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    Wow that’s awesome. But why did he censor / delete the close up side view of the DT 429 just as it drove by?
  2. Barf. Lol. Took lessons from the MM pulling tractor “Solid Junk”? Might be a hoot to make a few rounds on. Might get old in a hurry.
  3. As long as you have to mess with it, heck go with the eliminator pipe.
  4. Rick G.


    Wasn’t there a thread here once about someone who put a DT 429 in a 1206, and they dubbed the tractor a 1406?
  5. Hydraulic oil spraying out under high pressure? Wouldn’t that be a dangerous idea? I’ve had an external implement hose split on a rig I was running for a friend once. I was dam glad I was in a cab.
  6. 1) At some point during the Black Stripe production run, didn’t they start using the different design rear axle housing castings which were destined to go on the ‘86 series? 2) Didn’t they bump the Engine RPM rating up to 2,600 RPM on Black Stripes, up from 2,400 RPM on the white panels? 3) When did the later heavier one piece draw bars appear? 4) At some point in the Black Stripe production run, Black Stripes got the 6 hole rear wheel castings that also went on the ‘86 series, instead of the 12 hole rear wheel castings of earlier ‘66 series. 5) OK this one I’m not totally sure about- I thought that Black Stripes are when they switched over to getting all black seats rather than black and white seats. Someone please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this. I’d love to know for certain myself one way or the other. There’s probably more stuff. Maybe someone more expert will come on to say. Here’s a piccy of my restored now ex 1976 Black Stripe 1466, in Michigan, shortly before I sold it due to moving to Texas. I sure do miss it. Serial # 30313. It had all those aforementioned production updates / changes on it.
  7. I stayed up to watch the historical launch. 12:41 AM CST. It was incredible. The Orion spacecraft has been delivered to Earth orbit.
  8. Lol🤪. On a gasoline engine??? That will work great in 21 degree C / 70 degree F weather!
  9. Danny what make of a ripper is that? Is it European?
  10. Tragic. Apparently it was the “Texas Raiders” B-17 based out of Houston. Tail reg. N7227C.
  11. Incorrect muffler. Alternator pulley shield missing. No three point hitch. No wedge lock rear wheels. Repaint. Was the fast hitch still available on a 1970 856? I thought they would have been done away with by then?
  12. I’m beginning to forget certain stuff that I’ve been away from for a while now- Did 966s have Category III 3 point hitches? I had an IH 720 5-16s toggle trip plow that I plowed with once in a while. It had the Category III tow bar / hitch pins on it. I used to pull the plow with three different tractors just for fun to see how each tractor did- one of my 1456s, 1466, and 1086. Also meant to try it with my CIH 7220 but never got around to that- mainly because I didn’t feel like taking the one dual off on the MAGNUM. But anyways, all my tractors had the wheels all the way in for 30” row cropping. I had no problems plowing with that 720 with those tractors wheels set in all the way, thanks in part to that Cat III tow bar on the plow being adjusted accordingly. The three aforementioned tractors pulled it just fine with the wheels set at 30” rows. I never plowed enough to warrant screwing with trying to move the wheels out on the front and rear on those tractors. If your 966 has a Category III 3 point hitch, I wonder if you could find a Cat III hitch for the plow itself? Anyone? Good or bad idea?
  13. Let us know how you make out 806Jordy. Back in 2008, I got $600.00 for a super nice YEAR-A-ROUND QT-1 cab that we took off my 1976 Black Stripe 1466 that I wanted to return to an open station. We hauled the cab over to the Yoder and Frey auction yard in Archbold, Ohio. My thought was well maybe I’ll get a couple hundred bucks for it, and I’ll be danged if it didn’t fetch $600.00. What model tractor do you want to put the cab on? Don’t pitch your fenders on the scrap iron pile- You might get more for your fenders than what that cab might cost you. Way back when I was in high school, I ran a new at the time 966 with the Diamond cab for the local farmer I worked for. I liked that cab. It had a heater, but no A/C.
  14. Are the steps for both sides with it, and the associated mounting hardware? Glass intact? $400.00 to $600.00.
  15. Good program. Thanks for posting. I have a good friend who flies 757s and 767s for UNITED. Here’s my UNITED 1/200 scale diecast Boeing 777-300ER, tail reg. N2749U. New Englander, I just sent you a P M.
  16. Cool. I recognize a few of the great pullers from back in the day- Lloyd McVey, Dave Stengel, Danny Dean, Art Arfons, Ron Barga. Who was that guy on that Allis Chalmers D-21? Wasn’t his name Don Williams???! Can anyone else name some more? Thanks for posting.
  17. Even if they closed and vacated the lodge for the winter, they should still be checking their e-mails from…. where ever they may have bugged out to. You would think, anyway.
  18. Http://www.bigsandlakelodge.com Here’s their website if you want to try contacting them. Let us know if you do. ….would be interesting to hear what happened with the 966. The lodge picture on the home page of the website seems to match that picture of the lodge that guy posted on the first page of this thread. 😊
  19. I’ve seen some 50 (88) series tractors that have had a square or rectangular ventilation hole cut in the side engine cover right beside the alternator. In an effort to help cool the alternator. A screened grill was neatly fitted over the hole, attached on inner side of the side panel, and everything neatly finished and painted. Doing just this little bit of ventilation modification helped to cool the alternators enough to help them from getting too hot. Sorry, don’t have any pics.
  20. A little known fact regarding the twin engined McDonnell F-4 Phantom II- It was initially, very briefly, slated to be known as the F-110 Phantom, which would have made it a twin engine member of the Century series. But it somehow got changed to F-4. Then you have the twin engined swing wing General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark. Some argue that the F-111 is also a part of the Century series fighters. I do not consider the F-111 to be a pure fighter. More like a fighter-bomber. I think it was at times called the FB-111. Then you have the twin engined Lockheed F-117 Stealth fighter. But, that came so long after the “classic” Century series fighters of ‘60’s, I also don’t consider the F-117 as a true member of the Century series club. My favorite plane in the Century series club was the Convair F-106 Delta Dart. They used to fly them out of Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan, north of Detroit. At times as kids we would see them flying over our farm in SE Michigan. Cool stuff.
  21. Roll Tide! Oh wait a sec…. Never mind. Lol Good game.
  22. Someone ran it way low on hydraulic oil?
  23. Well color me stupid? I don’t get it. Care to explain what’s going on here? I am presently viewing this on my small cell phone screen. Am I missing seeing some small detail?
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