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  1. Meet Mr. Clyde

    We had a Calico cat that got it's foot smashed the toes turned blue and fell of so her stump was just the middle pad of her paw.
  2. Chevy Avalanche

    Rust under the cladding around wheels
  3. Continuing Education

    A lot of people are in that boat because the "retraining" programs from 2008. A lot of un employed factory and unskilled laborers went back to school and are now back at the factory with debt and/or training that they aren't utilizing.
  4. quick books pirating

    My Microsoft Office is a yearly subscription usually get an email about two months before it expires to renew. Have you received an e mail notifications that you quick books is about to expire?
  5. Last of IH

    Been speculated that VW HD truck division might buy Navistar. VW bought 17% stake 1 1/2 years ago.
  6. spring plowing pics!

    Vehicle cancer
  7. Unreadable Serial # tag on 806

    Have you tried doing a rubbing on the plate? Thin paper and a pencil you might be able to get part of the missing number.
  8. Continuing Education

    Health care is also a good field to get into.
  9. Meet someone else ❗️ Luke

    Hope I'm not derailing your thread. Here is a picture of our new pup.
  10. Continuing Education

    Does what you want to do pencil out? Like said above check with universities and colleges and see if they offer any express courses aimed at working professionals.
  11. Tariffs

    The CCC certification to export trucks to China is a real pain too. Then they can revoke it for any small reason.
  12. OT: anyone familiar with Smoker boats?

    I was going to suggest a cigarette top fish but you might have to go to a big lake
  13. Side arm water heater

    Ours does the same Scalds your ace for first month of burning and then all of a sudden the max temp is warm enough to not feel cool. I'm debating on switching to a plate type exchanger since our hot water demand is quite high with four kids. My guess is that the boiler is idling longer and the side arm slowly heats the water in your water heater so that is why you are needing to turn on the heatar elements. Try and narrow up your min max temp on the boiler(example 170-180 temp narrow up to 175-180)
  14. Living privacy fence

    On our farm we removed a bunch of the willows hated baling hay along the treeline plus we did what you did and the pines were bald on the side of the willows. A year later the pines look nice and full.