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  1. 36 foot 2062 same thing as a 974 macdon on a 2188 I will never go back to an auger head again.
  2. The one on the front of my 9370 was painted at one time. I am guessing that is what it is off.
  3. I have 2, both 660 clones. The first one I bought as a kit and put it together. If I remember correctly it only took 3-4 hours to put together. I put a different piston and better rings in right from the get go. The saw started right up and ran great. I used it for about a year of occasional use. Then last winter a friend of mine wanted to use it to cut up some big trees, it has a 36” bar on it, and it locked up. I got it broke loose and tried getting it started but no go. I took out the spark plug and can see some scoring so I am thinking it is low on compression. Saw number 2 came because I was lacking ambition with to many projects going on so I ordered the “pro” version and it came put together. So far it has been a good saw, I run a 24” bar on it. Saw number 2 doesn’t seem to have the power saw 1 had but that might be the reason saw 1 doesn’t run anymore, thinking it was running a bit lean. Overall I think they are a good buy for occasional use but I wouldn’t rely on them for everyday.
  4. I run all Mitas tires on my field tractors. Have Firestone radials on the yard and haying tractors they seem to last well. I will not run a 23 degree bar tire in the field on my ground all they do is ball up. The 30 degree Mitas tires clean out so much better in my conditions.
  5. If you google Castlewood SD tornado it will make you sick.
  6. I had an intake plugged on one side of the road and an open intake on the other side so I improvised.
  7. We got hit pretty good. A lot of bins blown in sheds down. We didn’t have power for 20 hours. Neighbor half a mile away lost his hip roof barn. Completely gone. Blew his livestock trailer over. We faired ok lost some trees had one come down on top of a tractor and our barn is shifted to the east about 10 inches. Blew all the windows out.
  8. I don’t post much but just thought I would share what happened to me the other day. Day started out normal heading to work after doing a few things around the yard and taking the new dog out. Stopped at a stop sign and had a water bottle laying on my passenger seat that rolled on the floor. I remember thinking to myself just leave it alone you don’t need it. Mile and a half down the road instincts took over and I reached down to grab it and felt the pickup lunge to the left as my leg hit the steering wheel. Looked up and I was heading for the ditch. I didn’t roll and I don’t have a scratch on me but I hit the ground hard. They airlifted me to Sioux Falls where they determined I crushed L1 vertebrae in my back. The neuro surgeon elected not to do surgery and sent me home with a fitted back brace for the next 3 months. I am alive and very fortunate that nothing worse happened and I have a great group of friends and family that will put my crop in for me. Moral of the story- I am 35 years old have a wife and 4 kids and granted my life has changed greatly for the short term it could have been over just for a bottle of water. It happens in the blink of an eye. Please be safe.
  9. We still have to get together some day so I can give you the rest of those parts.
  10. I would stick to a a gas motor unless you want to spend a lot of time and money. 706 are to short height wise and length wise for a 400 series with out a fair amount of work. It can be done, but if you want it to look nice it will take a lot of work. The pictures are of my 806 that started as an LP.
  11. I have one but mine is not the take down model. I leave mine in the pickup. I have a red dot with a laser on it. Works excellent for coons, skunks, and other nuisance animals. Will take a picture tomorrow.
  12. So I know it is a poor picture but my 7140 was bubbling out the side of the head gasket right after I rebuilt it also ran it on the dyno and it quit. That was 600 hours ago and I have had no problems since.
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