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  1. Or all of the Chinese that work for US companies for a few years quit steal information to take back home to Chinese competitor. Tesla just sued a former employee for stealing autonomous vehicle information.
  2. Plot by the Chinese to divert orders from Boeing to COMAC.
  3. Or a Navistar with 2004-2010 MF13.
  4. Are you talking semi trailer or ag trailer? Walking (equalizer) beam suspension can be rubber bushing leaf spring or air. Ag trailers like manure spreaders have no suspension.
  5. If you can read the tag on the trans the first set of numbers is the rated torque for the trans.
  6. Here are pics from my Cummins manual.
  7. They cut the jugular. A friend's dad used to sell a beef to some Muslims they would come out with their fancy knives rolled up in a fancy towel spread it out and do a prayer or whatever then slit the animals throat with precision not a hack job and the steer died quickly and without issues. A Muslim Co worker wanted to buy some chickens and they too would need their throats slit prior to butchering.
  8. Looks like when the lever is pulled the two pieces on either side move outward to disengage drive clutches? As said before clean and lubrI cate maybe move lever and see what else moves or might move. Never saw a midland planter up here in MI.
  9. BOBSIH856


    I wasn't sure if it was better equipment or training techniques. Zeiss supplied optics back then correct?
  10. BOBSIH856


    Did the Germans have better optics?
  11. I have only plowed snow once this winter. Now I just wait a couple days and it melts.
  12. Dad used to push silage with a mfd 5288 and a Degelman blade. Have you had that tractor long?
  13. BOBSIH856


    If you were to add warm water to the DEFtank with crystallized DEF in it would it disolve?
  14. BOBSIH856


    Now you have urea to put on your garden.
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