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  1. Seein’ how’s we don’t have a coffee shop any more, here’s my non-IH post in this General IH section. Has anyone installed one of those after market oil catch can kits on their new direct injection gasoline pickup truck engines? The theory is they are supposed to collect unwanted oily vapor residue to keep it from re-entering your engine’s intake system and crapping up your intake valves and piston tops. Or, is it a gimmick not much more useful than say a K&N air filter?
  2. Regarding those porcelain insulators, years ago I saw a JD 4230 with the soundgard cab, it had 4 insulators, larger than those on yours, fastened on to the cab fenders, two on the left fender and two on the right one. I remember my only thought back then when I saw that was W T F. Lol. This was at the Yoder and Frey auction yard in Archbold. Ohio. Over all, the tractor was a P O S condition- wise. There must be something to screwing insulators on to your tractor cab? Any one?
  3. If I have my health, (which at this moment there’s no reason to suspect I won’t) I’m coming to this next RPRU in Ohio. I’ll combine that with visiting my old friends and neighbors in SE MI and my brother in Jackson, MI, and also a trip to the USAF Museum in Dayton, OH. I’m retiring in a few weeks this coming October 15, so no more worries about burning through precious paid vacation time. I’m already practicing the lyrics and singing “Take this job and shove it.” Lol… The countdown is on. The last RPRU I attended was the one in Lima, OH! I am expecting to see my now ex restored 1976 Black Stripe 1466 at this 2022 RPRU in Ohio. That will be a bittersweet deal. Maybe I’ll get to drive it in the tractor parade.
  4. Does anyone else think those horn button setups in the steering wheel center caps were sort of a rinky dink set up on the ‘56 and ‘66 series tractors? Back when I was in high school I worked for a farmer who bought a new 1256. It had tilt steering wheel with a horn, and hydraulic tombstone seat. One day I was plowing with it, and from time to time I would like to look back and watch the plow plowing. One time when I looked ahead again, I noticed the steering wheel center cap was missing. I looked around on the open station platform but the center cap was gone. It obviously fell off the platform and got plowed under, lol. My boss had the dealer come out and they replaced the missing center cap. It was under warranty. Later that same Spring, my boss was running the 1256 and the cap fell off again and it got lost. He said well we’re done worrying about that and he never messed with replacing it again all the time he had the 12’ . Lol. Fast forward 30 years or so. I owned a pair of 1970 1456’s from around 2001 to 2009. Both of them had tilt steering, horn and hydraulic tombstone seats. But those dad gum steering wheel center cap / horn buttons were already missing when I bought the tractors. I can only believe that this was a piss poor design from right out of the gate from the factory, where these steering wheel horn / center caps were always falling off too easily? Anyone else think so?
  5. The cab was made by a now long out of business company, named Abortion Cabs, Inc. Lol……..
  6. Cool. And notice it has ‘56 series shift levers. But why no battery covers I wonder. That caught my eye sticking out like a sore thumb.
  7. Zzzzzzz??? BTTT. Hey guys, any expert help for Ryan here? I’m just guessing with my non-expert comment above regarding the accumulators. Sometimes I know just enough to get in to trouble. Lol.
  8. It might be the accumulators for shifting the transmission might have gone bad or just need recharging. They are pressurized with nitrogen gas I believe and might just need a recharge. But what do I know. Next to nothing most of the time. Lol. It’s just the wee hours of the morning here. Wait a bit and as the true experts here awaken, you may see some helpful or more accurate expert comments on what to look for and do. Good luck. Hope it’s nothing too major and it will just be something as simple as those accumulators. They are located on the left side of the tractor, under that plastic cover in behind the steps.
  9. Meh…. No thanks. Not up to my standards. Lol…
  10. Cool pics. I have that same version of the 1586, with duals, still in pristine condition, and when they still put the decal stripes on the cab doors. At some point, they went el-cheapo and stopped putting duals on the 1586 and stopped putting the stripe decals on the cab doors. My brother has that 966 Hydro, but he beat the crap out of it, but he still has it, lol. He also use to have that 4 bottom plow, but he wrecked that and it got thrown out long ago. Nice pics, thanks.
  11. Oh wow man. I haven’t given that song any thought in decades. But reading this post I recall it well. It used to bother and haunt me as a young teenager, hearing it on the radio, made me worry about the future. It was kinda depressing.
  12. I did some plowing in Michigan on our farm with one of my 1456’s and also my 7220 with the tractor wheels set all the way in for 30” rows. 2 different plows- IH 710, 5 16’s, and IH 720 5 16’s. Had to set the plows to the tractor narrow rows. (In furrow hitches) Had a axle dual on the left side on both tractors. Both tractors played with the plows, no problems, beautiful plowing job. But I suppose soil type also plays a role in whether you can get away with this or not.
  13. Any live reports? Last day is today. (Fri., Sat. & today Sun.) Man we used to go to Bowling Green every year back in the 70’s and 80’s. From SE Michigan we were only a 40 minute drive to the big pull. We could go home each night and drive right back the next day for the 3 day event. Great times.
  14. Dang that is some kind of rubber on that 5088 in the top pic. Makes it look like a 5488. Do you think they have the “tail twisted” (turned up) on that one? Lol…..
