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  1. Bought a 886

    Those were a very nice set!!! How many hours did the 1086 have at the time?
  2. Red tractor and a green corn chopper

    Thanks for the input! What do you have to change on the chopper to set it up for open center hydraulics?
  3. Red tractor and a green corn chopper

    A buddy of mine has recently bought a 1486. I think it is a 81 model. He plans to pull a 3970 John Deere chopper with it. Will leaving one of the hydraulic valves on to run the spout and deflector hurt the tractor?
  4. Bought a 886

    Jd, didn't he have a 1086 in about the same shape as the 886? Have you got any pictures of it?
  5. Super low hour 986 sells for $23,000 in Indiana

    Anybody know what the 186 sold for? I think it only had something like 1404 hours on it.
  6. Red tractor pulling a green chopper

    I'm pretty sure the 1586 is an earlier one. It has the narrow steps. Do you have to get the flow divider from Deere? Are they very expensive? Thanks for the replies!
  7. Red tractor pulling a green chopper

    A buddy of mine is thinking about buying his own stuff to chop his corn next year. He is looking at a 1586 and a 3 row John Deere chopper. I am assuming it is a 3970. Will the hydraulics get hot on the 1586 leaving one of the remotes on to work the chopper controls?