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  1. the 1203s automatically had the updates the update can be installed in the 1202's which i turned down the last time this broke and tried to get this time and was on back order for who know how long, so we fixed it again the original way the ratcheting sound could be the bearings on the hex shaft ? my 2388 i had the bearing went causing some bad thing but caught soon enough nothing bad happened just finished spraying today, i want to spray more but the cost is getting crazy time for the weather to kill it now, sprayed alot of round up and heat which worked very well can see results on everything ive sprayed so now just start cleaning things off and packing away, got some rocks to pick and some old fence to tear down as i seem to be farming closer and closer to it
  2. edit- also my 1202 swather died on the road on the way to the first feild this year the bolts on the flywheel that has the gear on it to drivve the hydraulic pumps broke causing everything to stop had to disable the hubs and pull it off the road and get it all custom swathed as parts were all over the country to fix it, and later that night the pressure tank in the basement sprung a leak flooded abit Harvest was crazy here but a quick one my 7088 went down right out of the gate breaking a bolt on one of the shaker arms and destroying the whole sieve, arms and everything so the ol 2188 took most of it off same as everyone yields were all over i followed the combine with the sprayer and took care of the weeds and i finally got my combine back 2 weeks later in time to help finish the last 3 quarters of canola, we had some hail go though a few weeks ago and damage some crop my standing canola which was a complete disaster to begin with and hail made it worse, finished combining on Saturday, the area is mostly done the big guys are finishing up as well now to do up some dirt work and odd jobs for the next month should spray more probably but round up is still going up in price ment to give you guys updates but the forums wouldn't let me post here for some reason
  3. ya the bushings are fine some bolts on the hangers came loose and one side was lower and it shook and cracked in quite a few spots, did hear any banging goin on the actuator that sets the sieve from the cab the wire got cut and sent a code and upon my inspection i found everything in trouble none of my canola is straight cut variety either so that's why i don't know what to do but last yr i straight cut the last quarter just due to the wind and it got ripe faster than i could swath it worked out well little loss but was nice not swathing it combined easier and little bigger kernels
  4. working on peas here almost done my combine the top sieve decide to call early retirement and shake itself apart seem to be average 13-18 bushels not great but could be worse i guess get these done the next couple days then sit for abit haven't decided what to do with the canola yet to straight cut or swath it yet
  5. been getting closer here aswell to stinkin hot during the day to get anything accomplished i found a bin of 2 yr old wheat heated on me some time in the last yr I took some out last summer and it was fine and now with commodity prices clean out all bins turned out to be around 20% heated but I found a home for it already for not a bad price, not sure why it heated it was only 15.6 moisture still got some bins to clean out and the odd job left to do but may try combining peas near the end of the week suppose to cool down a few degrees so hopefully that happens other crops are still hanging in aswell surprisingly i looked at my best wheat crop on pea stubble and big heads and the full going into hard dough stage, haven't looked at canola yet hoping to straight cut some but will swath some to I'm sure yet
  6. lightning woke me up at 2am last night ended up with 2 tenth which is better than nothing i guess, but back to hot temps again and sounds like it gonna get a few degrees hotter yet, most of the equipment is ready to go just installed 1 new canvas into the swather this afternoon, just got some wheat to move around and bins to clean out, Peas are really turning probably spray early next week
  7. ive never replaced one of those under the chopper, my 7088 has bolt on wear plates under the chopper that i replaced when i bought it way nicer than replacing the whole pan i also put all new chopper blades in to i went with redekopp blades a few more bucks but way nicer chopping of straw, the knives are kinda spaced poorly cant get a strong arm or a ratchet in there just a wrench and usually have to hit with a hammer to get them loose still working on equipment here aswell combines are done my headers is almost done just pulled the swather out last night, just need to replace a canvas and a oil change and it should be ready and clean out a couple bins yet Crops are still progressing the peas are shutting down the canola is just about done flowering i looked at the first wheat i seeded last night and the seeds were about 3/4 developed, cloudy a lot but no rain has fallen really hope we could catch a thunder storm but they seem to be going north and south of us, either it rain in the next week or dont rain at all and get harvest under way then rain after harvest as holy i hope we get a lot of snow this winter or we'll be going into a dry next year with unreal fertilizer cost
  8. i dont have any pictures but i finally bought my grandpa 706 home after being gone for 30ish yrs its been completely rebuilt in its life once before and i changed the oil and found copper colored shards stuck to the oil drain plug this one is a 1967 model so got the 310 in it so its currently parked till winter when we got time to pull the pan and see whats goin on, still has really good oil pressure was the biggest tractor in our area when grandpa bought it got around 7500hrs on it currently
