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  1. It has a newer style compressor, not sure of the brand at the moment but I will look.
  2. I was baling hay with my 1086 yesterday and either broke the ac belt or threw it off and must have bale it up. Anyway, I can't find it and was just wondering if anybody knows the size and length it should be.
  3. Yep! The one in Wytheville was Modern Farm Equipment. He sold out when they merged with case. I don't remember it but I was at the auction sale with my dad. I was almost 1 year old. I live about 15 miles from Wytheville.
  4. Ok. Thanks! I was just looking for opinions on them. Wondered mainly how they would be for a loader tractor.
  5. Does anybody have any experience with them? Good? Bad? How about for a loader tractor? Differences between them and the jx series?
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