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  1. Our fire engines (4) including tanker, use the truck air to blow them out. Remember one night at a structure fire -0 by some. I was operating tanker first load it was all good, watch gauges and pump as needed. Went for next load of water, till I got back gauge tubes where froze solid. Pumped the next 2 loads by the ole "heel on the hose" method for right pressure.
  2. Had a 4BT Cummins in wood chipper that muffler rotted away and head was rusted horrible inside intake manifold as well as exhaust ports. Studied and done the electrolysis to clean it up. I was impressed, almost looked like a new casting.

    Case ih 5130

    I am sure you are aware of the trans serial break on bottom shaft? High serial uses different bottom gear.
  4. First off welcome to the forum! I believe you are dealing with multiple problems and will attempt to break each one down............ Little unsure what you are saying "starter won't catch" do you mean starter is running but will not turn engine? If so I would venture a guess that your drive clutch / bendix is bad. The pressure switches have nothing to do with start circuit. Kicking out of gear while steering, you will need to get a pressure gauge in hydraulics and test / set pressures for hitch & remote circuit, steering circuit and I would advise checking / setting compens

    Case ih 5130

    On right hand side in behind battery box is the options cover. Once removed you will see the main top shaft with gear and drop gear. These are the ones you will replace. The drop gear is held on place with a bolt, would advise taking bolt loose before removing top shaft. Once you have bolt loose you can remove snap ring #12 on top shaft and collapse top shaft to bring it out on bench and press gear off. Install new gear and press bearing back in place, install bottom gear you should be good to go. 51-5200 SERIES 25MPH 31MPH TOP GEAR 1995339C1 116782A1

    Case ih 5130

    I have the part numbers at shop and can reply in morning. 25 or 31 is an option 31 gears are expensive.
  7. You can't beat the OEM service manuals. I have several sets of them for 51 & 5200 series tractors. Lots of serial breaks in wiring harnesses, transmission control an etc...
  8. What is your pump number?? You do have it timed with #1 on compression?
  9. Got a 1586 in shop right now that is a can of worms. Customer bought a good use engine out of a truck. I said man it's going to take a lot of labor to switch front cover, fuel system, pan, manifolds & turbo, oil filter base an etc...over. I would rather just rebuild what you have. Tractor comes in with truck engine on trailer and front cover already removed. Pulled pan on truck engine and found coolant in the pan. Not sure where it may have come from but skeered to use it without pressure testing cooling system. I see this thing turning into a complete nightmare for all involved. He wants
  10. Buhler Versatile...........used to be a Ford New Holland Genesis.
  11. Same thing this side of the mtn...........
  12. Item 3A....... just a thin wear sleeve that fits on hub of front pulley, then seal in turn rides on wear sleeve.
  13. I lay new sleeve on hot plate for little bit, then simply drop it on front pulley. I always put a very light coat of retaining compound on OD of where it goes on pulley to seal it
  14. There are (2) switches operated by clutch pedal, one is declutch switch and the other is clutch swap switch. Sounds like switch is bad or adjustment for switch is needed. The wiring diagram is a fold out and would be very hard "for me at least" to post a copy here. Do you have a local dealer that would let you look at his book and make some notes?
  15. I have pondered many a time of shutting down the shop to public and buying 1800 & XT series machines. Rebuilding them from the ground up, offering a 2 speed, hyd bucket coupler and ride control. Wonder what type of market it would be for something like that? To comment on OP questions, I think track machines in general have their place but certainly have a higher cost of operation. Not to mention when it's "0" or less for the first 10-15 minutes till tracks an idlers warm up they rob tremendous amount of power. PS.. make sure you run the mud out of track system before shutting if dow
  16. According to CNH parts books, yes both tractors use the following parts. I wonder if picture maybe isn't showing the needle bearings slid unto idler shaft. The center needle is the one that supports front end of 540 shaft in main pto housing, the other 2 go in 540 gear. 381507R1 shaft 381509R1 gear T15025 needle bearing X2
  17. Thanks guys, it was just another day in the shop...... Happy Birthday to others as well. Dale it marked 44 laps.........it ain't the age, its the miles that get a fellow!! I started working on the concrete floor when I was 14.5 years old at Oliver / White dealer, been at it every since
  18. I will add that calibration is pretty important for longer life of that transmission. We added power shift buttons to the loader control joystick for quite a few people.


    Local strip mall exploded Saturday morning from a gas leak.........seen, heard and felt by persons up to 15 miles away. https://www.dnronline.com/dnronline/three-hospitalized-two-flown-to-u-va-after-explosion-rocks-city-shopping-center/article_ed38c792-c539-5833-a6c8-03e9cbf32d91.html#tncms-source=article-nav-next
  20. I have had way too many of those extenda booms apart, do everything while you are there. We are spoiled here set them inline under hoist system and slide them apart, piece of cake, but still a nasty, greasy, oily job.
  21. Start one side in and then roll it in, doesn't thread apart
  22. Pto in 56 series tractors has spring applied brakes. So if pto runs all the time it is (a) clutches welded together or (b) brake pistons worn out. When you engage pto the same pressure that applies the clutch over rides spring applied brakes backing them off the clutch drum. To rebuild a pto unit most times all you need is a complete kit from AG Parts or Hy-Capacity for around $180-200 bucks.
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