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  1. Troy did you take any photographs of the injured cow and the accident scene before it got cleaned up? Might need to start writing operating procedures and "train" employees and the do's and dont's. That way the next time an accident occurs you can show that the employee was properly trained and didnt follow protocol (think manufacturing plants).
  2. You will want to put the Charge air cooler in front of your radiator, an electric fan would be nice plus it will give you room for your exhaust and intake plumbing. Check with your local FSA or extension agent you might be able to get a tax break for repowering your old tractor with a new clean diesel.
  3. Make sure you thank the guys that picked up the slack while new guy gets trained. Might want to add a note to your handbook about shift 1 needs to notify you before working over for shift 2,
  4. Probably worked long enough to be eligible for unemployment. Now he has the easy job of sitting at home and getting paid to do nothing for a while.
  5. Now the Kayaktivists are happy.
  6. I noticed this farm has capability to be connected to a methane digester. How much revenue potential does that bring? Does the manure get pumped to a digester or is there a digester on the farm and the methane gets pumped to a generation station?
  7. Was that picture taken before everything was tightened u? If not you might want to put a longer bolt/stud in. Keep the pictures coming I cant wait to see the finished product.
  8. Southern MI, grew up running Heinsman travelers. For some reason my brother and I always got to go out and adjust the gun or shut down at 2:30am.
  9. Irrigating is a round the clock chore especially during dry times. Luckily where I live its pump however much water your well can put out.
  10. Maybe you have to trade them some guns and whiskey for water rights? Some Indians here in MI are pretty crooked too. NO offense to anybody on here that is all or part indian.
  11. Using Mitutoyu mic in Starrets backyard!? What was the PH of your lye bath? Or do you just mix it nice and strong? Keep the updates and pictures coming on your resto I enjoy following your posts.
  12. Troy, you need to find a heinsman,boss or greenfield traveler then you will really enjoy irrigating!
  13. We have a NH 565 its a few years old havent had any break downs with it. Baler makes very consistant bales as long as you keep the baler full (thin windrows + slow speed= funky bales). Wonder if neighbors ran something into the baler to cause the needle to break?
  14. Ha! if you think chrome runs up the cost of trucks you should see some of the "special" request or custom stuff we design and put on the trucks. Just did a late change for washington DC they wanted labels on pretty much everything because they didnt trust their mechanic. I told our inside sales guy to mention all the training programs we offer.
  15. Have a machine shop make a die for you then make a run of panels to sell online! Good work! I really enjoy your post.
  16. Does it use a the volume an tune knobs to mount( take them off and a threadded stud behind plate)?
  17. By half? Neighbor just got a kitchen remodel quoted and it came in at $40,000 not sure what was all being done. Not looking forward to seeing the quote for our house:(. Once the trans is down overhaul the engine and you will have a new tractor!
  18. Troy you need to post (if possible) an aerial photo of your farm before and after (most recent) with all of the demolition and construction that youve been doing for the past year it would be neat to see.
  19. I used to drive silage truck after school and on weekends. We always drove to the right of the chopper or behind it when opening a field.
  20. Make an upper and lower plate weld the forming dies to the plates then use guide pins to slide the upper plate on. Thats how the big ones operate. Never worked at a stamping facility but worked with them.
  21. Nice job with the stamping work. Just a thought I cant really tell from the picture did you put a radius on your die so not to have sharp bends in your sheet metal? Sharp corners tend to crack.
  22. Stange way to load a cow. I usually chain legs kitty corner from each other then load. Is it for your freezer or rendering?
  23. Most of the gates at the ends of the Alley ways were U shaped from being backed into with the skid loaders curbs and tires dont get along either. Sure is nice to go from scraping to loading in a quick bucket change.
  24. Around here we give everything a nickname. That bad boy would definitely be "Old Stinky". jerry We always used manure scrapers on skidloaders. Is there an advantage/disadvantage using a tractor?
  25. That would be a eally neat truck to own.
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