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  1. I would be interested, how many do you have and what do you want for them?

  2. I'm sure I'll a few parts along the way. Right now I'll be changing all the fluids and fixing the leaks. I do like the flat top fenders better and I'll be looking for those!

    1. IHRedDrive


      You've got a real nice tractor there. Congrats on your purchase. 504 is a stout tractor. There are parts you may need that are not available at CIH or aftermarket suppliers. If you run into anything, let me know I'll help you out any way I can!

    2. augercreek


      Thanks for the offer ! The exaust elbow is not listed in any catalog that I have so I made up one with pipe fittings. The part looks like a very long street elbow. I wonder if any other models use that part?

  3. Happy birthday Chub!

  4. Where abouts in NE MN? Are you aware we have a club in Beaver Bay? North Shore Tractor and Equipment Club.

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