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  1. Almost embarrassed to say but....no not yet. Case engineering is telling me that it has to go thru a self learning process and will possibly self heal. I have long ago quit tracking my labor on this job...just want to fix it and move on. @SDman has sent me some good info. Customer came by yesterday and dropped off a NH version of the same machine yesterday with the same issue.
  2. Clean it real good, then standing up in vise shaft end down. Remove the (7) bolts making sure you only remove the outer steel ring and the inner sealing ring. New sealing ring should extend beyond the steel ring a strong 1/16 or so. Make sure #25 sticks to end cap (use a bit of grease) then set end cap back on making sure pin in end cap does NOT engage into the elongated hole in #21. It should engage in round hole. Torque bolts to 19 FT LBS. To replace the shaft seal you can cap all fittings except inlet / pressure fitting. Remove roll pin, dust wiper, and snap ring. Now apply a bit of shop air to inlet / pressure fitting and it will blow shaft seal up out of housing. Install new seal making sure lip doesn't get damaged / roll as you work it in place. Once started in place you can now push it in place with the new spacer that sets on top of seal until snap ring fits back in. You got it from there....
  3. Have a 2015 Case TV380 (308 hrs) in the shop. It came in with SCR failure. Active codes 19335 Pressure build up error and 19817 Dosing valve blockage. Ok so this should be an easy fix, considering the age / hours, I drained DEF tank, flushed and filled with new DEF. Thinking 19335 was possibly caused by 19817, I pulled dosing valve, yep it was all crystalized. Installed new dosing valve thinking I had this cat in a bag. Test ran to find 19335 still active, went thru troubleshooting tree for 19335 and determined a bad metering pump. Installed (Reman) metering pump. Test ran again (2 hrs) everything perfect. Customer comes to pick up machine and made it 300 ft before it set a new code 17405 filter clogged / relay sticking. Went thru tree for this and haven't found a thing. Case sends us another metering pump. Installed it this morning and still the same code sets. I have generic software that we can reset counters, force regens an etc... I have done every test imaginable, went thru connections / connectors and still nothing. I am about ready to beat this thing into a plow share. When you open tail gate it looks some engineer had a seizure during the design phase, can't even see the DEF metering pump. Its deep down in the left arm pit, only accessible after major surgery......sigh. I won't even began to list what I have went thru thus far testing and repairing.........Any insight from any of you guys?
  4. Working a burnt NH TL90A thru the shop right now.....where do ya stop on something. Wiring harnesses NLA, to their credit they (NH) did provide me the blueprint of harnesses. Agri Services in NY say they will build them for us.
  5. I would question, is the lower solenoid unplugged? Lower solenoid is the bottom one on hitch valve, gets unplugged all the time from corn stalks an etc... If it's plugged up I would check it with OHM meter and make sure it has a value. Swap your solenoid wire and see if it lowers in raise position. Not sure without looking but I would think it should OHM somewhere between 7 - 10 OHM's. Wish those solenoids had a manual override like the Magnum hitch solenoids.
  6. Interesting as I brought one in shop yesterday with the same toggle switch installed. Rear Ring & Pinion is toast...sigh what a job! Don't think whoever installed switch understands that you have to "turn it on" to turn it off. Switch is labeled backwards, when toggled to off the MFD is engaged.
  7. You thinking Breizelec? I've had good luck with them on CIH & NH controllers an such like.
  8. You thinking Breizelec? I've had good luck with them on CIH & NH controllers an such like.
  9. Sorry, was talking about the 2 speed output of pto unit. The little shift pins and shift piston like to wear out. As far as the hydraulic valves, most times its the detent assembly that is leaking. Just needs to be removed and resealed. 3 little allen head screws hold then on to valve body on left side.
  10. Went there for a hammermill assy for MF / Papec grinder mixer. Buzzed up over the hill, down thru the hollow, and up around the bend in the pictured Gator. Fired up torch and lobbed the whole thing out by cutting around the bearing mounts. They have parts trees, where they cut branches off within several feet of the main trunk, then hang haybine tongue assemblies and such like from the trees.
  11. Right under remote valve stack is a big hex plug in the heart of it is a little 10mm hex back it out a couple turns. Now make sure large hex is snug / tight then tighten the 10mm one back up. When loader is installed if the little one isn't backed out far enough the big one doesn't get a tight as it should be before little one seats.
  12. If baffle has 90* bends on end could you use a self drilling or a self tapping sheet metal screw? Would have to seal head of screw to tank. I guess enough flex or vibration in tank that it broke loose?
  13. You can verify with pressure gauge, but sounds like a clutch that was slipping under load and now discs are welded together. If pressure drops to "0" when pto is turned off and 280 + when on, you may as well pull pto unit. To pull the unit you have to remove remote valve stack, hitch arms, drawbar carrier and of course drain the trans. How many hours on tractor? If you pull it down I would rebuild output group while its off / apart.
  14. Todd, thanks for taking me around the grounds in pictures!! Much appreciated


    Just had training on this 2 weeks ago, haven't dealt with it yet but just a matter of time.
  16. Sounds like a possibly problem in your modulation circuit of shuttle valve assy. Need to check items 14, 19, 20 & 21 then the temperature compensating spool 31-36 https://www.mycnhistore.com/us/en/caseih/tractors/agricultural/naaa01agr046maxxum/case-ih-maxxum-tractor-north-america/power-train/transmission-forwardreverse-shuttle-valve/cn/D8692542-8FBF-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6/16D06496-EFBE-E111-9FCE-005056875BD6
  17. The rear remote mounted switches ground the control relay. Starting at left side the ground goes thru each switch on terminals 0 & 01, then over to right side thru the same terminals and finally to the hitch control relay in console. The last switch you test will probably be the bad one, or at least that's my luck!
  18. Last one I done back last summer, ended up having my dealer do a "dealer search" and found a set in ND. They came in, bearings where in original International Harvester parts boxes!
  19. No AC in shop here, parts / office area is and it's nice but I really don't mind it in shop either. I come in early and open big doors a foot or two and run exhaust fan till 630 or so then closed her up for the day. It actually stays nice in shop. It does take a little planning to get / have next job setting inside washed and ready to tear into.
  20. Yep, I would say that is what they are. Tractor had trans work done prior to our customer purchasing it. Everything works and Hi - Lo clutches are strong, thinking possibly wasn't cleaned out of range housing from last repair. Waiting for customer consent to dig further.
  21. I think they are the ones prying and we are the ones praying....!
  22. Have a 5488 in shop for hydraulic work. Attempted to change filters without draining transmission oil, oil would not quite running out of rear housing. Drained trans down and then drained filter housing, found (5) large, (4) small springs and 3 broken dowel pins in valve for filter housing. Pretty sure they had to come from a backing plate in Hi or Low clutch. Can someone verify by measurement? Large spring measures free length 1.690 Dia. .745 Small spring measures free length 1.500 Dia. .485 Dowel pin length .900 Dia. .312 I am sure they aren't from master clutch, as I removed cover under park housing and was able to check master clutch.
  23. Pretty sure you can access blower resistor thru filter door. 2 different resistors a barrel type or card type. If fan only runs on high that will be the problem.
  24. I just ordered / installed (2) Fel-Pro head gaskets in D 282 engines. Got them from Riley Tractor Parts
  25. The tool I made is simply just a Schrader valve, 1/8 NPT. Took valve core out and made a pin that Schrader valve acts on to open Schrader valve in accumulator. I also had to make a little adapter for conversion of the threads from 1/8 NPT to 1/2 NF. Been used many times.
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