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  1. ya things winding down around here, just aa few more things to put away and were done then shop works got the IH 706 in there now had a seized brake and fried the brake disc, dealer wanted 347 dollars a piece for the heavy duty or 220 for the regulars could believe it so i called my aftermarket supplier he's getting me some for 28 dollars apiece and figured it took 55 yrs to wear the first set out I'm sure these will last another 60 yrs
  2. dad grew it once about 20 yrs ago lost big time on it and never grew it again, i think newer varietys are better to thrash the straw can be a pain in the ass but alot of guys bale it and get rid of it that way, been tempting to try some but dad says i have to wait till he's gone haha price wise i think last winter it was close to 20-25 bucks and i hear around 32 a bushel now
  3. same back to you all aswell i enjoy the conversations here all year interesting to see what every one is up to aswell as weather reports ground was white here this morning gauges showed close to 3 tenth of moisture so nice to settle the dust down for the first time in month things are really whining down here back to paper work here sounds like the warmer weather will be back near the end of the week
  4. somerville guys are nice people they farm as well as run a big trucking company about 1 hr south of me, backing up super bee's is harder than it looks, not over steering is a big key been working away slowly cleaning up old fence line hopefully gain an acre or 2
  5. with the cost of round up or if you can even get it i heard some suppliers cant get it, you might be working it again in the spring to i got some ripping i want to do but the ground is so dry and hard the cultivator wont get into it and if you do its big dry clumps
  6. ya been busy here aswell changed the planetary oils in the sprayer today just got the engine oil to do and then i can park it , really notice these shorter days now just get to doing something and before ya know it the suns goin down still got some old fence line i want to tear down yet this fall hopefully weather hangs on for abit yet as i got other jobs to do aswell
  7. i talked to him a few times on some service manuals he was gonna look for certain ones and come up with a price i was after and he never called me back could be a situation where he thought he was ready to sell but really wasnt
  8. seen on YouTube machinery pete had a video of a couple older Steiger Tigers sold for 140000 each same bidder took both seem like older equipment is on the rise 86 series tractors never seem to last for sale around here alot of farmers like them for auger tractors cheaper to run and leave them on augers at all times
  9. i hear ya comes and goes, used to really be into oil cans and gas and oil signs till the prices started to skyrocket and i refused to pay the high prices for an empty oil can that there was millions made of at one point i quit buying and still have my collection to this day nice to look at just cant justify selling them due the amount of time I invested in it now IH stuff I'm always one the look out for cool pieces and tractors but its getting to be the same way as the oil cans people want a lot of money for brochures and signs etc. and I just don't see it
  10. no doubt put a new fan bearing and shroud in our 2188 in 2017 and it went again here this fall destroying the bearing and shroud, did hurt the rad luckily but kind of bs how it was original till it wore out and only get a few yrs out of the new one
  11. nothing to new here either, sold a few loads of grain this week time to get down to the business bill paying part of the job i guess hooked onto the cultivator and tried the ground is getting hard and dry here so may not even do any of that this yr
  12. the 1203s automatically had the updates the update can be installed in the 1202's which i turned down the last time this broke and tried to get this time and was on back order for who know how long, so we fixed it again the original way the ratcheting sound could be the bearings on the hex shaft ? my 2388 i had the bearing went causing some bad thing but caught soon enough nothing bad happened just finished spraying today, i want to spray more but the cost is getting crazy time for the weather to kill it now, sprayed alot of round up and heat which worked very well can see results on everything ive sprayed so now just start cleaning things off and packing away, got some rocks to pick and some old fence to tear down as i seem to be farming closer and closer to it
  13. edit- also my 1202 swather died on the road on the way to the first feild this year the bolts on the flywheel that has the gear on it to drivve the hydraulic pumps broke causing everything to stop had to disable the hubs and pull it off the road and get it all custom swathed as parts were all over the country to fix it, and later that night the pressure tank in the basement sprung a leak flooded abit Harvest was crazy here but a quick one my 7088 went down right out of the gate breaking a bolt on one of the shaker arms and destroying the whole sieve, arms and everything so the ol 2188 took most of it off same as everyone yields were all over i followed the combine with the sprayer and took care of the weeds and i finally got my combine back 2 weeks later in time to help finish the last 3 quarters of canola, we had some hail go though a few weeks ago and damage some crop my standing canola which was a complete disaster to begin with and hail made it worse, finished combining on Saturday, the area is mostly done the big guys are finishing up as well now to do up some dirt work and odd jobs for the next month should spray more probably but round up is still going up in price ment to give you guys updates but the forums wouldn't let me post here for some reason
  14. ya the bushings are fine some bolts on the hangers came loose and one side was lower and it shook and cracked in quite a few spots, did hear any banging goin on the actuator that sets the sieve from the cab the wire got cut and sent a code and upon my inspection i found everything in trouble none of my canola is straight cut variety either so that's why i don't know what to do but last yr i straight cut the last quarter just due to the wind and it got ripe faster than i could swath it worked out well little loss but was nice not swathing it combined easier and little bigger kernels
  15. working on peas here almost done my combine the top sieve decide to call early retirement and shake itself apart seem to be average 13-18 bushels not great but could be worse i guess get these done the next couple days then sit for abit haven't decided what to do with the canola yet to straight cut or swath it yet
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