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  1. some of the stuff went crazy in my opinion seems like way more of a market for the stuff in the US than canada haven't got anything the posters went good money i was kind of interested in some of the modern CaseIH prints but they said no shipping so i was out
  2. still riding here but snow is dissapearing daily we went out last weekend and morning was alittle rough but once the sun came out it softened up abit, some of them drifts are hard get rolling along and hit one and ouch the back took a beating that day hopefully get abit more, some of the guys are planning a mountain trip near the end of the month so we might not ride for abit here
  3. well might have to learn again how to post pictures i used to know how to do it the sled been running pretty good, one little thing the back flap kept wanting to curl up underneath and the previous owner told me he cooked the old engine running it for a long time like that and never notice, i don't know why he didn't replace the flap but it cracked on each side, i took it easy going back home and drilled a small hole and installed a tarp strap to keep it away and still move while jumping fence lines which this thing does quite well at i might add going on a run with t
  4. finally bought a sled took a lot of looking but found a guy over Christmas that would hold one till bank opened up Tuesday after holidays, found a 2009 SkiDoo Renegade looked really good guy took care of it and seemed if money needed to be spent he spent it new crate engine 2 yrs ago and track and suspension front and back in really good condition few more km than i wanted but with a new engine and the shape its in it will do just fine the guy only rode trails with it up in the candle lake country taking it out on the first run this weekend just running around the yard the snow is hard a
  5. not to sure what were gonna get out of this either all the weather forecast are all different still haven't bought a sled yet, inquired about a few but there either really rough or sold by the time they get back to me, still seem to be selling fast, more of a variety out there now but I'm kinda specific on what i want
  6. who know what to believe anymore, sure it getting bad but breaking news today was the new vaccine will still work against the u.k version
  7. ya no doubt sleds are still goin crazy here, was able to get out today and ride the neighbors renegade (that i was gonna buy) and try it out and man i'm impressed i'm sold that's what i want more stable and even a 600 can roar and keep up to 800s fairly well even the snow was fairly good yet we were all expecting hard drifts and rough but most of the trip was soft and nice running more touring snow not really braaaap and wheelie snow still on the hunt for a sled yet seen alot come and go on kijiji and facebook marketplace but none meet all my high expectations, so see what happen
  8. would you mean the 800 R Rotax sled? i seen on on the ol 306 sled marketplace tonight and looks like what i'm after just so dang far away up in poorfarmer neck of the woods it was a 2010 summit Rotax 800 R, nice looking sled yet has like 4600kms got my mind set of a renegade back country but they seem hard to find, kinda wondering in the next week or 2 with cooler weather and no snow if we'll start seeing some more sleds pop up for sale, i figure new years for sure the market has got to start flooding
  9. whats the better motor you figure? e-tec or H.O ?? i'm not to picky on size 600 or 800 will move pretty good for what I'll do spent last night looking hard on kijiji and marketplace i'm just not finding what i want out there yet anyways, nice day here the eaves are dripping so it defiantly settling the snow maybe make more sleds come up for sale
  10. ya the neighbor i was gonna buy from back out and decided to keep so i'm looking again, they still seem to be selling pretty quick yet thou some i've looked at a few days ago on kijiji are gone already, narrowed it down to a 2006-2012 renegade is wat i'm after ive never used an outback but a neighbour had one it started not working so he ended up putting a whole new trimble system in
  11. no i haven't pulled the trigger yet, same here the snow is going down aswell as the prices... i hope, didn't go on the test run on the weekend most of the crew was busy hopefully we'll go this weekend, they have snow in the forecast but just keep moving further and further hoping we'll get another dump, i had to spend some sled money on a new receiver for the john deere sprayer they are discontinuing the starfire itc receivers and had to buy a new starfire 6000 and it was a pricey jump of 5000 to upgrade, so i'll have to get busy hauling grain
  12. wheatking


    hahaha thanks for that i remember reading this 10 yrs ago and never found it again till now
  13. my header only has 1 tensioner on the drive belt, i put a new knife in it this past fall and almost made it to the end when the knife broke i still had the old one so we did a quick swap and kept going i did all this on mine to put a new knife in it broke welded it up then changed all the guards and it ran fine after that, this one just seems like alot of slop in it, i changed the little side bearings in a 810 header we had and it sucked, i'll maybe pop the triangle covers off and see what it looks like, i just kinda thought maybe it would be the bottom one as everything sits on it
  14. working on our 1010 header with new knife and guards and checking the wobble box over it seems to have a bit of play in it front to back, and i'm starting to wonder if this is why the knife broke, my question is the front to back play would it be the bottom bearing or the 2 smaller bearings on the sides the big center and side to side are tight, i'm other header is a oil bath on so cant compare with anything
  15. did that the first trip this year to haha i ran my buddys 800 summit 154 track went through a ravine and tried to power my way out started comin back let off abit and back end went down, he came back and we got it out and way we went hahah good times
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