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  1. We have a NH 565 its a few years old havent had any break downs with it. Baler makes very consistant bales as long as you keep the baler full (thin windrows + slow speed= funky bales). Wonder if neighbors ran something into the baler to cause the needle to break?
  2. Ha! if you think chrome runs up the cost of trucks you should see some of the "special" request or custom stuff we design and put on the trucks. Just did a late change for washington DC they wanted labels on pretty much everything because they didnt trust their mechanic. I told our inside sales guy to mention all the training programs we offer.
  3. By half? Neighbor just got a kitchen remodel quoted and it came in at $40,000 not sure what was all being done. Not looking forward to seeing the quote for our house:(. Once the trans is down overhaul the engine and you will have a new tractor!
  4. Troy you need to post (if possible) an aerial photo of your farm before and after (most recent) with all of the demolition and construction that youve been doing for the past year it would be neat to see.
  5. I used to drive silage truck after school and on weekends. We always drove to the right of the chopper or behind it when opening a field.
  6. Stange way to load a cow. I usually chain legs kitty corner from each other then load. Is it for your freezer or rendering?
  7. Most of the gates at the ends of the Alley ways were U shaped from being backed into with the skid loaders curbs and tires dont get along either. Sure is nice to go from scraping to loading in a quick bucket change.
  8. Around here we give everything a nickname. That bad boy would definitely be "Old Stinky". jerry We always used manure scrapers on skidloaders. Is there an advantage/disadvantage using a tractor?
  9. That would be a eally neat truck to own.
  10. OBG, youre probably right with the tractors using the wood gasification process. Wasnt this fairly common in Europe in the pre and post WWI era?
  11. Are the shovels suspended from baling wire or high tensile? Had to ask since someone commented on the wire vs twine tie balers about how versatile baling wire can be.
  12. OBG you mentioned Mike being furloughed over on the Vintage ads thread. Reading your post I wonder if you thought you were posting on IH tractors on a Montana farm. You first commented about the AC Roto baler and then you continued with Mike building his lawn roller which you discuss over here.
  13. Probably as entertaining as watch the ground crew when waiting for your plane to leave. Need MI fuel tankers to fill that ship (is it a ship?) they haul about 14,000 gallons. Actually, anything on the river is technically a boat. (I learned that on the trip too ) . Mike Thanks Mike! I wasnt sure of what to call it.
  14. Probably as entertaining as watch the ground crew when waiting for your plane to leave. Need MI fuel tankers to fill that ship (is it a ship?) they haul about 14,000 gallons.
  15. The replacement would probably be some ugly concrete bridge.
  16. Yes, BOBSIH856, they came from Battle Creek, Michigan, just like Nichols & Shepard AND Kellogg's Corn Flakes! Gary I never knew the that BC had steam traction engine companies. I do know that Kelloggs and Post are based out of BC. Thanks for the information.
  17. Advance tactors came from Battle Creek, MI? I live just south of BC.
  18. Isnt there a big boy on display at the Henry Ford Museum? I remember seeing a train there its been about 18 years since Ive been there.
  19. On the IH pull type scraper thread there is a picture of Dirtboyz 4186 and it has the lower weights.
  20. Loadstar, the tractor with the Danuser blade looks like an Allis Chalmers. I'm not sure about the exact model but maybe a C?
  21. Brady Boy, I dont know if you know the answer or not. The ad with 1486 is that an IH equipt auxillary weight bracket under the front end?
  22. Art you're probably right on that. 17 short tons = 15.17 long tons.
  23. Agree you can see a C on the hood and the touch control levers and such.
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