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  1. 1 hour ago, Takn4aFool said:

    i didn't see any final prices yet but it looks like things are going cheap, still have 20 minutes until closing....like i said i'm only about 25 miles away

    Cheap except for the weights like always. #100's going for 140 or more EACH.  I  see a set of split rears went for $180.

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  2. Just now, vtfireman85 said:

    I have a friend who was a big 7.3 nut, i just remember him rattling on about it. It kind of stuck in my mind because my fire truck as a T444e and have often wondered if it too should be done. Maybe it is not the same. 

    7.3 PSD in a ford is the same as an IH T444E. But 7.3 PSD uses ford computer to run it vs IH.

  3. 1 hour ago, vtfireman85 said:

    The 7.3 used high pressure oil

    for the INJ pump correct?
    And if i remember right there is a plug on top where a quart or so that needs to be sucked out for oil changes because oil gets in, but doesn’t drain out. Are these series of engines the same? 

    Yes, 7.3 V8 used same HEUI style to injector fuel. Lots of wires, sensors,  crazy reliable, no injection pump.

    As for the quart of oil it's no big deal on them. Willing to bet 99.9% of them never got the oil sucked out of the reservoir during an oil change.

  4. 8 hours ago, bitty said:

    On our double frame Mack RD we lengthened we didn't plate it at all. Just spliced it at the angles and staggered the splices . We did that in 1994 and it's never had any issues with the frame 

    My loadstar has a 20 foot box,  its been lengthened.  Inside frame rail is straight up/down weld, outer is straight up/down weld, just staggered 3 feet. Guessing it's been like this since the 70's when it was built.

    Edit to add, outer frame is the upside down L as mentioned,  inner is C channel frame. Appears to be factory based on holes drilled and huck bolts everywhere. 

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  5. Driveshaft length is a factor of shaft size and vice versa.

    6' seams to be the max, I've seen trucks with 3 shafts to keep length down. 

    There's charts online that calculate shaft length, size of tube, and max safe RPM.

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  6. 11 hours ago, catman13 said:

     i have replaced several with stewart warner gauges on 806/1206's and just bolt on the top of the hood behind the throttle, they aren't show tractors they still earn their shed space

    So do mine, although they do make it to local shows too. But for only $30 more I don't have to look at a tacky aftermarket gauge. Plus where would I mount the planter monitor.




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  7. 6 hours ago, Matt Kirsch said:

    Take the sender bulb out of the head and stick it in a cup of hot water.

    There is no "home repair" to these capillary style temperature gauges. I'm not sure if there is anyone left that fixes them.

    Farmall shop in Marengo IA fixes them.

  8. Friend of mine owns a Federal, he swapped in a bone stock 5.9 Cummins.  Pretty sweet truck and it fit pretty good. I had him haul a tractor to a local show for me this summer.

    Here's a pic of his federal with my 856, and my Ford with the IH 806.



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  9. 12 hours ago, ChrisNY said:

    Dickey John MiniGac Plus. Spot on with elevators 99% of times. Calibrate once a year. 

    I have one of those. It's never the same as elevator,  how do you calibrate it?

  10. 8 hours ago, Mountain Heritage said:

    What is the average hp required to pull a disc chisel in the fall, semi wet ground (clay/loam) through corn stalks?  I say semi wet ground cause it always seems to be wet in the fall by the time tillage comes up after corn.  We never seem to luck out and get 15* weather and have that Indian Summer show its face.  Heck, we seem to get to see Old Man Winter actually with some of the white stuff scattered on the ground!

    I pull that 11 shank Glencoe with my 165hp fwa. The two wheel 5088 would never touch it, just spin.

    We used to pull a 10 shank IH with disc gangs with the weighted down 5088 but the IH is way lighter than the Glencoe. 

    I'd bet 7 is all you could pull with an mx 120 weighted down hard

  11. You said you tried a chisel plow and it was a mess, what exactly happened? Did it plug constantly or was it too muddy???

    Here where we have hills a disc is a terrible idea, never fails we get a rain in Jan and the top 3-4" that the disc moved all washes down the hill, washout stops right at disc depth. 

    Corn residue management starts at the corn head on the combine, you want the residue as small as possible right off the head. My thought is instead of spending big money on tillage equipment to bury corn,  I'll spend good money on a good corn head first.

    Here in the heavy clay and cold falls it's very important to size corn residue at the corn head. then wait for the residue to dry a few days in the sun and then get after it with the Glenco chisel plow.  Oddly the best chiseling jobs I've ever done were after a dusting of snow, realy seams to bury trash good with the snow mixed in.



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  12. 14 minutes ago, cwinn said:

    Hmm ,looks like it might work good 

     Thanks for idea

    Basicly same setup the 88 series and magnums have. I return my hydraulic planter motors there, but it's factory-installed on our 5088

  13. 16 minutes ago, Drysleeves said:

    Tenneco made quite literally no decisions. They handed a product line to their dysfunctional stepchild and the results are evident. The insanity involved with wandering into the Farmall Plant and demanding all existing 2+2 tractors regardless of completion status be sold for scrap including unsold inventory easily traced on dealer lots is beyond comprehension. I have even heard they sought out the toys and dealers hid them. Stupid beyond belief.

    Looks to me like Tenneco made some pretty good decisions. keep the revolution axial flow combine exactly as built by IH all the way till they sold out.

    Keep the legendary powershift 16 speed exactly as IH built it up until the end. Of course they were going to use their own engine, the IH motors didn't come with the sale. 

    Many other products stayed exactly as IH built them.

    They got rid of money sucking products that were never going to be a success and focus money on products farmers wanted.

    And if Tenneco wasn't making these decisions,  who was? You can't say it was Case, because Case was dead in 1967.

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  14. 13 minutes ago, bitty said:

    An understatement of the electric reverser . Our hydraulic reverser is 10+X better and I think the electric components are a fire hazard on the electric ones. My starter was rebuilt twice in the year I had it on the 2366. One of the reasons we were only interested in the hydraulic reverser equipped machines when upgrading. Lucked into a 2388 and 2377 to get us by for the next 10 years or so 

    How do the hydraulic reversers work? Is it still a chain and flywheel setup like the electric ones or completely different, I've never seen one.

  15. 3 hours ago, jass1660 said:

    Rear end ratio will be wrong as diesel doesn’t turn as fast as gas.

    446 gas max RPM 3500. 7.3 PSD, max RPM 3375..... looks like it'll work just fine.

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  16. My 1975, 1800 will be getting a 7.3 Powerstroke this winter.

    No room for a long I6 unless you want to fab a huge dog house, then the trans shifter will be at the back wall.

    I have a complete truck with the 7.3 so I've got all the wiring, plus the psd has a vacuum pump to run the brakes.

    Downside is the PSD will still be WAY underpowered for 500+ bushel twin screw, but at least it'll be a diesel with way for torque.

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