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  1. BOBSIH856

    About chain saws

    Have a Stihl MS361 with a 20" bar and a little MS218 with a 14" bar the little saw has the easy start so the wife uses it all the time to cut wood. It has really good power.
  2. BOBSIH856

    Anyone smart on air compressors?

    Does it hold air pressure if you shut it off at 80psi?
  3. BOBSIH856

    Moving more hay. Transtar II

    Orchard grass/alfalfa is a really good combination good regrowth only produces seed once a year and has good protein.
  4. BOBSIH856

    Camp fire wildfire

    Looks like my brother in law made the news again. This is the story on the guy he rescued.
  5. BOBSIH856

    Camp fire wildfire

    My brother in law was on the news last week. He didn't mention after he left his burning house he rescued a guy and his 3yr old daughter.
  6. BOBSIH856

    Camp fire wildfire

    My brother in law had a burn permit to burn some brush last year. He was allowed to burn for 2hrs from 9:30-11:30am. So he bought 28 goats to help eat shrubs and grasses in their orchard. 10 goats survived the fire.
  7. With cast parts just make a CAD model from print or known good part and then get with a mid sized foundry and have them cast your part. At the moment most 3D printers are used for making plastic prototype parts. There is some printers the lay powdered metal to be sintered.
  8. BOBSIH856

    IH plows

    It has a tail wheel and gauge wheel.
  9. Is it a commercial chassis or custom? How new is it? Like said above if it had a pump driven off the transmission output you'll need to replace that segment of driveline. I would look the frame over to see if the body builder hacked the frame flanges for body or plumbing clearances. Top speed varies from department to department.
  10. BOBSIH856

    Camp fire wildfire

    4th largest fire in CA history.
  11. BOBSIH856

    IH plows

    My 4-18 710 is automatic reset.
  12. BOBSIH856

    Camp fire wildfire

    Everybody is ok. The cat that they couldn't find when they evacuated miraculously survived without any injury one of their chickens survived too. House is just block walls.
  13. BOBSIH856

    Camp fire wildfire

    Got some sad news from my sister Thursday evening. They lost their house and farm to the wildfire in Paradise valley.
  14. BOBSIH856

    Now seriously, who had this idea?

    If those kids are anything like mine I can see that happening.
  15. Nice floor! We have oak throughout our house it is way better than carpet. What is that pole in your wife's exercise room?