  15. A few weeks ago one evening near sunset, wifey and I were sitting out on our patio just relaxing and talking. Around the corner of the garage comes a skunk and it starts walking across the patio. Wifey started to freak but she just sort of froze. I told her to just sit still and shut up. Skunk stopped and looked at us for a moment and then proceeded to go along it’s way in the yard and disappeared around a corner of the house. Lol. I don’t know what skunky would have done if wifey would have caused a bunch of noise and commotion. Never been that close to a skunk before. Luckily our two dogs were not outside with us on this occasion. Lol.
  16. Wow! Well thank you very much! And yes, Happy Birthday to all other August 17ers.
  17. Dang on that 1066 in the first pic, it looks like the Turbo decal guy at the factory tied one on the night before he stuck that decal on. Lol
  18. Back when I was farming and had my IH tractors, (1066, 1466, 1086) I was advised not to install the 3LM due to its “lag” time / spool up time, especially if I wasn’t going to mess with the fuel settings on the pumps. (too much turbo for the application, which was just normal farming use.)
  19. Get a load of this. After raising such a stink last week, I just had to report back with this update. After my original reply here, I also mentioned to my neighbor that I thought the price on that small air filter was ridiculous. He agreed and thought that I had been ripped off, and we proceeded to start blaming the pandemic for all sorts of overly inflated prices on stuff. So the next day, purely out of curiosity, I decided to call a different STIHL dealer and asked for a price and availability on that chain saw air filter, giving them my saw model, and also the part number of the filter that I had purchased from the other STIHL dealer. Over the phone, he said yes they have it in stock, and the price was $14.29, plus tax! Dang near HALF the price of what I already paid at the other dealer! I-was-pissed when I heard that, but I just thanked the guy on the phone for checking. I didn’t mention that I had already bought one at another dealer and had gotten screwed over by them. So the next day, I go back to the first dealer with my receipt and confronted them about this huge price difference between them and the other dealer. But it was a different person working the counter, and it was a lady this time. (Not that it should make any difference) So here we go… she checked her computer, and said they had made a mistake, and said it should be $14.29. Uh-huh. Caught! She said her guy had charged me “list” price by mistake, but my cost was supposed to be the $14.29. I had paid them in cash, so she refunded me the difference in cash. I thanked her for the adjustment, and left. But I left wondering if her guy had made an honest mistake, or if they are routinely knowingly ripping their customers off intentionally. I don’t know what to do. I am wondering if I should report them to the BBB, to STIHL, or give them a bad review on that on-line YELP, or just let it go. One thing for sure, I’m switching STIHL dealers, even though this other one is further away. Whelp, what else to say? Comparison shop for your parts if you have the time. I can tolerate a couple bucks difference one way or the other between dealers, but almost double? Too much. Other than that, apologies for hijacking this thread and taking it off subject.
  20. Good for him. Man I have trouble tieing my shoes with both hands due to the dam osteoarthritis I have in my fingers. I can’t bend and manipulate my fingers the way I want any more. It sucks. Some times are worse than others.
  21. Rick G.

    IH DC-3

    That is awesome. I never realized IH owned a DC-3. Back in the 1990’s I flew on a C-47 (DC-3) owned by the Yankee Air Force out of Willow Run Airport inYpsilanti, Michigan. You could buy a flight on their C-47, at that time it was named Yankee Doodle Dandy. They sold early morning flights from Willow Run Airport to WPAFB in Dayton, Ohio, where you spent the day at the U.S. Air Force Museum, and then returned to Willow Run on the C-47. Since then, their C-47 has been overhauled, and currently goes by it’s new name, “Hairless Joe”. I was glad to have had the chance to fly on such a historic aircraft. I can’t believe it’s been that long ago already.
  22. I disagree. I think a lot of wide spread and unnecessary price gouging is taking place courtesy of the Chink virus. About a year ago, I remember buying an air filter for my other chain saw (STIHL) and I remember it was $10.XX. (Plus tax) And here a couple weeks ago, a filter was dang near triple that. I don’t know how people are going to afford stuff going forward. Food, parts, appliances, vehicles, EVERYTHING. Thanks Chinks.
  23. I am very disgusted with a lot of things being high. I think this pandemic is being used by retailers as an excuse to screw customers big time. I’m fed up. A couple weeks ago, I went in to the local STIHL dealer to get a new air filter for one my STIHL chain saws. $26.XX plus tax. I was pissed and voiced my opinion, telling the guy I thought it was highway robbery and I was getting raped, but I needed the air filter so what was I supposed to do. I guess I could have found an after market rip off copy on line for much cheaper, but on certain stuff I have this bug about using factory original parts, so it was bend over I guess. On my way out, I was going to tell him they need a jar of Vaseline at their parts counter for their customers, but I bit my lip and left pissed off.
  24. I agree. Spectacularly stupid move using the same name.
  25. Back in my high school days I was rotary hoeing soybeans with my boss’s 666 Diesel Hydro open station. Something, a rock I presume, or a clod of dirt, zapped me but good in the back of my head. Scared the crap out of me. When I reached back to rub the spot, I was bleeding. It was a 3 point hitch mounted rotary hoe. I’ve seen where some rotary hoes had screens installed in the center, but this one did not. Close call? Could have been worse and knocked me out or something. Ridiculous one in a million shot I suppose. If you were to go out and say I’m going to deliberately try to get a rock to hit me in the head while rotary hoeing, you could be trying for 60 years and never get it to happen.
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