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  1. Thanks guys i turned the house and shop upside down to find the book i knew i had it just couldn't remember where, i bled the filters first and tried to start nothing so i bled the pump and couple spins it fired up again, ran better the plug used to pre fill the filters wouldn't stop leaking even with a new copper ring, wondering if i shouldn't convert over to spin on filters set up, now the line that supplies from the tank has abit of a drip, but i think this summer i'm gonna pull the tank off and clean it out, the fuel tank water drain doesn't work so i'm guessing the bottom of the tank is dirty due to the primary filter canister was dirty aswell
  2. i have my 67 706 D-310 in the shop, its always been abit of a hard starter ever since I've owned it, the T on the fuel return side as well as the hose running back to the tank always leaked abit, so i decided to fix it up and change fuel filters while I'm at it, the cartridge filters were gross, i replaced the T and a new line going to the tank on the return side, i took the plug on top of the one filter top and filled it to help prime it, and a couple spins it smoked and fired up for close to a minute, then died and now i have no smoke at all, i took the plug out again and it seemed to have a pressure it popped the plug out of my fingers so there's lots of fuel there, turned it over till batteries played out and no smoke, something I'm missing?
  3. what do them front rims come off of? 1066/1086? mine is set up the same way but i like the looks of the bigger wider tires, i just got the skinny fronts on mine
  4. the snow is more than likely concrete here, heck its hard to push with the tractor, hoping to go for a quick tour close to home here before we put'er away for the year, lots of snow here but not nice riding snow we had a quick dump of soft in November then it got hard shortly after
  5. i waited over 10 years to acquire my grandpas 67 706 w/ 310 back he bought it new, in not sure if winter early 67 or late 67, we have a pic of him and the new tractor being delivered and there snow in the pic, on my farm i didn't really need this tractor but it was one of them things if i let it go i'd never find it again, i rebuilt the brakes and working on some leaking fuel lines in the shop at the moment, and as far as i can say it will be the last tractor to leave the farm this time only problem the previous owner knew i wanted it and held abit of ransom for it when it came to price but what ya gonna do i still enjoy this tractor and proud to own it
  6. looks like a good ride up there, still chalked up that my season is over, time to get to work lol, get more grain out before spring melt aswell as get combines finished up in the shop the warm up shacks look nice, i always get excited pulling up to them all the different styles and construction, some of them are just like you wanna move in and enjoy the quite lifestyle in the bush
  7. ya we stayed at the treeline motel, it was good abit dated but decent enough, all the cabins and such were booked up solid
  8. new sled is running real well, kinda wishing it was an 800 to make it stand up abit in the deep snow but it performed well nothing to crazy, new track is still running straight, should recheck for looseness again here, where di you guys stay when you were up there??
  9. yes the first day we went north around was about 160km trip, there was a few spots that were tempting to pull into but looked like the risk of stumps and rocks were pretty high aswell and some were pretty tracked out, we did the south run the second day approx 180km that's were we found some open spots like on McBride lake there was some really nice stuff aswell as just south of Hudson bay, all sorts of riding feilds trees and lakes, had to be careful a few times some of the turns were pretty sharp, good trip nothing wrecked except a sore back but that'll recover
  10. just got back from a run up at Hudson bay, real nice trails and scenery up there, warm up shacks were great snow was good, little disappointing we didn't find the good deep snow till the end before we were all low on gas and had to pack up, all in all good times with great friends, few beers and suppers to finish it all off, hotel was a little sketchy but was good looking like my sledding season might be over snow is hard concrete here, and everyone's month of march schedules are getting busy
  11. wow that looks to be a beauty of an original, dad ran the same blade on our 1586 we had, good times i found a 1086 similar to yours it needs a motor job thou just debating if i'm up to the task of it myself
  12. was hoping to go for a run on the weekend but everyone figured the super bowl was more important, seems the superbowl gets even the non sports people to watch, oh well hopefully next weekend
  13. finally able to get the crew together load up for a run we drove up to the Turtle lake area trails, some areas were disappointing but got into the bush and it was the best snow i think were gonna find this year, the my first real kms on the new sled and it did not disappoint go to the R motion suspension was worth the upgrade itself, kind of maybe wish i had a 800 under the hood but this thing did most things i want it to, I'm sure with some settings and adjustment i could make'r wheelie but its good for now, hoping to get a couple more runs in this winter, Riding around here is over there were a few nice days and the stubble it poking through and hard/Rough unless we get a real dump of snow
  14. haven't done a dang thing here been foggy for the last 10 days here sun finally came back out , shoulda went out today was only -1 here so the hard snow should have softened abit, ended up at the farm toy show in saskatoon, good thing i bought a lot of those toys when i did cause holy man are toys getting expensive looks like nice weather for a week then winter is back in February
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