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  1. BOBSIH856

    We Made It

    Water skiing video to follow?
  2. BOBSIH856

    Why weld down gooseneck are bad...

    But then "builders" won't be able to drive their rat rods around. Who says a grade 2 bolt on a steering/suspension component won't hold.
  3. BOBSIH856

    Why weld down gooseneck are bad...

    Plus welding on the flange is a huge no no.
  4. BOBSIH856

    just ordered a new computer

    I would also look at the surface pro.
  5. BOBSIH856

    IH 856 TERP

    Is a TERP official present when hole(s) are drilled into the block? I wonder if you could pop out the freeze plug for "documention"?
  6. BOBSIH856

    New Berlin

    WW1 and 2 had a lot of influence on German names. That is why IH used AMBAC pumps.
  7. BOBSIH856


    I no tilled some pearl millet in two of my pastures I think 20% emerged. This fall I'm going to plow strips then seed some fall forages seems like every time I no till directly into the sod it doesn't come up like I want. I don't want to use chemicals to kill of the grass either. I have to post a picture of my no skill farming.
  8. BOBSIH856


    Did you end up putting some millet out?
  9. BOBSIH856

    Supply Management for Milk

    Store brand around here is about 1.09 per gallon.
  10. BOBSIH856

    Sending PDF manuals

    Did you try to compress the file size (zip folder)?
  11. BOBSIH856

    About time

    If he didn't do what he was told he would've been killed then. How far down the chain of command does the hunt go? He will probably end up like the 92 year old that was deproted a few years ago they die of health/age before any sentencing.
  12. BOBSIH856

    This weather is gonna put me out

    He is Hopkins. I used to help him build and fix pivots on weekends and during spring/summer vacation.
  13. BOBSIH856

    This weather is gonna put me out

    My friend sells Zimmatic pivots, that will fix your water timing issue and give you more to do.
  14. BOBSIH856

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    Did it rain there after lunch? We got 2" here in coldwater.
  15. BOBSIH856

    Ed Adolph auction...anyone going?

    He had a lot of the tractors stored in barns around the area and in the gravel pit behind his house.