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  1. How does the Yanmar compare price wise to its green twin? We have a JD 4500 (my 2000) and it is a Yanmar with green hood and fenders.
  2. How often does the machine shop clean their hot tank water? Like others have said check everything over to make sure it is within spec. Also take note as you tear down, maybe a pushrod wasn't sitting in the lifter properly.
  3. 15% RETURN!? I hope you own shares of the company you work at.
  4. She is paying attention to what the vet is doing while dad is playing on his phone.
  5. If he forgets to do something and you have to do it deduct it from his paycheck. I'm sure your labor rate is significantly higher than his.
  6. The girl on the tractor isn't watching where she is driving so the other girl has to pitch hay into the baler. Maybe the women wanted horses and the husbands said ok if you bale the hay to feed it.
  7. After testing this first engine are you going to tear it down for a full inspection?
  8. I wonder how much OPEC reversing their production cuts will affect the development of this oil field?
  9. Article said plan is to start production by 2020.
  10. A twin rotor rake is on wish list.
  11. Or put cameras in the fenders and get a rear view mirror with the display in it. Truck looks sharp tony!
  12. Looks like the North Slope will keep pumping oil? I just read about a 1.2 billion barrel find.
  13. Whats with the hydraulic cylinders on the drawbar?
  14. I would ask what material they used for the gas tank at minimum it should be aluminized steel. I'm guessing they probably used a corrosion resistant material but I would have them confirm just for a piece of mind.
  15. If its made from 400 series (409 most common) sermakote is a good choice. With the product you use can you get a mirror like finish on your pipes?
  16. How much cooler? The front will be slightly cooler because they are closest to the water pump and fan.
  17. Tony, did you end up buying insulting wrap for your exhaust pipe? If not I would check with your ceramicote guy and see what the emissivity and insulating properties of the ceramic coating are. A lot of OEMs are using ceramic coating on exhaust pipes because the high exhaust temperatures from the emissions system and the ceramic coating is less bulky than the arymid and foil shielding.
  18. Rewiring is easy! Fixing crummy wiring and chasing ground issues is the stuff I dont like.
  19. When you weld your pipe rail to the post do you notch the rail to get greater contact are with the post? Also do use oil well pipe? do you have corrosion issues with it if you do use it?
  20. Leaving the lay line shows that your hose is rated for the application and if someone were to use it to get a replacement it too would be correct. Plus if the hose is a good quality brand it shows people that look at your tractors that you use only good quality parts.
  21. On your exhaust pipe you should've made the vertical leg a few inches longer than the samle part. Then when you assemble you can trim the pipe to the correct length. I like you post election therapy session.
  22. Do you grind the zinc off the metal before welding?
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