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  1. BOBSIH856

    303 oil

    Never read the label what API and SAE specs does 303 meet?
  2. BOBSIH856

    scraper/pan hitch repair

    I should have take a picture of the weld robots at work.
  3. BOBSIH856

    Westendorf Hitch and Go

    That's what I want to buy for my hay wagon. Since I only have one loader tractor getting bales out of the field requires a lot of hitching and un hitching the wagon.
  4. BOBSIH856

    scraper/pan hitch repair

    After it cools does the part go to a machine shop to turn OD and radius transition to the ball?
  5. BOBSIH856

    JX95 Fuel Issue

    Check to make sure o ring isn't damaged on filter or doubled up. If there was a vent on filter head for bleeding make sure it is tight and sealing properly.
  6. BOBSIH856

    Millermatic 250

    Didn't mention price hoping to get it for 100 or so.
  7. BOBSIH856

    Millermatic 250

    My work has a millermatic 250 that has been sitting in a corner and not being used. I ask why and was told it welded crappier than the crappy welder at the tech center. It has two rotary knobs and no digital display. From further conversation wire feed is a little erratic and they had trouble laying a good bead with it. Is it difficult to diagnose issues with the welder are there voltage checks I can do to diagnose problems. Are parts readily available and reasonable in price? Thinking about buying it and possibly repairing it to use it at my house for repairs and random projects.
  8. BOBSIH856

    Let me continue my b'tching....

    Dad has a friend who got mad at a tail gator who had their high beams on stopped his car grabbed a tire iron and busted their headlights out.
  9. BOBSIH856

    Saving Money

    When I lost my job back in August my biggest concern was health ins. Luckily I was able to land a new job within a month but I still had to pay the cobra ins till the end of 2018. $2k a month to keep the family insured. One thing I really like about how a lot of banks do the online wallets to help you track your expenses makes it easier to save money I almost treat it like a game.
  10. BOBSIH856

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Article mentioned closing of loopholes during the tax reforms too.
  11. BOBSIH856

    Saving Money

    I was watch PBS news hour last night and they interviewed a lady in NJ whos husband worked for the federal government and she was a teacher. She was crying about having to call financial institutions and lenders about not being able to make their monthly payment on time or at all for the month. Do people not save any money and run so much debt that they have no reserves to make any payments on debts? Shut down is going on two weeks so that is one or no missed paydays assuming they get paid biweekly or monthly.
  12. BOBSIH856

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Just read an article about taxing the top earners 70% and how during Eisenhower it was 90% and then dropped during Kennedy and Johnson then some more when tax brackets were changed in the 80's.
  13. BOBSIH856

    Black walnut log value

    Had a logger offer us $2600 for a walnut tree that sits just off the road along our driveway it 24 or so inches in diameter and a good 20' of straight trunk.
  14. BOBSIH856

    Building a new truck for Christmas...

    Better put some rain caps on those stacks or make some mini coffee cans. Neat resto/mod job.
  15. BOBSIH856

    I guess they didn't know ?? Or forgot.

    It's a jeep thing.