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    50 series sentry

  2. Ok, interesting info regarding the 1468. Thanks! I never realized they were that much lighter on the front end to require even more weight than the “normal” rack of suitcase weights.
  3. They look stupid. Never knew of their existence before. What is the point of them?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ww7WlSPi9gc
  5. Whelp, that’s all well and good. Something sure went wrong that one time though. Engine trashed itself. But as I said above, this was 20 years ago. Maybe they didn't have those pre-lube / warm coolant kits back then, I don’t know. And this engine did blow in frigid cold winter weather in a non-heated area of the plant. When I saw it start and test run close up, it was summer time.
  6. About 20 years ago where I used to work in a plant they had a pair of big CAT engines to run emergency standby generators. At one point during my job there I was working as a utility operator and assisting one of the licensed plant mechanics in plant maintenance. One day he was going to test run the engines. I was taken by surprise when he fired the one up and it immediately went wide open. I didn’t realize it was going to do that! I yelled out dam you are going to wreck that engine like that! He said nah they are supposed to come right up to speed. I’ll be dammed if I would have treated my IH’s like that. Not 6 months later those CATS fired up automatically and sure enough one of them grenaded, a total loss. I wasn’t there on shift when it happened, but I saw the aftermath. I would not have wanted to be standing there when it let go. Next time I saw that guy I told him told ya so. lol.
  7. Remember how they destroyed the Monte Carlo and Cutlass starting in 1978? What a joke. Stupid looking pieces of crap after the '77's.
  8. I used to have a really nice 1973 Buick Riviera for a few years, I think from like 2000 thru 2005, with the 455 V-8, 4 barrel carb and dual exhaust, some sort of posi-rear end, forget what Buick called it. It was fun to drive. It would smoke the rear tires if you hammered it from a stop. LOL. The hood was 50 miles long. And it had that Corvette style rear window glass with that fastback look. I sold it to help pay for my 1980 1086 that I had bought. I got $4,500.00 for it. Some black guy saw my ad and drove out from Toledo to the farm with a wad of cash, he had a super hot lookin' black babe with him OMG, LOL... They arrived in a Cadillac of course. Guy was plenty nice enough with me, I wonder what his deal was, pimp maybe? LOL... He paid me the 4500 in all $100.00 bills. I was asking 49, we agreed on 45. CHA CHING. SOLD. Glad I got to partially replenish my funds from purchasing the 1086. One of my friends from back up there, told me on more than one occasion that he spotted my old Rivi' cruising around Toledo from time to time. ha....
  9. Hey all, my co-worker and I are cleaning out and re- organizing our shop at work, and throwing out junk. I came upon this metal INTERNATIONAL emblem. 16” long, 3 mounting pins intact on the back side, and there is a number stamped on the back side. To my best ability to read it, the number appears to be 2752934-R1. That may not be totally correct it is very hard to read the number. Does any one here recognize what this may be off of, and an idea of the approximate vintage? I am thinking it could have been off of an IH truck, not a tractor? I’m going to keep it for my IH collection. There’s no old IH machines left around this place I work at that this part would fit on. Thanks for any knowledge.
  10. Just like Al Bundy, you like BIG ‘UNS. 😆
  11. For a hot cereal, I really like my Jungle brand oatso easy instant oatmeal with chocolate chips in it. Just add boiling water. Cold cereal, Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios is fine.
  12. Rick G.

    Stu's pics

    Great pics Shawn. Who wants to nit pick that beautiful 1066? There is a part missing on it that I am always nit picky about. No it’s not the muffler. Lol.
  13. Oh for crype sakes. Ok I can picture exactly what you’re talking about. I just never heard of them nicknamed as glad hands before. I would always just look upon them as air line connections. Lol. Like I said I’m not around the trucking inner circle. I’m sure there’s dozens of other trucker’s slang terms I’m not familiar with. Thanks guys! School dismissed. .....for now.
  14. Oh-hhh Kay-yyyy, time for school for this rum dum. I’m not a BTO trucker. What pray tell is “glad hands”? Some sort of trucker jargon talk I’ve never heard of.
  15. IH 4568 4X4, at a dealer field day in SE Michigan. Back around 1975 or maybe ‘76.
  16. A couple weeks ago I was at the U.S. post office in nearby Cedar Park, TX. I wanted to buy a USPS money order in the amount of $125.00. I had two $100.00 bills. They wouldn’t accept my two 100.00’s. W-T-F?! I then went down the road to the big HEB grocery store service counter and was able to buy a $125.00 Western Union money order using my two $100.00 bills. Cheap dam post office!
  17. Rick G.

    966 custom

    The title of this thread needs to be changed to read “966 ABORTION”
  18. Back when I was in high school I worked for a farmer who had a new at the time 966 with the custom (diamond) cab, and an also new at the time 1466 with the deluxe cab. The 1466 with deluxe cab seemed noticeably quieter inside than the 966 with custom cab. Maybe the turbo on the 1466 contributed some to it being quieter? Both tractors had their factory mufflers in place.
  19. And Puxxatanwney Phil has officially predicted an early spring.
  20. 40 grand for that. He’s nuts. Maybe Jerry Jones will buy it and hang it in his Cowboy stadium.
  21. Ah so! OK I just learned something new today. Thank you kind sir.
  22. At the start of the video, what does the guy mean when he refers to the trailer as a toy hauler? I’ve never heard that trucker jargon before, calling a trailer a toy hauler. Does he mean the guy with the F250 and trailer is a wanna be big time semi driver?
  23. Here’s one I still have on one of my tool boxes. You guys up in southeast Michigan will recognize it. KOHLMAN’S INTERNATIONAL SALES & SERVICE or as we called it for short back in the day: KISS, after the rock band KISS, Blissfield, MI. I also remember Salenbein Brothers IH from up in Dundee, Michigan back in the day.
  24. Good deal. Thanks for posting. Cute little critter.
  25. Did 1568's come from the factory made to fire only on 4 cylinders like the 1468's did under "no load", or did IH do away with that feature on the 1568's?
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