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  1. If you can read the tag on the trans the first set of numbers is the rated torque for the trans.
  2. Would make sense to have a remote engine for an application like a farm. Only other option would have been a line shaft like what the factories of the time used but that setup wouldnt be very feasible on a farm.
  3. I read this article today and it reminded me of your post. Do you know this guy or live nearby? http://nrcs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=a0b40c00a9044d90916ced7584f0f86c
  4. Do you have to add soil back to your fields every so often? Seems like after harvesting the plants a depression would form where your rows used to be. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your operation.
  5. Might as well put a sandbox and playhouse in there too. Keep the kids contained while mom gardens.
  6. Cost savings on water hauling will go to diaper costs.
  7. and forget to engage the PTO for half of it.
  8. Welcome to the forum looks like a fun project! Is the KW a project too?
  9. My friend works for a custom manure application company. He shared some pictures a month or so ago of a similar incident. Evidently on the agitators/pumps when a valve gets closed there is a spike in pressure and a clamp on cap on the end of a pipe can blow off.
  10. Sweet find! Good thing the scrapper rats didn't get to it.
  11. Now the kids can go swimming.
  12. Tenneco, still under Walker exhaust name.
  13. I like the tuneable exhaust pipe. Looks like a fun project keep the pictures and updates coming
  14. Are you looking g to stir up some s**t?
  15. One thing I've noticed about Case tractors is they grow on you. I bought a 1030 a couple of years ago as a short term tractor and was going to sell or trade towards a 1066 or similar. Well the Case is still here its a little clumsy but its dependable and cheap to operate.
  16. And no mud!? Things are just starting to dry up around here.
  17. Pictures from the 12/8/17 quote or did all your snow melt already? Looking at this on my phone and can't tell.
  18. I thought the best coal (used for steel making) came from the powder river mines in Montana?
  19. Another thing to check is to make sure there is no air intrusion into the fuel system. Make sure air is bled from injection pump and lines and if any part of the system is under suction ie from from fuel tank to injector pump.
  20. Is everything timed properly? Did you do the overhaul?
  21. One of these days I would like to add a 9 or 1086 to my collection but first is getting my 856 done.
  22. Chroming or thermal spray welding would have significantly less heat affected(virtually none) area than mig welding and turning in a lathe.
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