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  1. were cruising along here the finish line is insight for a lot of people including myself, some of the earliest stuff in the area is out of the ground already, my peas should be ready to pop through anytime although last night and night before got close to freezing not sure if it did or not ended up with 3 tenth yesterday and had a nice day off swear the grass in the yard jumped up 3 inches so have to get on the mower sooner or later
  2. thanks ill give this a try i dont recall seeing this in the manual
  3. i have a Hydraulic Aux Fault, comin up on my tractor according to the book it will beep every 10 minutes which is does but it doesn't really isolate and tell me the problem, everything is still working my Fan on the air cart aswell as wings and the raise and lower of the air drill, not really sure where to look as the book don't tell much i thought maybe moisture got in something as we had a quick rain shower pass over, tried disconnecting the battery's and it still pops up on the corner post Thanks
  4. seems like everywhere is getting all the moisture, we are dry gonna take some rain to get this crop going, been going good for the most part peas are in almost done durum and onto canola after
  5. back when i used to work in town, the shop across the street was putting the long ones on the drive shaft of there employees trucks so they'd had a clicking sound when they drove haha
  6. seems like i'm just getting the wind out of all this blew 55km all day yesterday and saying it suppose to blow 60 km all day today Air drill is just about ready to go
  7. oh right on thats cool he does pretty well and a good attitude for being in a wheelchair, looking forward to watching this year crop year, i messaged him last year why he wasn't putting out to many videos and he said most of his files got corrupted, be interested to see how it goes now that his brother was suppose to be leaving and said he had more land this year i ran some fuel conditioner in the sled yesterday so i guess it officially over for me sledding this year, i seen on Facebook up around Hudson bay there still riding yet
  8. ya thats not the greatest weather for this time of year, not to get off topic to much here but i see your from minnedosa, do you watch on YouTube or know drew cardy, i seen some of his videos and he always seems to get the best crop growing weather
  9. that's what we did sold are 3 tons and bought another tandem seemed like there always something that needed fixing and always loading it to the nines to get the job done with them ol trucks hated to see them go but got to move on eventually, only perused this venture due to neighbor downsizing and got a not bad deal on truck both 3 tons sold instantly even the one with no brakes and needed abit of work i thought i got a good dollar for it even with no brakes
  10. keep wondering what the ceiling is for some of this stuff, havent heard of any one braggina bout there auction sale buys this year also keep wondering if that 5488 is 87000 whats my 7120 magnum mfwd with same hours worth
  11. sleds been put away for abit already just gotta fill the tank and put some sort of conditioner in, been having the odd skiff of snow but usually gone in afternoons gonna see if the ol 4wd will wake up and pull the drill up front today
  12. had a problem similar to this on my 2388 it was the unload auger switch by the saddle that the auger folds onto, mine i just had to click it and it worked but yours could be switch is bad , i believe you can just take the wires off and tie them together and it should work
  13. got the new sensor installed it and same code yet, anybody know or have an idea on how to adjust the linkage? is it the shift cable you move or something on the transmission?
  14. #jealous man that looks like awesome riding yet, starting to dry out here hopefully move the drill up to the shop in a couple days
  15. luckily i didn't have the deer in my yard to bad this year usually they are right up beside the house, had a few moose in my yard for a couple days they finally decided to leave the other day i hate it when they come in the yard they just wreck everything including the poor smaller trees that take 2-3 years to come back after being nibbled down to the branch ground was white and melted twice today any moisture is sure appreciated this time of year
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