third open heart surgery. My first surgery was 12 years ago followed by my second surgery 10 years ago. I am plagued with heart issues ranging from leaking to hardening to rhythm issues. I have 4 wonderful kids and I am as active as anybody I know. I work full time at a grain elevator and farm on the side. My cardiologist wants my to be as active as I can and I have zero restrictions. I enjoy running and yesterday morning I ran 5.5 miles. With all of that being said it is what you make of it, don't over do it but keep working at it. Best of luck to you and I hope you have good recovery.
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