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  1. Du All loader value

    I shoulda sold you mine then I had one of an 856 I sat on it for a long time and I finally sold it for $250, i'm sure it's still sitting in the to do line up at the new owners place i'd value it as scrap
  2. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    no weed control before if it were really bad the cultivator might go out before but that would dry the soil out the harrow packer did a good job getting a flush of wild oats under control if you seeded left for 2-3 days then harrowed it would seem to move the top enough to disturb the wild oat roots on the very top of soil. and Yes we always did an in crop pass of 24-d back then it was custom done now we do it all out selves if you google flexi coil harrow packer that shows you what we used to pull we even used it behind the air seeder a few times and behind the air drill once the clumpy soil was closing the furrow very good so the harrow leveled it out and filled it in and the packers packed it down to stay
  3. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    we grew some dam good durum crop with diskers I remember as a kid some if the durum would be taller than me we harrow packed everything behind the disker so roughness wasn't a problem we had a set of newer CaseIH 310 diskers that we used at the end for 1 year I sold them a few years ago
  4. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    ya it was a different time for sure we have lots of pot holes as well as oil wells to go around, near the end our diskers if you hit a rock with the front gang it would bend the shaft we have several spares on hand even a parts disker that we used up most of the pieces from the diskers are sitting in the fence line as a reminder of the good ol days, a good day with them dad figures 240 acres depending on how far the move and help around to move trucks etc, also then those were the days of seeding a bushel and a peck and a little fertilizer these days with the air drill I run I try to get 200ish but mostly 160 some guys figured that's why the opening rounds in the field do so well is cause the diskers through all the good top soil out every year to the edge and also why there disker ridges that we are trying to level out these days
  5. 71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    ah disker those were the good ol days, I can remember rebuilding gangs every night during seeding time, we wore a set of IH 310's right out they wouldn't even function anymore we upgraded to an air seeder after that, but some days I wonder if we got more done in a day with diskers than I do with my current air drill now
  6. My favorite International machinery.

    the axial flow changed the way we harvested they were praised up here in western Canada awesome machines just so simple, you either had a Massey or axial flow around here probably safe to say every farmer has had or experienced one I still love my 2388 just so simple to set and run and also work on, even the original 1440 is still chugging away at it's new home
  7. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    the worse we had was a CaseIH 8820 Sp Swather Worked well for the most part but rough riding and when you had to fix it you had to be an engineer to figure out how to take the thing apart, took all afternoon to replace canvas roller bearings had the take the whole end apart to get roller out, and also had the sliding table just move by itself going down the feild and trying to get it back was a challenge, sold it a few years ago and bought a newer 1202 swather way better machine
  8. More snow!

    we mostly missed all of it, on Saturday they had like blizzard warnings out all we had was wind to blow what ever loose stuff there was in front of my shed doors and we also got a couple inches last night as well that's kinda nice but the first wind will take care of it, suppose to haul more canola out but shut down due to rail cars didn't come in over weekend
  9. I Don't Understand

    Dang that's a good find, my friend who works on refrigerators also a good IH guy found a IH Fridge and Deep Freeze at the dump, he gutted the fridges parts as it was in rough shape but took the deep freeze as to they are rare up here I've never seen one, i'm looking forward to go over some day and checking it out I agree some people just looking to chuck everything out as fast as they can and sell the house and be done with it I know a guy who deals in estates and he'll take or buy everything vintage and sit on it an sell it out for a profit
  10. 2388 Bed auger play

    I had it all apart when I had a bearing behind the banjo arm then for the next year I redid them all and the shaft was in good shape, I just wasn't sure if it should be tighter than that or not I could just loosen and move the gears in abit to take up some slack, I might look at another machine tomorrow to see if there's more or less play, i'm thinking its ok the way it is for now, just the chopper tensioner to look at
  11. 2388 Bed auger play

    I finally got the 2188 done and working on the 2388 now and I moved the bed augers under the rotor and the closes left one I can move it about an inch back and worth and I was curious as to how much play is acceptable before I better take a look at it Also on the Chopper my tensioner it's not straight I found it near the end of harvest but kept running to finish its off to where just one belt is running on the pulley, I looked at the parts catalog and saw theres bushing in there and wonder if the bushings would cause this? I have just over 3000 rotor hours on this machine Thanks
  12. Vintage Ads

    my neighbour has one in his yard it marks the middle of the section his yard is on all 4 corners of the section, it was built before they moved there so it's near 90 yrs old it has a leg in it but when he got his big auger it was faster to use the auger, it's 2x6's nailed on top of each other quite the landmark structure, I believe it holds 10000bushels in 4 different bins
  13. 2+2 from concept to the field

    Dad said same thing happened at the dealer he worked at a fella bought one new took it out the hydraulic pump failed right away and the guy returned it and took his old tractor back
  14. Vintage Ads

    ah the wood elevator those were the days I jusr barely remember the UGG and the SASK Pool in my town they were closed in the early 2000's and knocked down shortly later. now it's about a 100km round trip with a load I mostly sell to Richardson Pioneer or G3 Global As for the 2,4-D I'm still amazed it still gets the job don't after all these year I could never figure out how round up could have resistance but 24-D still works
  15. 2+2 from concept to the field

    the little dealer to the west of me sold quite a few of them and a lot of them are still running including the one we have they were a love or hate type of tractor I really didn't mind the 3388 we have the only thing was it was a little underpowered but i'm sure the 35-3788 was a lot better usually you ran out of power before traction dad told me the basic design was to get the motor out front so it would even out the tractor when pulling sort of ahead of its time really ours has around 6500hrs on it and still runs great for some reason it doesn't like the Grain Vac as the hydraulic pump has failed twice and both times it was running the grain vac, its currently in the shop waiting to be tore apart again once we bought a Steiger it was a way better nice unit to run, a friend told he they demoed a 3788 when they came out and they did a lot of summerfallow back then they didn't like the tractor due to you still sat low you had a lot of power and traction but you still sat in the dust, the steiger you could sit higher up outta the dust and see you implement a lot better