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  1. On 9/20/2016 at 0:34 AM, TroyDairy said:

     Hey just trying to spend your money the best way we see fit!!  :rolleyes::rolleyes:;)

    A higher ratio gear set will be adequate for sure.  The trans gearing is pretty low if I remember from rides.  Man it will look cool when done!  What were you doing for wheels again?  Steelies and chrome?  22" black ones?  13" wire spokes?


    Daytons would look pretty bad@#$ on the truck! 20"?

  2. Well, I've had the first part of my root canal. My tooth was so abcessed the DMD packed it with antibiotics and sealed it, but I go back in two weeks to have that removed and prepared for the final sealing of this gold crown they had to drill through. I was worse than thought, but I'm HERE! Then tomorrow morning I take my son to the VA for his first colonoscopy! That makes me feel old, knowing he is that old. It's not necessary I take him, but he needs a driver to return him home. I'll bet he's ready to eat then too! After the "big cleanout?"

    This is a photo I found on Facebook I thought you guys might be interested in seeing? IH Tractors on a Texas Farm! Farmall M's pulling Gleaner pull type combines and if I remember, but didn't put it in the title, this was 1945. Gary ;)

    Farmall M's & Gleaner combines in Texas Glen Schueler photo.jpg

    Holy wheel weights. They sure stacked them on the M

    But only the lead M

  3. AK, here is a picture of how I plumbed my dump trailer to be either electric/hyd or I can plug it into my tractor remotes. To use the tractor hydraulics I have to close the valves that I have plumbed between the Tee and pump, One set of hoses goes to the tractor the other to the cylinders.


  4. Are you going to HARDOX for your dump body? If you use the dump trailer on your tractor a lot something worth doing is T in a set of hydraulic lines that go from the trailer to the tractor. I did that to ours but I also had to put a shutoff between the tractor line and electric pump because when the cylinders stroked out the tractor hyd oil would get pumped into the electro pump resevoir. If you want I can take a few pictures.

  5. Getting tired of this view.....


    Few days is fine but few weeks is getting old. Been hard season, the rye cover was so thick and lodged that now it's like working in oat hay. Should of sprayed few days before we mowed it. Then the root base would of been dead and worked in easier. Our 475 disc is too light to do any good on the tuffs. Having to get other farmer to come and power harrow 80 acres since it just wont go away. Plugs plow even after 3x discing.

    Why do these honey bees like corn? 1000s on the pile each afternoon.


    Watch out the BEEs will eat the GMO corn and take it back to the hive and cause colony collapse!!(just kidding) Must be something to do with the sugars in the corn? I remember when our harvester silo tipped over full of high moisture corn the bees were all over that too!

  6. Troy. Nice looking rig!! Looks a little heavy on the truck. Put on a set of air bags. They will also make it ride better. I've got them on both my one tons. The flatbread hardly drops an inch when I put a pallet of seed on it with 75 psi in the bags.


    My friend who owns the RV place that did the hitch has told me that. He puts them on everyone of his friends and families truck asap. Said he feel a lot more confident with them b/c the truck never wiggles around. It for sure handles it better than the 05. More solid footed I feel. I did a "idiot cut me off" brake event. It appears my rotors on front need a turning. Shook the wheel good. Hate that.

    We have AIRLIFT bags on our 2500hd Like Jerry said it makes the truck ride better and it takes the sway out too.

  7. ...or am stupid. Besides, we basically just treaded water is how we look at it. Pay it down then borrowed again. If we had to start over....we would of moved in 98 when we built the 1st big barn. Everyone who has left here to milk somewhere else is very happy and successful. So... We needed something b/c the big one we use is gone. Owner wants to push it in this summer They are really fretting about lawsuits of late. Now locally anyone who has a lagoon that is not a dairy man wants to push it in. So I bet we won't be the only ones doing it. Earthen is cheaper, unless we have to rubber line it. Then more $. Easier to cover this also. Digester guy said he'll look into getting carbon credits to pay for a cover. Then just burn off the gas. Also we could make it work as a digester if we decide to in the future. The tank should catch 450000 gallons less rain as well. That saves a bunch on pumping. Our big worry is if we'd went with dirt that the DOE would make lining retro then we'd have a 6 figure project next year. The avg cost to line the avg lagoon here is 110k. If it becomes required it will pretty much cut 50% of the dairies or more from the area.

    Sounds like you are keeping the methane emissions mandate for animal operations in mind. Does that go into effect in 2020 or 2025? O&G industry is also in EPA crosshairs.
  8. Troy did you take any photographs of the injured cow and the accident scene before it got cleaned up? Might need to start writing operating procedures and "train" employees and the do's and dont's. That way the next time an accident occurs you can show that the employee was properly trained and didnt follow protocol (think manufacturing plants).

  9. Longer shroud on fan was my plan, and put the intercooler in that spot i think, or a electric fan is possible too if i need that spot for the particulate filter if i cant remove it. :ph34r:.

    You will want to put the Charge air cooler in front of your radiator, an electric fan would be nice plus it will give you room for your exhaust and intake plumbing. Check with your local FSA or extension agent you might be able to get a tax break for repowering your old tractor with a new clean diesel.

  10. Maybe...other guys dont want to work with him now. Made them work extra and made me grumpy. He text me, like last night, and asked to stop by and explain. I said dont bother. I got a new guy coming and a former guy said he'd cover nights for a week. He has a 23 page manual saying a no show is firing.

    Make sure you thank the guys that picked up the slack while new guy gets trained. Might want to add a note to your handbook about shift 1 needs to notify you before working over for shift 2,

  11. Dang loser did not show for work last night. Got (bribbed) the afternoon guy to do a double. Guy is mid 40s with 5 kids ....and now unemployed.

    Probably worked long enough to be eligible for unemployment. Now he has the easy job of sitting at home and getting paid to do nothing for a while.

  12. Lol Art! Must of bee a ...stein something engineered that part

    Brad, I would completely agree about managing the dam flows. They are so corrupt and dishonest it's shocking. The Lummi tribe is as bad. Fish is a micro $ part of the res but the world has to revolve around that. The elders roll in caddys and more than once in the last few years a child dies of malnutrition on the res and a teen overdoses. I dont condone running down the leaders but. They are a completely un-negotiable group. The deal has to be all about them. There is talk of putting together 1-2 million and offering it to the tribe to shut up for 10 years about fish/shellfish here. We know they will take it, but will they honor the agreement? Nothing is more disgusting than hearing idiots saying how much 'honor' indians have for x or y. I have yet to see any respect of land, water, or humanity from our local bands.

    Maybe you have to trade them some guns and whiskey for water rights? Some Indians here in MI are pretty crooked too. NO offense to anybody on here that is all or part indian.

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