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  1. heck poor farmer if i woulda known you were looking for a transfer auger i woulda sold you mine i had for years and never used it and sold it this spring seeding is progressing here slowly but surely just finished the peas tonight and switching to durum in the morning, still to cold for canola just yet
  2. haven't got started here either, other jobs keep popping up and i don't seem to get any ahead of yesterday, planning to start spraying tomorrow and start putting peas in Thursday, Still dry here but last few nights have been cold, -5 a few nights ago and -3 last night and cooled off in a hurry when i came in for the night
  3. interesting that that tractor has enough hydraulic capacity to run the fan on the air cart
  4. thing are goin along here busy harrowing a few feilds before we get started thinking on rolling mid week comin up, some of the bigger guys are already goin, just starting to see weeds come up so i guess that means its getting time to go although the caragana bushes haven't come to life yet getting dry thou haven't had much for moisture the last few weeks was hoping for a soaker before we got going,
  5. well i bought it paid abit more than i wanted to but i got it so thats the main thing, looking at it we didnt dig to deep at it i just made an offer as is and i'll take it away turns over well but didnt smoke right away at the first spin then rest then the second time it smoked abit not much and third time it didnt either, not to sure thinking somthing simple but wont know till we get it home, check all the fuel lines and filter will be the first thing
  6. it could very well be somthing this simple, i havent seen the tractor yet i'm just going by what the owners are tell me so far, they just say sounds like it wants to fire but wont, once i thought about it abit my 1066 can be like that if you dont open the throttle this was my grandpa tractor so i'm really interested to bring it back the the farm, not sure what i'm gonna do with it but sentimental reason is all i need to buy it, hopefully we can make a deal
  7. Thats what we were kinda wondering things could already be damaged, going to look at it this week and see they told me to make an offer but i want to know the fuel issues first, Any idea on what it could cost to redo a pump? I'm probably gonna have to so state side to get one i doubt anyone in canada having one
  8. still running the flexi coils here, like the independent opener ones but they are expensive was running a 9380 with 45" and 2320 tank and barely notice it back there now running a stx 425 and same drill due to tractor spun the main bearings uncle used to run a 60ft flexi coil with a 3850 cart with a 9370 and it pulled quite well
  9. looking at a 706 tractor and its not running, they tell me it will spin and seem like it wants and trys to fire up but wont, Dads guess is water in the fuel as this thing has sat awhile, but wondering worse case situation water in fuel has ruined the injection pump and possibly injectors, how common are these things to get anymore? Dad says parts for these engines were getting hard to find 25 yrs ago, he mentioned there was a kit on converting it over to a roostamaster pump but it was expensive just trying to figure out how much it could possibly cost to fix if something is bad Th
  10. No they gave me a Napa 291 thermostat which looks kinda right but the flange part goes right out to the bolts on the top piece
  11. Does any one have the right part number for a 1976 IH loadstar 1700 MV404 Thermostat i bought one from napa that swears its the right one but it doesn't fit into the grove in the block for the top to sit down on flush it way to big, and napa website sucks and all the other areas are all different looking and all different part numbers Thanks
  12. nothing here just the cold wind that changes direction a 100 times a day snow north and to the south of me, a sled ride would be awesome about now though but there grain to clean so maybe not haha
  13. went to pull my 76 loadstar out and it started first and idled nicely for a few minutes then died to hit the key and wouldn't start again and could smell gas so open the hood and could see gas on the intake manifold off the 2 barrel carb, also checked the dipstick and the oil looked alittle runny and smelt abit like gas, its in a dark shed so could really tell to much where exactly the gas was coming from or really what to do at this point would like to at least run to i can back it out and see what's goin on, could this be just a stuck float ? i was in kind of a rush so i closed the door
  14. had it happen a couple times where its dry and we got the drill up front working all afternoon and that night it blows in with snow and nothing happens for a week, just some drift in the trees left here poorfarmer what the heck you coulda had a new sled for even less canola sold at this year prices were so good, but i see starting to hear of drills goin in Montana so that's usually the indication of a month or so we'll be going
  15. gave up trying and just pulled the pump out and found the key was shear'd on the shaft, just cant figure why now all the sudden now that we changed the oil but maybe it was barely hangin on and draining finished it??
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