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  1. A huge 5.5" bore will make huge torque too, most v8 engines are under square, bore is less than stroke. The 903 is over square, no where near same class as a 550. Fully agree on the throttle back mentality, heck I fight it with Dad on our older I6 motors. Drives me nuts lugging them around at 3/4 throttle just because they maybe can do it while pulling a disc or chisel plow.
  2. More cylinders, without a huge step up in displacement means less cubes per cylinder. This, combined with the physical limitations of a V configuration means less stroke, which equates to less torque. Most V8's Rev way up in comparison to an inline 6, that's how they make power with less torque. Most 6 cylinders have big stroke numbers when compared to V8's. Stroke makes torque, RPM's make power. I'd bet if the 550 could have been stroked to 5" like the 436, making it a 580 it might have held on better. 550 was 4.312 bore x 4.50 stroke. 436 was 4.30 bore x 5.0 stroke.
  3. Your brother in law is right. I know ever noise and vibration of my equipment, I can here scrappers on the disc making noise if one gets bent, I can here the small rocks hitting the opener disc's on the planter. I can't think of all the various things if caught and been able to do small preventative maintenance on vs major repairs because I heard a strange noise before I found a broken part. I've used the over the ear radio hearing protectors, they get used on the lawn mower and that's it. As far as muffler or not on an 86 series, I'd try it without and if it's too loud put an above hood muffler on.
  4. True, but beans don't seam to care as much about population, more about controlling seed depth and soil contact. Prime reason I plant mine in 30" with a cyclo planter.
  5. The 5400 soybean special is the same row units as the 800-900 planters which are the Cadillac of no till units. I'd go for the 5400, you'd be amazed how well even wore out IH row units will plant beans.
  6. I got a steal of a deal on a 1020 with an air reel last year. Definitely noticeable the power the fan takes. Maybe use a 1/4 gallon of fuel more per acre???? I used to be spot on 1 gallon and acre, now it's higher but not much. For the first time ever I'm seeing germinated beans in the field. most are right in the middle but some out on the edges, assume shatter from the sickle. The beans bouncing off the windshield is almost nonexistent, short beans are a dream to combine now. Other than the gearbox to maintain and extra fuel I see no major con to an air system.
  7. Took this in the 5088. Crappy picture from sun glare. Seat is to the left, door to the right.
  8. The FURTHEST from the seat in an 88 series is the motor remote. There is a float-lock tab thing on the front side of the lever to differentiate it from the others.
  9. Can you take pics of your monitor mount? I need to mount one in our 5088.
  10. No clue, grabbed that table from this sight many years ago. I bet I use it monthly, it's a handy thing to keep on the phone.
  11. The 20.8 will physically fit under the fenders on a 1066, but the rim might be too narrow. 18.4 calls for 15 or 16" rim. Guessing a 20.8 should have an 18" rim.
  12. Definetly gunna need pics of that.
  13. According to a conversation I had with Danny Anderson a few years ago, yes they are the same door, just hinged on the back, same cab dimension just different top and interior.
  14. I fully believe you, but something as slipped through the cracks. I'm literally looking at one, and the poster above has one. I find oddities like this fascinating. I assume there was no option to get a short shoe machine after the long shoe came out???
  15. The poster above me mentioned it, and for some reason the serial number stuck in my head. Well by per stupid luck, I have here in our shed, a neighbors machine. cummins powered, short shoe 1680. Serial number, 48147. So I think SDmans serial number break is off. I dont know why I'm so fascinated by these weird short shoe cummins machines.....
  16. What happens in the cab, does the lever move, does it grind at all? Might have to adjust cable to get more throw at trans.
  17. I personally would pay more than a normal 1466 just because it has a slight rarity factor.
  18. I'll have to dig up the pic I had if it didnt get lost in the crash, saw an early one at Breiwers that had lpg on the tag.
  19. Actually its a plain old 806 gas. The factory LP tactors I've seen had LP stamped on the tag. Looks like someone added the L.
  20. Same block, different pistons. Same head, no rotators on valves. Serial number will tell the truth. True LP tractors will have LP stamped on the tag.
  21. Was this just the 1680's or did the 40 and 60 machines have a period where they had the CDC and short shoe too?
  22. I bet those are rare machines. Any idea what serial numbers both changes occured?
  23. 1986---"Separating area increased by 24% on 1620, 32% on 1640 and 1660, 41% on 1680" please explain? I'm pretty sure the long shoe machines came out in 1990 when the CDC engine came out, AND the logo change from big black model numbers to small numbers. I think all 3 occured at once. I know my 1480 seive, shoe parts will fit in an early short shoe 1680. also 1985. Cabs tops were painted red, and they were Case IH machines.
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