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  1. Thank you so much,the website is called Broken Tractor.
  2. I can find new rails and pads for for a TD-8E will they fit a TD-8C?
  3. My local Case-IH dealer had the strainer o-ring 285253R1.
  4. I bought a 4 gallon low profile tub that I will lay beside and let fill about 3 gal at a time,empty rinse and repeat till she's dry.
  5. Yes the filter in the battery box is the transmission pressure filter,sorry if I misled you,your machine looks better than mine,good luck!
  6. Hello sir,I am in the same process as you,If your machine is a p/s it will not have a transmission filter per se but will have the suction strainer at the bottom of the tranny,the filter in your battery compartment is the hydraulic pressure filter and then you have the resevoir filter assembly that you pull out of the resevoir to change.My tractor had the front skid plate missing when I got it .It was misrepresented to me when I bought it,that's what happens when you rely on someone elses' eyes.But all I can do is suck it up and make the best of it.I just came from Case- IH where I bought a injector bleed back line and some o-rings for my machine.I ordered my books from Binderbooks .com and they are good manuals with clear pictures .My machine is a TD-8c as far as I can ascertain,I would think they most share all parts between the machines until Dresser started putting Cummins engines in them.I have some filter part numbers for you.Transmission pressure filter is 615447C1,O-ring 343912R1.The p/s strainer o-ring which is the same as a 1086 tractor is 285253R1.Hydraulic oil resevoir element is 623017C1 and o-ring 254091R1 however Case-IH didn't have those in stock but the they subbed to NAPA1493 and the o-ring comes with the filter.Neither Case-IH nor NAPA had the primary and secondary air filters in stock which blew my mind as many of these engines were used,my dealer parts guy is researching it across all applications to see if he can find them.Engine oil filter is NAPA1789 and I used IH No.1 10w-40oil.I'm going to clean my p/s strainer and replace fluid with HY-Tran this weekend,I paid 84$ a 5 gal pail and it takes almost 2.The p/s and its' transmission is separate from the rest of the tractor and I feel it's important to use the HY-TRAN in it.I used HY-TRAN ULTRA.I replaced my engine oil pressure gauge as the original wanted to stick and it has about 50 lbs at idle and 70 at rated rpm.Oh yeah,primary and secondary fuel filter numbers are 3 132428R1 which are called spin ons but at Case-IH they subbed to a cartridge type and they DID have them.I ordered and recieved a front belly pan from a salvage yard and I removed and cleaned the back bellypan and also repaired the access panel on it.I removed and replaced 2 bad hydraulic lines under there and leak check them and inspected everything else and I think I will be ok.I let it run at rated throttle for about 5 min on a white sand road and there were no leaks.I've only got about 13 acres of woods I want to clear with this machine it has good sprockets and rollers but this machine came out of Florida and has severe corrosion on the grousers so I'm thinking I'm going to have to spend major money on new tracks and chains.Chain tensioners seem to be holding good.I will NEVER buy another piece of equipment online without putting my eyes on it.If you pull the floorboard on the operators platform and you see a driveshaft that is the small tranny I believe,my machine with the p/s just had a "coupler" u- joint,so I assume it's the larger transmission.I'm sure you probably know you run this machine at high idle for max pushing.
  7. I'm replacing the bleed back line on a D-239,will I have to bleed the injectors when I go to start it?This is the line that bleeds excess fuel from the injectors back to the tank I assume.
  8. Having trouble sourcing hyd filter o-rings for all my hydraulic filters.Case-IH was no help,got filters ok from Napa but not the o-rings,any help is appreciated.
  9. Ok my brother measured centerline sprocket to sprocket because the track is offset to the outside.He said sprocket to sprocket he's measuring 54 inches.Is this the correct measurement?He looked back on the frame but couldn't find the stamping.Is it a fairly small stamping?Thanks.
  10. Salam,I just purchased a 7 or 8.The dataplate has no info.It has the IH D-239.It is miising the skidplate under the engine.Do you know if it's the same plate for either dozer?I have located a plate for a TD-7.
  11. for TD-7 and TD-8 dozers? width wise and length wise,will the plates be the same for both machines?
  12. Will the ag D-239 swap into a TD7-TD8 dozer?Pretty sure you would use the dozer accessories but are they basically the same engine?
  13. Yes,I've seen a lot of reprints that just black out a service picture.Thank you.
  14. The "t" in DT means turbo,I believe all 466's were turbos,they were the high hp version of the 400 series engine family,to be clear,anything aft of the engine flywheel will be its' on specific transmission, pump and application and will require the specific filters.Get service and chassis manuals,they should give you the info you need.
  15. Thanks Dennis,I'm excited,I purchased this to clear up about 20 acres of brushy wood on my new property.I thought series c for 1984 was bogus but I bought it through a broker and they don't give much accurate detail.Is the 206 and 239 the same engine family?We had the d-239 in tractors on the farm and they were great engines.
  16. A 466 is just a bored out 414,they are all the same engine family,same filters,oil spec etc.
  17. Mr.Figone,is there a source for original service and operators manuals?
  18. Hi fellas,haven't posted in a while but I need some info if someone might know how to tell the difference in a TD-7 and TD-8.I recently purchased a tractor yesterday and it was advertised as a 1984 TD-8c but the owner stated it was a 7c.It has no decals or emblems dut it has what I believe is the D-239 International engine.Are there other identifiers between the 2 machines?Thanks in advance.BDR I forgot to mention it is naturally aspirated.The data plate is illegible.
  19. I will tell you this,when I was a kid ,I was at a friends house and we were tasked to go grind hog feed with the 544 hydro utility.It was cold as **** that day and it wouldn't start.My friends dad broke out the 966 and pulled us down the paved road in front of their house and the tractor started.I don't remember what lever was where,but that tractor pull started.
  20. Not to change subject or hijack the thread but can you pullstart an IHC hydro tractor?
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