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  1. Or the barn roof. I used to drive silage truck on weekends for a friend that custom chops. We went to a couple of farms where you could just see the peek of the barn roof. The rag weed was tall and thick.
  2. Gee I thought ragweed only grows tall on dairy farms.
  3. Wouldn't burying the part in lime be bad for the part since lime is caustic? I've heard of people using sand to cool castings after welding.
  4. WOW! Can you post a video with it running/driving similar to what Mike L did with his ford?
  5. Canopy bracket looks well built is it collapsible? Where did you get the canopy from?
  6. If you can get a slide hammer onto your injectors fab an end that will thread onto the injector body and then thread onto the slide hammer. That way you get a nice straight upward blow/pull.
  7. Troy, look like you better pack up the fishing gear. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/environment/oops-after-accidental-release-of-atlantic-salmon-fisherman-being-told-catch-as-many-as-you-want/
  8. Tony you better do a Rantoul or bust post like Brady Boy did. Be neat to see some scenery along the route you're taking.
  9. Have them record their measurements. When I overhauled a JD engine for a neighbor I measured pretty much everything and recorded it and had the spec written at the top of each column. When they came back because of an oil consumption issue I knew right away that it wasn't a fitment issue on my end. Turns out they never worked the tractor to seat the piston rings.
  10. Or did she grab the diesel nozzle because she was distracted because of being on the phone?
  11. I hope it is sitting in your driveway now. Looks like a pretty good deal for $800.
  12. Nice clean and straight looking tractor! I wouldn't paint it either.
  13. ORVUS soap works good to wash the calves it makes the white nice and white.
  14. Do you have any friends that are police officers? Border patrol friend? Have them back up into your dooryard a ways and wait for the bozo.
  15. Did you put a pin back through the bolster and kingpin?
  16. Nice job and awesome tractor! I also like how tidy your farm looks from the pictures.
  17. Good to hear you found the issue. AS for metal particles not being in the filter you will probably find most in the bottom of the oil pan and in the oil passages in the rod, crank and block. Only pieces that would end up in filter are the pieces that are small enough to get through the oil pump pick up screen and through the pump. I'm assuming you are going to to a complete overhaul again on the engine?
  18. How does the Yanmar compare price wise to its green twin? We have a JD 4500 (my 2000) and it is a Yanmar with green hood and fenders.
  19. How often does the machine shop clean their hot tank water? Like others have said check everything over to make sure it is within spec. Also take note as you tear down, maybe a pushrod wasn't sitting in the lifter properly.
  20. 15% RETURN!? I hope you own shares of the company you work at.
  21. She is paying attention to what the vet is doing while dad is playing on his phone.
  22. If he forgets to do something and you have to do it deduct it from his paycheck. I'm sure your labor rate is significantly higher than his.
  23. The girl on the tractor isn't watching where she is driving so the other girl has to pitch hay into the baler. Maybe the women wanted horses and the husbands said ok if you bale the hay to feed it.
  24. After testing this first engine are you going to tear it down for a full inspection?
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