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  1. true be told I barely know anyone that even watches tv anymore other than sports or the news, its all Netflix and youtube these days I used to enjoy a lot of show now they are so scripted and fake they suck, Heartland is a good one I think I always get a kick out of tim and jack it reminds me and of and dad a lot, also heartland is always resolved but to get the whole story of whats going on you gotta watch the whole season
  2. looks good ralph is the wheat stretching taller? mine was starting to head out last night but still alittle shorter than I'd like not to much here to report spent the day at a auction sale, only bid on a honey bee header but went for more than id like to pay
  3. bit of a storm rolled in last night at midnight was hot and humid all day so I was expecting something it dropped a half inch here not sure how far around it went some lightning with it to, Crops still pulling through some warmer weather comin this week so hopefully help push the crops, one wheat field is still really behind than where i'd like it, other than that grain prices keep falling so not sure how much more i'll sell before harvest, just tinkering in the shop these days put new front shocks on the half ton and wow does that make a difference ya never really know how bad they get, and new rub bars in the 2188 down to 2 left and the 2 kicker bars not sure how i'm gonna get that one yet
  4. cooled down in a hurry here to I ran in to a narrow rain hail storm on the way home from town yesterday and today it's been cool and windy all day got the spraying done this morning so final ly onto another job
  5. things are comin along here just about done spraying fairly happy with everything I got the same problem along the roads look like crap but the rest is fairly well, always figured it was compaction and sometime the dust from the road everything is still abit behind but in good shape peas starting to go into flower, canola bolting and flowering and wheat working on it not a bad looking stand so far anyways
  6. got the canola resprayed and the first tank of cereal mix done, got the new to me chem handler figured out and why didn't I have one of them 10 yrs ago, works pretty slick continue to spray tomorrow sounds like rain moving in tomorrow night so hope to get a few more quarters done peas starting to flower and starting to fill in really well, still a question on how the one that are just comin out of the ground will contribute or if at all
  7. spent the day are Ritchie bros auction in north battleford, everyone had deeper pockets than I did came home empty handed, back to spraying tomorrow don't feel so bad about the strips I think every field I do I have 1 pluged opener regardless how many times I check, one durum field had a tower worth of openers missing I found it then went back a few rounds obviously not far enough
  8. looking good more advanced than here, tried to finished canola tonight and got done folded up and it poured rain for about 5 min, not sure wither to respray or leave it
  9. nothing to exciting for rain here drove around abit and things are comin along fine the round up ready canola is looking dirty gotta get on that here first hopefully tomorrow we'll get it sprayed, my last wheat field has quite abit of second growth crop comin we'll have to wait and see how it comes in
  10. all my land has averaged about 1.5 inches in the last week so very happy we got this took alook at my early peas and the last wheat tonite and I think the peas were shutting down before the rain some yellow leaves hopefully they pull through and the last wheat is coming behind on where I would like it but were still alittle early yet the crop looks good comin but another crop unsprouted kernels starting to pop through now so should start filling in nice over the next week Should get spraying again here peas and invigor canola done just some round up ready canola and cereals to go, couple more auction sales comin up next week so the spraying might put off abit yet
  11. peas are sprayed and the invigor canola is done just round up ready stuff and cereals to do, caught up for now if we do end up getting some rain it would be good to start the other flush of weeds for how dry we were I'm really impressed with the canola it came through quite well and the rain just seemed to give it a kick, still probably a week to 10 days behind but coming good, some of the cereals are really behind hopefully with another shot of rain they can get caught up
  12. ended with 2 tenth out of the system nice to keep the dust down for the day, south land had more I was crop checking the flea beetles lived through I was hoping they would get drowned out, the canola that was just sitting there was already germinating when I checked last night so i'm sure in the next 2-3 days ill have a whole new crop coming through More rain scheduled for today so lett'er rip sprayings caught up for now, off to a sale today so we'll see if the small shower we had will boost some prices or keep them down
  13. nothing for rain here at all alberta got and kept all of it plus the snow, flea beetles are here aswell I sprayed abit seems like they are starting and moving out of the low spots in the field, so this year I think where usually the low spots do the best they will be the worse cooled down quick last night I put the sprayer in the shop, heard this morning it was around plus3 overnight so golly that's to cold hopefully slow the flea beetles down out there thou
  14. had a good light show and enough to wet the sidewalk for a few seconds wind dried it pretty quick, lightning went among the clouds weren't straight I like to hear the boomers but just a quiet one, see the weekend forcast is getting smaller and smaller everytime I look for rain, this year is starting to crash and burn ya Ralph the flea beetles are here to I didn't see much for damage to get excited about the other night I drove around, the mosquitos though holy man I cleaned the sprayer out and greased it up and they could find me anywhere but the puzzling thing is theres no standing water around for miles but they are still thick
  15. our crops haven't really done much sort of stunted figure it putting more power down to the roots to dig I guess clouds rolled in and wind picked up and radar is looking like we might get something so fingers crossed
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