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  1. 15 hours ago, Roger Byrne said:

    I've been assisting Al and Harriet Severson's with the Big Four project.  The Big Four tractors were built in Minneapolis from 1906 until 1918. 


    I was involved with the restoration of the one pictured below about 25 years ago.  That tractor is owned by Steve Bauer and is displayed/operated at HastingsMN. 



    Below are some photos of the Severson's Big Four restoration/recreation project.  Four complete engines are being built, plus parts for 10 other engines.  These are all new castings that have to be machined.  They are also building five complete transmissions and parts for seven others.  There are also about 50 other misc. castings in various numbers for other component for the tractors.

    DSCN1787.jpg.d13ce554e8fbec62f8e06ff086a95562.jpg DSCN1794.jpg.5dd1d4655e152838a7a62285b48ab257.jpg DSCN1800.jpg.ddaaaa2af46fb45331549caa3a60e3dc.jpg

    There is a great thread on SMOK-STAK that tells the story . . . it is a very long thread.  Here are links that show a video of me pouring the main bearings and also fitting the bearings.    The other photos show just some of the castings that will be machined for this major, world watched, project. 


    http://www.smokstak.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81774&page=24 (middle of the page)


     As of today, we have had the first Big 4 tractor engine running for a total of about 5 hours. We hooked up a hose for water and controlled the flow to bring the engine up to temperature. We are currently running the governor to control the maximum engine speed at 500 RPM. After running it for about ½ hour, we changed the oil and washed the crankcase out.  The oil was also changed after another 2 ½  hours of running. We used 10-30 detergent oil for the break in process. The engine seems to be running well with no issues such as overheated bearings or tightening up. This was a concern because the tolerances we have are much tighter than the original specs. The video Gary posted shows the engine running after about 4 hours and the engine seems to be settling down and running smoothly.  During that run of 45 minutes, all of the cylinders were within about five degrees running temp of each other.  We ran the water temperature around 200 degrees. We were also able to get the governor to reliably control the engine speed at varying loads. After running the engine, we did a temperature probe on all the rod and main bearings and they were within 5 degrees of one another.

    Below is a link of that first ½ hour the engine was running.


    After testing this first engine are you going to tear it down for a full inspection?

  2. On 3/10/2017 at 4:50 PM, AKwelder said:

    Yeah, that's a doozy.   Let's see where it ends up but it sure looks like they will be laying a bit of feeder line and putting that one online, at least before the next presidential election



    Article said plan is to start production by 2020.

  3. On 3/12/2017 at 0:10 AM, TroyDairy said:

    Be nice.  We've tried everything up here an plowing beats with yields every time.  Enough to justify cost.  Disc, plow, disc/rolling harrow (or power harrow)an plant.  Few rip b/c clay turns too cement over winter.  I do know 1 guy who sells silage.  20 years straight corn.  Gets manure then ripper, 1 passed and disced/rolling harrowed.  Has not plowed for few years.  And since 95% of us plant cover rye it's tough to work in, but the rye is awesome feed.  UBC has studied it several times and low/no till never turns out well.  I honked 4:30 yesterday!

    Went to auction 5hr inland yesterday.  Custom guy quiting.  They were in near tears when the Claas choppers sold....their price tempted me!  Everyone figured 170 to 200k....85k.  Ummmpfduh.  I got a 40' well used rotary claas 3000 rake.  It's got some acres but I think it should work for awhile.  Then the trucks came......apparently no one needed any.  10 90s fliners, 450hp S60, 10sp, big wet kits.  All under million miles and very clean for farm rigs.  All under 10k.  I grabbed 1 for 6300.  The 34' silage trailers were mid 20s  which was fair.  Went with our chopper guy and he got a good deal on a extra processor n pallets of knives and misc claas things.  Passes going over were a mess so my 5 hr took 8.  Winter won't end.  I forgot pictures!  Now, trying to get that rake home...and the chopper mounted mowers custom guy bought.


    Only like 70 people at the sale.  Beautiful day though, 65*.

    A twin rotor rake is on wish list.

  4. 5 hours ago, Fred B said:

    looking at the colors, on that 656 would be a good example of what parts are painted what colors. it looks to me like the 3  hub cap bolts are left unpainted (cadmium plated) were the hubs off when it went to paint booth? neat photo, wonder why there are there 3 different grill style (year) cadets on floor.


    Rear tires are on backwards too.

  5. 18 hours ago, tony in ca. said:

       Oh! , I thought you were asking about fuel tank.  If so ,Do not plan to CermiKote it.  Just buff & Leave it natural ,perhaps clear coat, it will be tucked up in frame.

            As for exhaust pipes, Rob's men built them in house and they asked me; "Do you want to leave these stainless & polish them? "  Or CermiKote them to match manifolds exhaust & intake. ?

