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  1. I do this with my phone as well.
  2. My wife’s son, my stepson, just bought himself a new 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV. All electric. He lives in Austin, not too far from us here in the Texas hill country. This past Sunday he came out for a visit so we got to see the car, take a ride with him, and I got to drive it. Wifey didn’t want to drive it. It was a blast to drive. Only the second time I’ve ever driven an electric. Earlier this past Spring one of our neighbors let me drive their Tesla. Stepson said it has a maximum 300 mile range. He owns his own condo so he had an electrician come out to beef up the electric service in his garage to charge it. Not my cup of tea but glad to have had the chance to see it up close and drive it. It looks to be well put together. If we do anything in the future, I think I’d rather get a hybrid instead of a full electric though. Our neighbors a couple doors down have a new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SUV and they love it. I’ve been wanting to get me a new Toyota 4Runner SUV for a long time now, but have been put off by the ludicrous high prices and the unwillingness of the dealers to deal on them. All my adult life, I’ve been successful in negotiating myself a deal to my satisfaction on any brand new vehicle I purchased. I’m going to keep waiting for now and see what happens. I’m not going to feed the sharks and pay sticker or even over sticker for any vehicle. Screw them. But ya anyways, here’s a few pics of that new Chevy Bolt electric EUV when he visited us last Sunday.
  3. Check Anderson Tractor Supply in Bluffton, Ohio. They should also have a website.
  4. “Power never came with so much comfort.” Remember that jingle in the IH 86 series TV commercials when they were brand new? Lol….
  5. Back in the 1980s, I once saw an Avro Vulcan perform a flying demonstration at an airshow in Canada. They didn’t do a barrel roll with it, but it was a very impressive sight and very loud. A B-52G also flew a flight demo, but was no where near as loud as that Vulcan. They also had a Vulcan on static display on the ground that you could look at.
  6. OK stupid question time from someone who’s never been around 1468s. Or 1568s. What is THEE reason that the ‘68 series V-8 frame rails are a different design from the ‘66 series frame rails anyway? Surely it isn’t to provide greater strength coming from a more powerful more torquey V-8 engine, since the ‘66s with their in line 6 torque could lay a can of whoop a_s on the V-8s anyway? So what’s the deal with the different style frames?
  7. If you do find an 8 track tape to test in it, the tape will probably break. A few years ago I tried playing some of my old 8 track tapes in my old but still working Panasonic receiver with built in 8 track. They all played briefly, but then broke. I don’t know if the tape player broke them due to something being wrong with the machine itself, or if the tapes themselves had become so brittle that they broke on their own, irregardless of the machine being fine. So I sh_tcanned a boat load of old 8 track tapes. ….have a few of those same old albums on CD now, lol.
  8. Well nuts. Yet another place on my “bucket list” of things to see that I never made it to. Well RIP to Mr. Paquette.
  9. Dumb question about this, never tore in to a pump like this, I don’t have the experience or know-how. Sorry. But, this flex ring part- Can it at times be responsible for causing an engine to “run away” / go out of control to too high of RPMs? If not, what exactly in these pumps does fail causing a runaway? Thanks.
  10. We are roasting here in the Texas hill country. 100 plus degree temps daily. The last rain we had was June 28, when it dumped 1.25 inches on us in about a half hour’s time. Then the sun came back out right after that and steam bathed us. It’s oppressive. We are hoping for a hurricane to come in to the gulf, because then we might get some rain as the storm works it’s way inland. Although a hurricane wouldn’t be good for those living along the coast. Terrible situation.
  11. Dang, I’ve been thinking- This thread made me go dig out my stored box of old Puller magazines, because once Hydro70 posted, I said to myself, I remember that issue with Don Berrey on the cover, and just had to find it. I lifted the lid off that box, and realized these magazines haven’t seen the light of day in over 40 years. Kinda sad, as I don’t know what’s going to come of all my stuff some day. I have boxes upon boxes of aviation mags, Ag equipment literature, and loads of hard cover aviation books. My wife keeps telling me to get rid of all my crap, as she puts it. I tell her it’s valuable stuff and I want my daughter to inherit it some day. But wifey says your daughter isn’t going to want your crap. She predicts all this stuff will end up in a dumpster some day after I’m gone. I’m going to have to have a talk with my daughter one of these days. But I fear wifey is probably right- even now I’m afraid to bring it up with my daughter because I’m afraid of what she might say. Nuts. I should probably start donating stuff to… some where, some how. Nice to have you back Hydro70.
