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  1. hammer handles are worse its like 50cents different, I bought one last year only cause I figure my old hammer head was better quality than the whole new one had not bad luck with appliances but i'm not picky on brand and color, I have a old harvest gold Kenmore my grandma had in the late 70's still working away in the basement
  2. great movie, I thought it was very well done, if you have a lot of time on your hands and you liked the highwaymen is the movie the Irishmen with Robert deniro and al Pacino its like 3 1/2 hrs long but never a dull moment
  3. not quite ih but I have a CaseIH 8820 swather what a piece of junk that thing was, hard to work on, parts incredibly expensive, partsman told me parts were getting difficult to get that was the last excuse I needed to get rid of it bought a wdx 1202, way better and comfortable machine to run
  4. they were a popular machine in our area it was half Axial Flow half massey, I ran a 860 for a couple days but I liked the axial flow better, more comfortable machine to run in my opinion
  5. there was a company called screen-o-matic that made those, not sure if that was a Canadian or American company I have one that was mounted on a 2+2 many moons ago now covered in other junk in the shed, made mostly of plastic and held on by turn buckles onto mounts bolted on the tin work of the tractor
  6. neighbour runs a 3288 on a 10x60 and auguring into a 4500 hopper the auger is standing on it tippy toes to get, usually the tractor dies first, I would want more power in front than a 3488 especially if grain happens to be alittle tough, I would think it would just burn the pto clutches out as well that's a lot of grain moving through a 13" auger
  7. could be i'm not sure I was just looking at the parts book breakdown and it shows a steady bearing inside so I either way id like to take alook inside and see if some flighting is atarting to come apart or whats goin on
  8. working on the 1680 in the shop and seeing some small dents right in the middle of the unloading auger tubing, my question is if I remove the bearing on the end and the ring of bolts would I be able to slide the back half away and take alook inside, I see in the parts book there is a steady bearing in there and I wonder if it's got play in it, never had one of theses apart ever this is a 1989 model with the pins at the 90 elbow
  9. I saw that on the facebook page, I sold some diskers to the kid"s dad a few years ago and I keep thinking I met the young kid while we were dealing and then when I bought the Farmall C from the collection redturbo was selling, I was happy to hear the kid got the tractor, nice to know younger kids than me like IH tractors broke my heart to hear he passed away at such a young age
  10. Never had them in Saskatchewan either till afew years ago, starting to see the odd one now, I've never come across one but it is believed that they come this way hiding on semi trucks comin out of the east side of Canada
  11. yes keeping the semi inside was one of the bigger reasons I built mine so nice not covered in snow and froze up, my ol truck starts a lot easier inside aswell, just wish I would built longer so I could keep the air drill inside
  12. first year I had mine the first thing I thought of was I wanted mine outta the weather plus I hated pulling canvases out, to expensive of a machine to leave outside nice to keep the swather in, we keep one straight cut header inside and one outside and you can sure tell the difference one year does to the nice shine on the header, most of my equipment sits inside few nice days here the guys aren't quite done are still going, a few weeks ago it was looking the fall had come to an end and harvest was ruined
  13. haven't seen any combines goin on stuff that's left but you probably could be combining here not much snow, ground is freezing was -14 this morning would be ok to swath if you were to swath to combine in the spring not to much goin on just fixing afew things and cleaninig and packing away for winter here
  14. with the 8120s carry good fire insurance all the ones that were in my area have burnt up due to the chopper bearing, i'm not exactly sure why it does but they were all chopper bearing related
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