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  1. wow poor farmer beautiful country up there like always to bad not more snow than there is but could be worse i guess, looked pretty quite by the amount of tracks in your pics, everyone at snowarama in battleford I've kinda wrote this season off calling for abit of snow here starting tommorow so we how much we get
  2. wowser looks better than i expected i haven't got the call for mine yet
  3. how much of a drive was it for you from Manitoba i believe it was around a 10 hr drive for us, but hear its totally worth it, hoping we could venture north atleast once this year just go get some fresh gas through the sled
  4. wow jealous, how is the snow? we talked about a trip down to yellowstone earlier in the year but could never get everyone on the same page, been a bus winter around here with no snow
  5. haven't done anything here except roll my sled around the shop being in the way here and there, been pricing out sea cans to store the sled in the summer or even the winter, something rodent and weather proof, biggest scare i have is the cats clawing my seat, seems like 1 little claw or tear and its over, they don't seem to wanna give them containers away, price isn't horrible just the taxes and trucking make it to much
  6. i think its becoming a liability or a chance to get sued now, if you buy something and there's problems with it later you cant go back on them, I've seen Ritchie bros list stuff as inoperable but it runs and drives just either, leaks something or no brakes etc just protects the seller now, even though when you register you agree everything is "as is where is"
  7. seen the ad pop up on youtube, i'll probably watch it and probably be disappointed like most new movies just seem like there over done in my opinion
  8. i would try the oil level and filter first if not you might have the same issue i had, i would lose prime i ended up changing the hydraulic pump, and it worked like new after that, took the old one apart and it was totally wore out inside, worked fine while oil was cold but lost and washed through the pump when warm
  9. the farm seemed like way simpler times back then sure what was to come in the 80's was tough but man it seemed like the best time to farm, smaller farms, more neighbors around, everyone will to help each other, country elevator only 10 miles away rather than 35 mile concrete elevators i wish i could've lived it but i didn't come along till way later
  10. had a buncha canola go out last week and thankfully no surprises, some barley to go out here aswell shouldn't be any surprises i hope, prices are definatly getting to the point of what the F snow settled alot here riding is over here for now was plus 3 today hearing plus 10 by thursday
  11. couple interesting ideas here i have wondered if the couplers in the tractor were shot, ive replaced numerous square style o rings in them over the years, aswell as yes it could very well be dirty inside ive never shot the pressure washer straight into the coupler i believe the flow pressure is set about the middle range on the leaver which i guess could be a tad much when cold
  12. it happens right at the start when everything is cold, they will pop out for a while, alot of getting in and out of the tractor then i can get it to move a little and they'll pop then it'll work and i get the auger folded out, i just went out after sitting an hour in 0'C temps and it folded down just fine and will probably continue working till morning yes ive given them a tug and they're really in there, one time i had the trucker hold them in while i did it and they still popped, then tried normally a couple more times and then it worked out, if i keep everything in the warm shop then go use it works just fine no popping out or nothing but the shop is full and we hauled grain today the vac and tractor has Pioneer Tips, tractor is 1992
  13. been having this issue for a bit now, when the it's cold out the hydraulic hoses keep popping out of the remotes as soon and you apply pressure, my 7120 runs the grain vac all winter and putting the auger out it can be a pain especially when trucks are on there way, when everything is warm and in summer it's fine, wondering if its a tractor problem or a vac problem?? tractor used to run a hyd water pump on sprayer if that would wore it out, in installed new pioneer tips and no difference Any ideas ? Thanks
  14. looks like you'll be a tad cooler up there i think it suppose to be plus 8 here by weekend and heard Calgary will be plus 15ish took time today to take the sled out for a run put about 20km on it not really enough to go but its only get worse from here so i can say i rode this year at least, its a pity i cant even drive to find snow heard kamsack is about the best spot right now
  15. looks to be pretty close to the same amount of snow we got here aswell, havent got out yet just been busy busy here now the weather warmed up and i did next to nothing for the last week de to cold temps, see some plus temps comin so maybe i better go sooner than later
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