  12. Here’s another pic of Don Berrey, to help celebrate his life, in the same magazine as my cover pic above. No helmets required back in the 1970s. That Old Number 1 had some wins, and if an IH didn’t come in first, it was always nice to see that big bad MF 2805 win rather than a JD. Lol!
  13. Marshall Myre on his 966, and I believe Bob Thompson on his 1466 Illinois Streaker. …..saw them pull many a time. Great times.
  14. Check it out. I dug out my old Puller mags and found Don Berrey on the cover of the November, 1979 issue. His last name was spelled Berrey. MF 2805, “Old Number 1” Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the tractor so-named because it was the first MF 2805 off the assembly by line????
  15. Make sure to use K-Y Jelly Lube on that erotic tachometer.
  16. Earlier this Spring I was at the local (well 38 miles away) JD dealer getting a few parts and filters for my JD lawn tractor. They had a beat F 1206 out on the lot. I walked out to check it out. The serial tag was torn off / missing. I was going to take a pic of it but my phone had died and my phone charging cord in the truck wasn’t working. I went back inside to ask if they knew the serial number but they claimed they did not. I asked the price, they were asking $3,900.00 for it, as is, no guarantees. I would not have wanted it. No fenders, other misc. sheet metal missing. It had decals for the 1206 numbers, not the later metal emblems. The turbo was also missing off the engine, and it had an exhaust manifold like off an 806? 🤪crazy. Maybe it was a complete 806 engine transplant, I don’t know. I climbed up on it to the seat. The tach was totally missing, just a hole where it used to be. It was a complete piece of crap, lol.
  17. My wife’s 2019 BMW has heated and cooled seats, but we don’t have to pay a subscription to use them. Lol. That’s nuts. Heated seats don’t get much use down here in central Texas anyway, but the cooled seat feature is awesome.
  18. Goin’ fishin’ for a sucker who just can’t live without a 4020.
  19. Wow unreal that they would let something out the door like that- handicapping so many otherwise perfectly healthy 407 engines with crap mufflers. Makes you wonder how many struggled with that problem that never got figured out. Interesting stuff. Thanks.
  20. For the unedumacated cattle pasture people like me, what does “jump” mean when being used in this case? Grows too fast? Goes to be seed too fast? Dries out too fast? Thanks in advance.
  21. I find this rather interesting. Back when I was in high school, a neighbor bought a new 856D. He had traded in an 806D. He bought the 856 in the dead of winter up in MI, but when he put the 856 to work in the Spring, he became rather disappointed in it, telling the dealer it was no better if not worse than his 806 for power. The dealer came out to check it out. The mechanic took the muffler off and rammed a long bar down it, I can’t remember for sure from which direction, but it sounds similar to doing what you are talking about. Like knocking a baffle or something out of there. Just by doing that it made enough of a difference to satisfy my neighbor to keep the 856. He had started grumbling about trading this new 856 back in on a nice 1206 that the dealer had on the lot back then. Lol. That mechanic seemed to know exactly what to do. Was this some sort of chronic problem back then with 856s having defective mufflers or something?
  22. I got a funny story that matches the topic title. Back in the ‘70s we used to go to a lot of tractor pulls, including the National Championships in August in Bowling Green, Ohio. We lived so close to Bowling Green that we could attend all three days of pulling, but just drive home each night to sleep at home. It was only about a 35 minute drive back then to get to BG. My one buddy that went with us to the pulls was a big JD fan. Of course, IH always kicked a_s and took names 99.9% of the time. One summer, I started taking a paper bag with me with eye holes cut out in it, and always whipped it out to offer to my buddy in the stands when things started really looking grim for the JDs. He was not amused and always refused to wear it. On the front, sides, and back side of the bag I had written JD Fan. Lol. At times, I garnered a few laughs, like if we would get up to walk around, or even for brief times while we were seated in the stands, I would take off my IH cap and put the bag on, just to give JD some publicity(???) with the writing on the the bag. It always got a great reaction. Fun times.
  23. I think you’d have to drive that thing in your stocking feet, and wear white cotton or silk gloves as well. No shoes allowed on the steps or platform. Ha ha ha. Oh, and no fender riders either. Lol… P.S. Thanks also to Brian for his as always expert professional results photography talents.
  24. Thanks Dirt_Floor_Poor. 😊 Ya, my wife and I lived in the UAE for 4 years, 2009-2013, and never felt threatened or unsafe. It was an incredible wonderful experience. Wifey had a 4 year (degreed) contract job with Zayed University. Westerners such as us, living in the UAE, did not live in compounds or work camps there.
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