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  1. BOBSIH856

    1586 rear axle planetary

    That would be a nice cost savings to submit.
  2. BOBSIH856

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    Must be the Bobcat was bought used and spent the first part of its life bedding freestalls. Even though it doesn't have a bucket load of sand it still drives on two wheels.
  3. Neat pictures! Whats the scoop on the 3 wheeled chain driven mod?
  4. BOBSIH856

    From A Land Far, Far, Away

    Minute mark 2:37 shows where the machine is going over corn that was pushed over when he was try to go crossways.
  5. BOBSIH856

    Anybody heard from Howard/NebraskaCowman

    Anybody hear from pete23?
  6. BOBSIH856


    They seem quite popular. There are two that deliver motorhome chassis to camperland I should take a picture the one is red and black and looks real sharp the other is light blue.
  7. BOBSIH856

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    Just had this picture come across my Facebook feed. Evidently the mom worked at Home Depot and got fired for posting this picture.
  8. BOBSIH856

    Last of 2017 soybean crop

    It will shake down. On the plus side at least you're not heavy on the steer axle.
  9. BOBSIH856

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    We went through the whole thing....
  10. BOBSIH856

    Loading chute

    If you look at the horizontal pipe coming of the front hoop that is attached to the pivot it is a smaller ID than the rear half and the ends of each horizontal tube is welded to a larger ID pipe than the OD of the hoop pipe so the horizontal tube can pivot on the vertical members of the hoop as they slide in and out.
  11. BOBSIH856

    Weed experts

    Look like dodder. Here is a link
  12. BOBSIH856

    Romper Room

    Didn't want BJ to lock down and delete the thread too early.
  13. BOBSIH856

    Almost Finished

    I wonder if the rifles are 400 series SS. 400 series will rust (a lot of SS exhaust is 400 series).
  14. BOBSIH856

    Romper Room

    I thought you were going to bring up your new shop uniform!
  15. BOBSIH856

    Almost Finished

    What series SS do they use 400? One thing to keep in mind especially with 300 series stainless is if during the mfg process or any process where ferritic material come in contact with the SS it will stain the SS. Example if someone uses a wire wheel or steelwool to clean or shine up a spot it will leave trace amounts of iron on the SS and will leave a rust stain.