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  1. If the axles are worn where the bearing race rides and is out of spec I would look at getting spray welded (what is done to crankshafts) and ground or look into getting that area hard chromed. Here is link to a company that does shaft repair I'm sure there are others out there. http://hausnerinc.com/industrial-hard-chrome-plating-services/hic/
  2. Now you have to do your durability testing. 5000hr? Keep us updated on how well it works through spring planting.
  3. I noticed the 1030 isn't listed in the ad. Did it come out later than the models listed?
  4. What length spear do you use per width of bale? Was looking at the spears made by the German company you bought yours from and they have quite a few different lengths and sizes. I figure a spear 1/2 as long as the bale is wide?
  5. Should probably start a new thread that tractor doesn't appear to be LP. Looks like a fun project.
  6. Looks like a fun project thanks for sharing the pictures.
  7. No spare chain!? I learned a few years ago to carry 1 or 2 extra chains. Seems like you trash a chain 5 minutes after you start cutting and when your furthest away from the garage.
  8. A common sight here in MI. Saw a GM truck under wraps broke down/stopped along the highway last week. Could you tell who the MFG of the car is?
  9. Another avenue if there is a sheet metal fab shop they can probably build one for you.
  10. Can you put your new cows in an isolation area?
  11. We have airlift springs on our 2500 makes pulling the gooseneck horse trailer a lot nicer. Air up when hauling dump pressure when empty.
  12. Now that you say it I see the black marks are the graduations I thought it was the black thread in electro- braid.
  13. Are you putting electro- braid fence in or is that rope just a guide rope?
  14. Did you chrome the hood ornament too? I think the chrome grill really adds to the tractor thanks for sharing.
  15. Your skid loader mounted hydraulically powered brush mower
  16. I burn through 4 gallons a week of milk here $1.69 a gallon for regular 2%milk.
  17. When you get your chromed grille back and installed in the tractor can you take a few pictures of it? I'm thinking about getting the grille on my 856 chromed since the shift levers and throttle need to be cleaned and/or re chromed I figured I would do the grille too.
  18. You better start a new thread on here. When it comes time for robot install/operation.
  19. Try a tractor salvage yard? Worthington has multiple locations. If not take existing screen if you have one to a metal shop and see if they can build one for you.
  20. Congratulations! We had #4 about a month ago all kids are approx 1.5yrs apart.
  21. So what is the verdict on your rotary rake? Does it rake better than a wheel or bar rake?
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