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  1. If you try to ohm out a condenser the resistance should climb because the voltage put out by the meter energizes the condenser. If your getting a steady reading you have a bad condenser. Digital meter should climb and read OL.
  2. Emergency response vehicles still have the derate modes but the driver can override the system temporarily. Military vehicles have zero emissions controls.
  3. I'm sure the 5500 also has derate modes too.
  4. I ran cross country in high school. It was a blast some courses were around and through golf courses others went through fields, woods, up an old landfill, around a cemetery many unique courses. The late season races were usually cold and wet sometimes snowing.
  5. PVC pipe for the silo and drinking straws for the blower pipe. Dad also made small feed bins using empty medicine bottles form the dairy and syringe plungers for the legs, made a dump ramp out of a thin piece of plywood and syringes for the cylinders.
  6. I would fully weld your seams where the sides and bottom meet on the inside of the dump box. it wont take much to get dirt in between your sheets and warp/distort your sheet metal.
  7. A friend of mine has a diesel half ton RAM and he absolutely loves it he pulls a single axle utility trailer from MI to NM every winter and gets low to mid 20s fuel mileage.
  8. Doesn't most of the beef in this area of Mi go to JBS in plainwell?
  9. Or all of the Chinese that work for US companies for a few years quit steal information to take back home to Chinese competitor. Tesla just sued a former employee for stealing autonomous vehicle information.
  10. Plot by the Chinese to divert orders from Boeing to COMAC.
  11. Or a Navistar with 2004-2010 MF13.
  12. Are you talking semi trailer or ag trailer? Walking (equalizer) beam suspension can be rubber bushing leaf spring or air. Ag trailers like manure spreaders have no suspension.
  13. If you can read the tag on the trans the first set of numbers is the rated torque for the trans.
  14. Here are pics from my Cummins manual.
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