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  1. the fuse holder was corroded and tightened the spades to hold the fuse tight
  2. i apologize i thought this was the thread i started my mistake.
  3. thank you for 55 dollars you can get the instructions from westendorf
  4. im spose to put this on for a neighbor not real sure i have enough holes in the frame near the bell housing by looking at the frame on my black stripe 14 i will get some picures of the frame
  5. Would anybody have pictures of how the brackets go on a 966?
  6. Hey im interested to see how you have your saddle tanks set up on that i have green snyders on the 1086 to spray and they are set as close to the tractor as they can be also would like to see the tractor looks neat.
  7. i forgot to mention when i had the flashers on in the first position the rear left field light was flashing with the flashers i checked all the wires and fuse block is ok power on both sides of fuses have not had time to mess with it yet since saturday
  8. hey guys working on the 1086 getting it set up to spray the lights quit working last fall started messing with them tonight the flashers work on the first click and the second click but no head lights the third click no feild lights i checked fuses they are good its hot on both sides so power is going through them i dont know if this is the right way but i unplugged the switch found the hot spades bottom one and top right corner put a wire in and touched the other spades and nothing. im not sure what else to check i dont have another switch to try either
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