  9. southland trucks in lethbridge ab said the International name will carry on into the future
  10. what kind of yields are you neighbors to the south pulling off from everything i see looks to be quite a good crop there this year even in kansas aswell
  11. thanks guys i'll give all the ideas a look at here the next time i get a moment, yes i unhooked the generator a while back already i always unhook the battery aswell when i'm not working on it
  12. things are moving along here aswell had about a half inch all together in random showers, perked things up aswell but woulda liked more, peas and canola and hanging in nice but my cereals are short the heads are nice looking but short so farm comin out so hopefully it stretches' abit more the peas are poding out and canola is mostly in full bloom and branching out, was a cool couple days but looks like were heading back into the oven again for more warm weather but hoping to catch a thunderstorm or 2 in next couple days
  13. both but ive mainly been watching points while turning it over
  14. yes i bought a new coil at napa, i found my load tester and the battery holds a charge but does seem to turn over slower than i expected, but this is my first 6 volt system tractor, ive been putting a charger on it and turning it over to make it really spin for a few seconds to see if theres spark,
  15. i'm sure the system is positive ground, as the generator and the starter part number come up as 6 V i'm testing just with a test light at the moment i cant find a ohm meter, just when i touch the coil bolt on the outside of the distributer it lights up and when i turn it over it sorta dims abit like its pulsing a spark but i cant physically see a spark between the points, the only thing i can sorta think of right now is the on off switch isnt doing anything cause nothing changed when i pull it out or push it in as i still have power to everything, both sides of the coil and the points
  16. finally getting alittle rain so back into the shop working on the C i bought a new condensor and points and no change, i don't know what way to go now i'm kinda lost now i still have power at the point just no spark
  17. yesterday was crazy hot crew showed up and changed my sprayer tires over to the skinnys for desicating and drove it back into the shed for a month i hope went down to Rouleau to the ritchie bros yard to look at some stuff, crops vary all over the country drive into some really nice stuff and some ugly looking stuff, i'm still hoping for an average year here yet but we gonna need alittle help from above to make it happen quite a light show here tonight but no moisture to show for it
  18. my 1680 had the standard caseih bars in it with harvest service concaves and it did real well in canola to wheat, also agree with Jass1660 to tight will have more white caps you can turn the sieves tighter to rethrash but then if the wheat it to dry your can grind up wheat to, some white caps are normal, remember its a combine not a grain cleaner
  19. finished crop spraying a few days ago wasted no time washing it out and off and driving into the shed for the summer, didn't want this hot dry sun beating on it being a lot of the sprayer is rubber and plastic and keep the paint somewhat good took a drive to swift current yesterday to look at a combine and there's a lot of sad crops once you get down by the river, salesman i talked to said south of swift is just on the border of crop failure so i consider myself lucky with what i got i just hope i can catch a thunder storm or 2 in the next few days to keep it going
  20. would you suppose the run and stop switch could be bad not telling it to fire even with power at the points?? just a though i had in my travels today
  21. this tractor doesnt have one of those square boxes so i'm guessing the points are maybe bad, i filed them a touch and there's power there but just no spark really odd but i'm not even sure of the previous owner even had it running can everything (pints/ condenser) be changed in the distributor on the tractor or be taken off for repairs?
  22. i used prestige once before pretty stinky stuff if i recall planning to use mostly occtain and horizon on most acres kochia is my main weed i'm trying to keep under control ive work and spent alot of money to get it back under control now i got it pretty good, showers all day today so no spraying looks like the corn is knee high by the 4th of july good looking crop coming
  23. how good of a job does lontrel do to the thistles? i sprayed 80 acres today that holy moly i don't know where they all came from the field was pretty clean till now nothing else just grassy weeds and Canada thistles everything else seem ok i had alittle left and hit them again once i was done the field will try to spray round up this fall everything else is looking good between the odd shower and wind i don't get much spraying time, down to last bit of canola then onto cereals and then park the dang sprayer and do something funner
  24. by voltage regulator I'm guessing you mean the square electrical box? if so this one doesn't have one, i really don't care if the charging system works or not as much as this tractor will run i just want it to start and run, gonna replace a few old wires tomorrow and see if that changes anything, i have power to the coil and the the hot point of distributor point but no spark in there
  25. worked at it abit today still having some sparking when i put the battery cables on, the only thing i cant figure out is the generator is getting warm while trying to crank it, which we havent done very much of as i think the new battery i bought yesterday is no good, still no spark at the plugs either
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