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  1. had 3 tenth over the week seemed like more, got back at spraying today, thunderstorm rolled through at 7pm and dumped another half inch, so were getting more and more behind as days go, seen on face book south of regina had like 4 inches and the durum is sprouting out in the heads
  2. I had the return line from the steering pump leak on me last year it came off the pump to under the floor to a steel line I had the undo the steel line at the other end and pull it all out I couldn't get wrenches in there to split it under the floor, amazing how they route them in there but I assume they put them in as there building the tractor is there grease nipples on that front driveshaft? mine has the protective cover on it and I've never had it off
  3. yes, that extra power was defiantly noticeable even only combining 100ft
  4. ya those controls can take abit to get used to, some times I wonder if i'd like my old setup back my old 8820 had foot pedals for header and reel up and down, the return to cut feature is cool I just don't like how rough it can be going back down sometimes gives abit of whiplash tried my canola that's been down for 2 weeks and still was 13.6 moisture with 0 green, I did get to run the new combine for 5 min and can tell its gonna be an enjoyable time to combine now
  5. got the peas done today and sprayed alittle bit of wheat, also have 1 quarter of wheat swathed ,still not a fan of spraying wheat but we weren't even done the first pea field and the geese were landing next to us, also second growth wild oats comin in now crop is mostly ripe but oats are green maybe try some canola tomorrow , sounds like rain for Monday so I guess may have a few days off
  6. Ralph don't sweat none I had a 100 acres of really ugly canola to im still trying to figure out what happened everything looks good but that field I don't know, had a shower roll through yesterday afternoon and mess things up for the day, sounds like alittle more rain on the way tonite then good to go for awhile I'm starting to get impatient on harvest here, I hate peas so I really wanna get them done then usually smooth sailing after that
  7. ya was starting to get a little ripe here to I swathed the last bit into the night noticed the shelling went down a lot more after 8pm, I started combining peas yesterday afternoon and they were just a go still a few greens but with rain coming this weekend I decided to take a semi load off so say I've started, finished swathing canola last night as well so now I can just focus on getting the peas off after the rain hopefully the warmer weather moves in after the rain cause I need some good days to finish out a few fields
  8. we had 6 tenth over night totally unexpected as none was forecasted soaked in well barely tell it rained also had 4 tenth on Thursday it disappeared quickly to last yr the peas were combined and I was pretty much done swathing canola this yr I'm just starting both jobs
  9. started cutting canola today did a few rounds to see and there was all stages more riper than to green so I decided to start knocking it down figured if I can get a bunch down before we start combining peas then its not such a chaos to get both done at the same time, and hopefully keep the harvest progressing
  10. I had alittle canola heat on me this yr to just a bin bottom and I remember putting some testing in the bottom of a bin and didn't think much about it, was able to sell it off and blend it out, shoulda done what my neighbour did we had the canola off in good time last year and then about 10 days of wet weather he jumped in his truck and hauled it all out on a storage contract and got his hopper bins back and put a target in and it hit on the coldest day of February and he didn't have to do anything, Ive been out of canola for a few month just had a bin bottom that I sold for 950 afew weeks ago we had 4 tenth on Thursday and woke up to another 6 tenth in the gauge this morning so we'll be a few days before things get to exciting, may have to go have alook at the canola and see if its ready to start comin down
  11. golly your wheat looks ahead of mine I haven't checked any for a few days now but was a hard dough, I think peas harvest will start Monday, I have to go in and get a wisdom tooth out Friday so hope to recover on the weekend and giv'er next week
  12. the growing season are either to short or crazy so by swathing and putting in a windrow allows to dry down faster and get all the green kernels out, usually cut at hard dough stage and if weather cooperates you can be combining 3-4 days later, swathing is not done much any more farms are to big, a lot of wheat is sprayed with a lite dose of round up if fast dry down is needed still see canola swathed yet that crop can has a lot of different stages in it and is fragile when ripe it will shell out, there's newer variety's that are pod shatter resistance to help with holding together long enough to straight cut hope this helps
  13. yes i'm a member on there , lots of BS on that page but the odd useful piece of info on there, that's where I saw it I kinda wondered it got cool here low of 6 I guess neighbour said
  14. anyone get a touch of frost last night? seen on facebook it touched down in a few places nothing here
  15. ya i'm getting excited to run it, step up from the 2388 I had, just hope its got more power and grunt than the 2388 the air filter system I think was a big set back on that machine I put one off a 1688 on it this winter but never ran it and sold like that, never had to much of an issue with the 2388 I had 4100 engine on it 3100 thrashing the opportunity came to upgrade and as the 2388 never let me down but was getting to the hours where it could let me down and Im usually behind abit so I cant afford to be down, just the only kicker was I cant use my old 1010 header so I may swath abit more this year and shop for a macdon header this winter crops are looking well here wheat is filling not big heads but a lot of heads so I think we'll do ok i'm straight east of ya just over the border and we will have an ok crop not as good as last year but ok could be a lot worse,
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