         With CermiKote all I need do is wipe them off to keep them looking good.  I am no way interested in laying under P.U.  polishing S.S. exhaust pipes to keep them looking good. 

             The pipes will be tucked high and tips will end  down ward, tucked before bumper .  Of all the samples of tips I saw there was none that I thought would enhance this particular truck.  If I can get decent sound from hidden pipes, I think less is more.


    I would ask what material they used for the gas tank at minimum it should be aluminized steel. I'm guessing they probably used a corrosion resistant material but I would have them confirm just for a piece of mind.

  6. 36 minutes ago, tony in ca. said:

              Feb. 1 2017 .

              No pictures ,not much too different then last pic's .

           However , lot of tying loose ends going on.  WE made our own new fuel tank ,Stainless, Exhaust is done but being CermiKoted . Wires etc. are being completed.

           New front Drums finally coated and on.  Measurements being made to order the billet wheels.  Waiting on Chrome shop for bumpers , Not satisfied with first coating so redoing.

             With new tank we are planning on putting fuel pump in tank.  Thinking it will be ready for its first start soon.



    What grade stainless did you use?

  7. 1 hour ago, tony in ca. said:

    Word from Machine shop : Pressure test no leaks , However rear of head has taper may be cause of light water .

       The big thing is that first three cylinders show lot of corrosion ,they blast & grind clean and in a day rust flakes appear . Along with when we were running it . At operating temp. applied heat gun the first three cylinders were always cooler the rear three. ?

       So , I am going to go with another head.


    How much cooler? The front will be slightly cooler because they are closest to the water pump and fan.

  8. Tony, did you end up buying insulting wrap for your exhaust pipe? If not I would check with your ceramicote guy and see what the emissivity and insulating properties of the ceramic coating are. A lot of OEMs are using ceramic coating on exhaust pipes because the high exhaust temperatures from the emissions system and the ceramic coating is less bulky than the arymid and foil shielding.  

  9. 4 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

    I had that conversation with a buddy last Saturday.  I totally re-wired and decked my gooseneck this fall.  He was wiring on a trailer and grumbling like we all do.  I just told him "if you haven't had trailer light problems, you haven't owned a trailer for more than 5 minutes".  He agreed, we chuckled and went on.  I wanted to go LED on mine but the cost was 2X.  It was a pain but sure was nice when it was done.

    Rewiring is easy! Fixing crummy wiring and chasing ground issues is the stuff I dont like.

  10. On 11/5/2016 at 7:11 PM, tony in ca. said:

    Will try it on other hose I have for 1456.

     will let you know.


    Leaving the lay line shows that your hose is rated for the application and if someone were to use it to get a replacement it too would be correct. Plus if the hose is a good quality brand it shows people that look at your tractors that you use only good quality parts.

  11. 13 hours ago, mader656 said:

    No pictures but have spent all week building guard rail wind breaks onto the corrals I built last winter. I hate welding galvanised, bent metal, feel like I've drank enough milk to eliminate the surplus supply. Trying for pictures tomorrow.

    Do you grind the zinc off the metal before welding? 

  12. 11 hours ago, mader656 said:


    Well3-4 inches today... Good shop day. Stay home....

    9 mountain ranges from my place






    Little belts

    Big belts


    Castle mountains.

    If I go north a few miles I can see several more.



    I'll trade you my pristine view of a 10,000 hogs/day slaughterhouse under construction (summer 2017 opening) for your lousy mountain and river view. 

  13. 8 hours ago, tony in ca. said:

         Not that I know of . I bought this from a salvage yard as a 806 PTO shield . It was sprung & bent but we mounted it on our old housing and pounded it out and it fits perfect now . No trimming.

        It was very hard to find, The aftermarket has a ugly square  piece ( IMHO) that covers the top shaft. It shouts not original. IMHO.


    It took me a while to find an OEM PTO shield for my 856 bought that and an IH foot throttle from a guy on the IH facebook page. Now I just need the rear cover that goes behind the seat and covers the hydraulic valves.

  14. 4 hours ago, AKwelder said:

    What's more likely to happen is they will declare the walrus endangered like the polar bear. Then all kinds of hurdles will get in thier way.

    The big point from the article is it said "shallow sea" 

    up up hear if it's shallow enough they get a permit and build an island (or find a natural one) to drill from, much better than a platform. 


    If they have to put 125 miles of line in to get to the Alpine fields there is some very serious work to bring this to market. Alpine was 20 some miles and on land and they claimed well over 10 million man hours to bring oil into the pipeline 

    8ft of water less than 2 miles out. Also read they want to build a gravel island.

  15. Just read an article this morning about a large oil discovery in Alaska (smith bay?). Said it will be a couple years before they develop the field. Can you keep the white dust up north for a while longer?

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