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  1. Hey im interested to see how you have your saddle tanks set up on that i have green snyders on the 1086 to spray and they are set as close to the tractor as they can be also would like to see the tractor looks neat.
  2. i forgot to mention when i had the flashers on in the first position the rear left field light was flashing with the flashers i checked all the wires and fuse block is ok power on both sides of fuses have not had time to mess with it yet since saturday
  3. hey guys working on the 1086 getting it set up to spray the lights quit working last fall started messing with them tonight the flashers work on the first click and the second click but no head lights the third click no feild lights i checked fuses they are good its hot on both sides so power is going through them i dont know if this is the right way but i unplugged the switch found the hot spades bottom one and top right corner put a wire in and touched the other spades and nothing. im not sure what else to check i dont have another switch to try either
  4. thanks guys any of you care to share how you keep records i do everything on a tablet paper, also was wondering about how to figure cost of gain i have asked feed guys this question and always get an attitude like its top secret like i said im just a young guy learning and theres a lot of info on here.
  5. Thank you 1466 i like the pictures you post of the cattle, i have thought about doing custom feeding to finish i dont plan on owning any too much risk for me at the moment. Dad always owned them but he said you could usually always make money but today the markets are too volitle.
  6. I chose this fourm to ask because you guys are straight shooters i was wondering what your thoughts were on back grounding light colored calves start them at 400 and take them up to 600 700 pounds and if there is any money in custom. I am just a younger guys looking at ideas i have the machinery to put up hay and silage also 450 feet of concrete fence line bunks along with a 30 by 60 loafing shed open to the south. I also have machinery to handle manure and rented ground to apply it on i have always wanted to feed just cant find anybody how would take the time to help me get started thanks in
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