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  1. i'm impressed you get throu that nice fluff with a short track with not much of a lug, looks like great riding in the bush i might have to try and come up your way next year
  2. unfortunately I'm a newer model than a 1989 model so there for i need to have it and i plated the sled today to that hurt paying the pst on it plus plates As a good friend once told me to 2 for sure things in life are death and taxes
  3. haven't been out at all since the first trip between people gone and cold weather haven't had much chance to go but the sled is tuned up and ready at the moments notice Being a miserably cold day i bit the bullet and completed the sask snowmobile safety course online, there's been talk of maybe hitting the trails up north so i figured i should have it incase of the law yanking me over knowing my luck seems like its good for ever so get it done and avoid 1 ticket anyways
  4. not much really fine powdery snow and lots of wind to blow it mostly in my yard than anything next week looking warmer and some friends are back from traveling so hope to go for another rip here
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    swather were used to cut and windrow the crop to bring it in quicker and ripen the green stuff so its all dry moisture come harvest a practice that isn't used so much anymore to newer variety's are able to come in more evenly and use of chemicals to desiccate and mature the crop for straight cut combining as mentioned the pull type combine was a cheaper alternative for the smaller/ cheaper farmer lots of 914/1482's covered this area, was sort of an alternative for a farmer to save the money and buy a nice tractor and have 1 less engine around the farm one old fella i knew claimed he made his best money in his farming career with pulling disker a pull type sprayer and a pull type combine
  6. finally got out for a ride the other day in the break in the weather was a good ride little more snow woulda been nice but we had to cut the stubble short this yr due to short crop so it is what it is, my back was very sore the next day but worth it hope to get another couple rides in this year yet
  7. thats where all the snow is going cause we still got nothing here, took the renegade up and down the field just to make sure everything was still working and running right and the skis were hitting dirt alot, still runs good so ready for the powder when ever we get it, was hoping to maybe jump up to a summit this year but i dont think that ll happen due to low snow and high sled prices
  8. ya its ridiculous i been watching the markets for a few month to get into somthing newer and holy i just cant seem to figure it with the miles they have and prices they want i just cant put the 2 and 2 together and payments over a few years the truck will be mile'd out and worth nothing on trade
  9. ive been told its an addicting series and that i will like it i like western show and movies bought the season but waiting till it gets to the long cold nights then ill start watching it as i can probably guarantee I'll get nothing done if i start
  10. 9000hr that's is very impressive I've seen a couple of the Deere's 9600 and similar around the 5-6000 hr mark and that impressive they defiantly built them to last back then see a lot of 1680 and 2388 comin on the market with around 5000 hrs, have yet to see one with 7-9000 hrs yet thou kind of settles a guy down when he thinks his combine is getting high houred but seeing alot of guys are getting even more hours out of them is great, maintenance is the key seen machinery pete had a 2366 with 680 hours sold for 91000 bucks
  11. didn't get to much here got a bit of rain before the snow just blew so hard it just all piled up in front of my shed doors although i did get the sled waxed yesterday in the snowstorm and checked over so i'm ready to go another couple inches and we'd be off to the races
  12. stompin tom put on a good show alright i seen him on his last tour across canada and for 70 some yr old he did awesome the best show ive seen, he stop every once in a while and tell a joke or story that always ended in laughter my speaker blasters usually range from anything to anything but NOT into the new pop/ hip hop or the new country music garbage everyone thinking their a country person with boots and a hat when theyve never seen a cow
  13. ground is just finally turning white here if it stays steady all night and tomorrow i might be able to go for a ride glad i got the roof on the shed fixed this morning
  14. jeepers couldn't resist to rub it in eh haha looks like good riding so far just got the cold wind here today, started my sled today and still runs fine tried to change the rear shock and i had ordered and picked it up and i asked when i bought it if it needed bushings in it and he said no i pulled it apart and yes i needs new bushings so i put it back together incase it did snow and it was time to have fun
  15. i'm loading the sled and comin north i guess haha not a flake of snow here just the wind and cold, the renegade is mostly ready to go just got to install the new rear shock i bought for it, could be upgrading to a summit any day now a friend of mine is thinking on buying a new sled and i asked for first dibs on this old one inputs are still going crazy thinking on cutting fertilizers and possibly more pulses but will see what kind of moisture we get this winter
  16. still dry here everything is pretty much done just the matter of sticking a couple trucks in the shed when the weather starts to turn which isn't for a few days yet, just nothing going on to exciting days days getting shorter is defiantly noticeable just get going doing something and bang it getting cooler and dark already been snooping on kijiji for potentially a different sled and they haven't come down in price at all basically everything I've seen in higher priced than i paid almost a year ago, i really like my renegade but i think a summit would be alot more fun of a sled would like to keep both but i don't think i can swing it so either keep what i got or buy one and sell one bbbuuutttt if it don't snow i guess the paid for renegade will be just fine haha
  17. last time i was on the truck he had a similar deal of buy one and get a other set half off
  18. hold out if you can or even import one out of canada may cost abit but see lots of 1460 and 1480 with around the 3500hrs or less mark for cheap, i sold my 1985 1460 about 4 yrs ago for like 4500 bucks and a truck picked it up and was Mexico bound hated to see it go since it ran like a top with 3700hrs but just couldnt keep up to our operation anymore i'm still running 7088's to this day i just like the workings, parts and aftermarket parts are everywhere also cheap and simple nuts and bolts to fix noticing the 2188's values starting to drop, that's a lot of combine for the money the cabs are waaay better than anything previous
  19. ya things winding down around here, just aa few more things to put away and were done then shop works got the IH 706 in there now had a seized brake and fried the brake disc, dealer wanted 347 dollars a piece for the heavy duty or 220 for the regulars could believe it so i called my aftermarket supplier he's getting me some for 28 dollars apiece and figured it took 55 yrs to wear the first set out I'm sure these will last another 60 yrs
  20. dad grew it once about 20 yrs ago lost big time on it and never grew it again, i think newer varietys are better to thrash the straw can be a pain in the ass but alot of guys bale it and get rid of it that way, been tempting to try some but dad says i have to wait till he's gone haha price wise i think last winter it was close to 20-25 bucks and i hear around 32 a bushel now
  21. same back to you all aswell i enjoy the conversations here all year interesting to see what every one is up to aswell as weather reports ground was white here this morning gauges showed close to 3 tenth of moisture so nice to settle the dust down for the first time in month things are really whining down here back to paper work here sounds like the warmer weather will be back near the end of the week
  22. somerville guys are nice people they farm as well as run a big trucking company about 1 hr south of me, backing up super bee's is harder than it looks, not over steering is a big key been working away slowly cleaning up old fence line hopefully gain an acre or 2
  23. with the cost of round up or if you can even get it i heard some suppliers cant get it, you might be working it again in the spring to i got some ripping i want to do but the ground is so dry and hard the cultivator wont get into it and if you do its big dry clumps
  24. ya been busy here aswell changed the planetary oils in the sprayer today just got the engine oil to do and then i can park it , really notice these shorter days now just get to doing something and before ya know it the suns goin down still got some old fence line i want to tear down yet this fall hopefully weather hangs on for abit yet as i got other jobs to do aswell
  25. i talked to him a few times on some service manuals he was gonna look for certain ones and come up with a price i was after and he never called me back could be a situation where he thought he was ready to sell but really wasnt
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