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  1. Just bumping this thread to page 1so you can quickly find this thread when your work slows and you time to share any work you've done to the travel all
  2. I'll trade you my pristine view of a 10,000 hogs/day slaughterhouse under construction (summer 2017 opening) for your lousy mountain and river view.
  3. It took me a while to find an OEM PTO shield for my 856 bought that and an IH foot throttle from a guy on the IH facebook page. Now I just need the rear cover that goes behind the seat and covers the hydraulic valves.
  4. Was the bottom of the PTO shield trimmed off? Its been a while since I looked at the shield on my 856 I thought the bottom was straight and not tapered. The taper would allow for better access to hook up the PTO.
  5. I thought I would share this article since it is about Alaska and mentions the flower industry. Are you part of the grower association? http://fsa.blogs.govdelivery.com/2016/09/30/with-farm-service-agency-help-alaska-producers-are-working-to-meet-the-demand-for-local-food/
  6. 8ft of water less than 2 miles out. Also read they want to build a gravel island.
  7. Just read an article this morning about a large oil discovery in Alaska (smith bay?). Said it will be a couple years before they develop the field. Can you keep the white dust up north for a while longer?
  8. Here is a picture of the barn roof getting shingled.
  9. I'll have to take some pictures and share them. We are getting a new roof put on the house and barn the roofing crew has been working for 2 weeks on this project.
  10. Will a module from an 07 or newer slowburban work?
  11. Just bumping the thread to page one. Any new updates on your restoration?
  12. What kind of arena are you building? Is the soil so unstable that you need a 22" cookie under the posts?
  13. Holy wheel weights. They sure stacked them on the M But only the lead M
  14. Nice looking truck! Are you going to put aluminum wheels on the front?
  15. AK, here is a picture of how I plumbed my dump trailer to be either electric/hyd or I can plug it into my tractor remotes. To use the tractor hydraulics I have to close the valves that I have plumbed between the Tee and pump, One set of hoses goes to the tractor the other to the cylinders.
  16. Are you going to HARDOX for your dump body? If you use the dump trailer on your tractor a lot something worth doing is T in a set of hydraulic lines that go from the trailer to the tractor. I did that to ours but I also had to put a shutoff between the tractor line and electric pump because when the cylinders stroked out the tractor hyd oil would get pumped into the electro pump resevoir. If you want I can take a few pictures.
  17. Watch out the BEEs will eat the GMO corn and take it back to the hive and cause colony collapse!!(just kidding) Must be something to do with the sugars in the corn? I remember when our harvester silo tipped over full of high moisture corn the bees were all over that too!
  18. Who is going to tell mom? Amen Got 70 bales off apx 8 acres. Pretty good cover crop. 4X4? 800lbs ea?
  19. My friend who owns the RV place that did the hitch has told me that. He puts them on everyone of his friends and families truck asap. Said he feel a lot more confident with them b/c the truck never wiggles around. It for sure handles it better than the 05. More solid footed I feel. I did a "idiot cut me off" brake event. It appears my rotors on front need a turning. Shook the wheel good. Hate that. We have AIRLIFT bags on our 2500hd Like Jerry said it makes the truck ride better and it takes the sway out too.
  20. Sounds like you are keeping the methane emissions mandate for animal operations in mind. Does that go into effect in 2020 or 2025? O&G industry is also in EPA crosshairs.
  21. Troy here is a link to some ex gov vehicles. Coworker's cousin bought a truck got a good deal on a well maintained vehicle. http://www.asiamotorsinc.com/index.php hyperlink didn't copy over so you will have to copy and paste in your browser.
  22. Mader, you want the CAC in front of the radiator
  23. Looks nice! What color are you going to paint it?
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