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  1. 79 Cargostar Dt360 Swap

    I have a complete donor truck, will steal the rear for it if I can make the engine work.
  2. 79 Cargostar Dt360 Swap

    Need some help here boys, I have a propane powered cargostar that I'm tired of feeding propane. I just acquired at running Dt360, I know they never put 360s in cargostars but they did put 466s in them. 1st question- will the lower water pump from a 466 fit a 360? 2nd question- will the lower fan/dampener from a 466 fit a 360?? 3rd question- do I need to do anything to the rear of the engine to mount it? Let me know what you think. thanks!!
  3. Turbo Kit for a d310/358

    Anybody know of one for sale for a 706,756,826? Looking to finish up a project for my dad, he's looking for a lil more power out of his 706. Any input would help. Thanks!!
  4. Give and take word game

    Down trodden
  5. Give and take word game

    Broken deere
  6. 1066 registry

    I figured I'd post up ours also, #37483, my father Keith Cornell is the 2nd owner. Its had a year-a-round since we bought it back in the late 70s. But I assume it started its life as a fender tractor, probably going to end it's life that way also. It doesn't see much use since we stopped milking in '99, it gets out in the summer time for the 40ish acres of hay we make, then gets parked again.
  7. Give and take word game

    Mud pit
  8. List of Serial Numbers being kept track of

    No love for the 706s? I have the SNs for ours if anyone is interested. The NF is one of the last 500 produced.
  9. Give and take word game

    Mule Drive
  10. Give and take word game

    Red power!