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  1. the odd feild left around here but mostly everyone is done, i rans some sloughs ive never farmed through the combine to chop them up and spread them went quite well considering some green stuff there was mostly grass, thistles and cattails, even if i cant farm them next year it looks way better driving by, mower would a been more efficient probably but i don't have a nice big mower combine accomplished the same results just cleaning things up and fixing afew things before it does away here looks like another week of decent weather then the daytime highs start to drop to single digits
  2. met a guy this summer that figured the price of land has gotten so out of wack he pays abit more to rent than average to get land but still figures its cheaper in the long run than buying it so maybe he's on to something
  3. i have a 1976 loadstar with a 404 gas pulled out the shed ran like it was missing limped it to the shop still ran like crap warmed up thought it was the carb float was sticking or somthing so i had a hunch the Electonic ignition control box was maybe acting up gave it a tap and idled nice and smooth and ran great after that so that being said i'm looking for a new control box i just need the first 2 numbers on the part number the IH number i have on my box is ??156C2 looks like the box has been tapped afew times over the years the first to number are missing the code number is 66385 12 volt negative ground
  4. mostly 4-8 but quite afew boulders i poped them out with a rock digger i rented last fall, theres a couple spots where the previous owner many years ago just dumped a bucket of rocks just wherever, so may hire a track hoe to come in and burry some of them on the spot, its not to bad of a job now that the mosquitos are gone and its cooler out, i cleaned up the old barb wire fence last fall aswell got most of the month of october so i figure i should get some/most of it cleaned up and broke yet
  5. heard of the odd elk in this country but i have yet to see one, finally seen my first nice buck today been pretty slim for deer around here mostly antelope they know what time of year it is and usually head for the pastures for abit of protection from hunters nothing too exciting to report here just a few odd shower/ gloomy days finally got our first good frost last night and looks like the weather gonna behave long enough to finish the harvest just some slough barley and low spots to clean up breaking some grass land, we have now that we own it its worth picking the million rocks and breaking it up, although a disk would be better the cultivator seem to be plowing it up ok so far, its not much just a couple acres if that but better than growing grass and doing nothing with it cant hay it due to rocks either
  6. had a light touch of frost here Saturday morning, ended up with 2 tenth day before yesterday and really foggy here this morning so somewhat wet weather kicking around, most guys are finished or getting close to the finish line harvest wise, i'm just drifting around, picking rocks and spraying some heavy kochia infestations, sprayed some last fall and notice they were smaller not as thick this year , hoping to break afew acres this fall aswell
  7. dad tells stories of unloading combines off the trains, in the middle of winter freezing cold combines didnt want to start, and still had to put the tires on them, on slippery rail carts and loading dock, how no one died is a shocker althou a few backs got hurt in the process used to put a tiger torch on the engines to get them somewhat warmed up to turn over
  8. i met richard at an auction sale close to his farm probably 6-7 yrs ago, Nice guy we messaged back and forth a few times over the years was always gonna go down and check out his collection but never got there, another good one gone
  9. looks like a good canola crop there, ours faired out ok, seems to have a good seed weight alot of blank pods or empty stems where there should have been pods, we finished harvest 2 days ago other than 60 acres of slough barley thats still alittle green yet, just a touch of frost here this morning warmed up quick thou, off to spray one field that had a ugly surprise under it when we combined it
  10. were still working away here got about 240 of standing canola here and about 80 of standing barley that needs to be swathed due to green but waiting on dealer to come have a look at it due to i dont have any hyd pressure to run the header still moves and drives but the header just runs at a slow speed and plugs as soon as i drive into the barley
  11. still chugging away here durum is done, tried barley still 16% and moved into wheat about 65% done with harvest the rest should go fairly fast i think, i worry about finishing to quick then what does a guy do with the time till the snow flys, be different if weather was crap but its insanely hot these days
  12. had a half inch of rain on Saturday which was nice to freshen things up, caseih dealer came out to look at our combine its not running right been throwing codes all fall we've done everything mechanically we starting to think its something electrical in the harness or ecm at this point, hopefully dealer figures something out, we not full bore into harvest yet bt its comin Those knife heads don't seem to like much grease, when i first got our swather i broke a few of them then a neighbor told me i was over greasing it to much i backed it off to 2-3 shots every second day and i havent broke one for a while, that nylon bushing inside the head wears to creating more slop inside aswell Waiting for the last of the barley to ripen up abit more before i finish swathing for the year i think
  13. first feild of canola is in the bin, did not to bad yeild wise was hoping for a tad more but some of them pods just couldnt take the heat and they aborted swathed barley all day yesterday till i got into some that was to green and decided to let stand a few more days this harvest might take awhile, seems like it combine abit then sit and wait then go again tested the standing durum first and it was 16.7 moisture
  14. ha ya no doubt the worse part is my header is a double drive so is the other wobble box not far away?? looking at it im not sure if my old is is even rebuildable it was still working when i notice it, i was going along and thought i could smell something and look over and the box was smoking the metal was steaming hot, figure the damage was done but thought i could make it to the end of the pass i tried it locked up 10ft away ya the newer ones require alot of more maintance but like you mentioned your putting alot of material through and frankly i think the quality of the metal isnt as good as the older 88 series my 2388 had just over 3000 thresher hours and looked great inside the bolt heads were wearing off but cone was in great shape yet, they may be looking to deal to get them off the lot and gone, my 7088 when i got it came from a deere dealer and they slashed prices on off brand combines to get rid of them instead of taking a hit a Ritchie's looked up and found the machines your looking at both look good, not bad priced but cash deal could be better who knows, when you think about 2 super bees of canola and that 8010 could almost be paid for haha
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