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  1. wheatking

    Door to door salesmen

    used to be a guy go around the country selling nuts and bolts as well as a line of hand cleaners and other lubricants
  2. wheatking

    So Walmart is good for something.

    building models seems to possibly be coming back it was quite a thing when I was younger me and my friends all built them even at the last toy show I went to there was tables full of them, I did quite a few of them in my younger days last one was a dodge challenger orange and black I had the engine so perfect I glued the hood in the open position to show it off, last model I started was customizing while I had the paint and somewhere to do this painting and gluing was a 1/32 axial flow combine I made hand rails and a Kirby chaff spreader and did the hopper augers and intake and etc plus other ideas and life has gotten in the way and haven't finished it its in a box somewhere
  3. wheatking

    Very Famous Guy Once was IH parts manager

    good band still popular today, amazing how he can pound on them drums
  4. wheatking

    Kids these days

    ah that takes me back I used to do the same thing also be the one up the back of the combines holding bolts on the sieve rails and shaker arms, good to learn young I still remember a lot of the jobs I did in tight places
  5. wheatking

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    soppose to move grain here to I'm getting alittle behind as I was down with some breakdown problems, right when they will take a December contract weather dips down to cold snap the wind was a raw one here is afternoon lucky I have a heated shop to tinker in -20 is usually my limit I've tried to do things in colder and that only led to things breaking and freezing up
  6. wheatking

    IH Refrigerator Shipping Crate

    that's awesome that's a keeper there cant be to many of them left
  7. wheatking

    The Great Depression

    I'm not sure all what the neighbours dad did but they would even cook up the brain and such, he even knew a guy that would catch the blood when you slice the neck and keep it in a jar till they made blood sausage, he said he saw it done and it was smelly curdled liquid and the thought of it turned him away my uncle would cut the tongue, liver and heart out the cows when we butchered when I was a kid kinda glad I'm old enough to have experienced that sort of stuff
  8. wheatking

    The Great Depression

    what a coincidence me and my neighbour were discussing how his dad and neighbour would butcher a pig and waste nothing the only thing left were the teeth and toes, used to butch a lot of stuff now it's not done to much around here anymore the movie on youtube called drylanders by the national film board sums up a lot about the depression that they put up with around here, really good movie wish there was more like it
  9. quite the collection for some reason I see myself like that in 40 yrs, I see he's got the ideal truck and trailer with a winch and everything to bring the dead ones home, nice to see there not goin from scrap anyways, I could spend some time walking around there myself
  10. wheatking

    plugged the 1460

    i do that quite abit when I plug it slip it into neutral and clean it out if the beater or chopper isn't plugged I spent 8 hrs cleaning barley straw out of a 1460 in my younger years it was mostly string by string that was before cordless reciprocating saw they are the best thing ever for unplugging combines
  11. wheatking

    2018 crop pictures

    ya I had no idea what I was doing when I took mine apart for the first time I had a neighbour come over and give me a hand and now I can take it apart myself but it helps to have another set of eyes hooking it back together to get it lined up
  12. wheatking

    2018 crop pictures

    ya I never got the jack either theres soppose to be a special jack that goes inbetween there then you undo everything and dump the hydraulics at the block by the engine and then the arms should come down and back away and put that wheel on and go but with out the hitch it could be a problem you should be able to fab up one of them easily I just use a bottle jack instead of the jack it works just fine
  13. wheatking

    2018 crop pictures

    ya I wished mine had a block heater In it went I was swathing in December in 2016 but the heater seemed to work ok you think that's bad spinning out try driving it with no header I spun out moveing it over to my smaller shed, if I think what your talking about being shorter are you talking about the side agains the wheel? if so there should be a jack to keep it up as you back away
  14. wheatking

    2018 crop pictures

    I see I've never driven a swather in like that I've heard about it but even 36" through a 30" door on mine I've never wanted to try and damage something this year i'm keeping it in a different shed and amazed how much more efficient my space is not keeping the header in my big shed
  15. wheatking

    HJV Equip and Rocky Mountain Equip in Canada

    a lot of the dealers around have a lot of the old guys that are nearing retirement and no one to replace as money is better fixing stuff in the oil patch and some mechanics they do get are only there for a short time then move onto another dealer or go somewhere else, nothing wrong with the companies it's more good help is hard to find, my local RME have a few people from the uk working there and they are good hard workers, also dealers are getting bigger and some dealers have a large area to cover so sending someone out on the road sometimes 2hrs away from the dealer to get something fixed