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  1. ya just been tinkering around aswell rented a breaking disk trying to shrink some of these sloughs at have been getting bigger and selling some grain for november pick up, few snow flakes every now and then this morning it was lightly white but melted off, winds has been cold thou could use a cat like yours for a few days i got one quarter that has some bluffs on it that i think would stay dry and be able to farm through if they were cleaned up atleast it was just a high speed disk my neighbour had a quarter section seeded by the new btos that moved into the area one year haha
  2. its all done here finnished just be before 6pm starting to sprinkle just as we finnished up been lightly raining since, feels good to be done but makes ya wonder if another quarter or 2 would be nice, but after last couple harvest i'm happy with our farm size
  3. still working here down to last 400 or so acres after the frost last night it drove the moisture up to 17% finally got back to 16 around 5pm 16 moisture is kinda our max this yr hope to finish up and move on to other jobs i want to break up some dirt this fall yet
  4. it drizzled and messed around all day yesterday so nothing got done, tried wheat today and up to 18% moist so nothing got done here, try again tommorow looks like the later wheat i seeded will out yeild the earlier stuff surprisingly
  5. the ol 1440 grandpa bought in 82 or 83 was here till 2008 or 2009, ran almost 30 yrs here and just ran never had a major break down till the last year we ran it then started increasing acres the ol girl was just to small to keep only had around 2900 hrs when it left to a neighbour and he ran it to about 4000hrs and now its semi retired in his shed as a spare,
  6. been goin on and off the last while down to about 500 acres left, wheat isn't yielding as well as I hoped a lot of straw but not a very big head on it, not sure what really happened? getting soil test done this fall to see if maybe I'm missing or lacking something, the new durum seed i bought this year did a lot better so maybe my wheat seed is getting tired? i'm considering switching over to Brandon wheat seed heard good things about Landmark to so may try to track some if it down for next year
  7. working away here as well nothing to exciting to report finished the canola, the straight cutting worked out well, into the wheat now yeilding ok not as well as the straw looks but the bins are filling, will be an average year here i think for the most part Ralph what are you farming for land acre wise you seem to cover abit of ground for a mostly one man band
  8. my 1460 i had wore through i just bent a piece of tin under the combine and screwed it up with self tappers worked for a few years quite well that way, harvest is goin slowly weather clouded up and humidity made the straw tough, got into straight cutting canola, if you haven't done it your not missing much i still prefer swathing and picking it up, tensioner fell apart on one side of the feederchain and piled it up and bent a few things spent alot of the day getting that back together ready to go tomorrow
  9. got some canola done Saturday a little sprinkle and cool weather drove the moisture up and tough straw so sat for 2 days tried again today and was 10.7 and really tough straw yet hopefully we'll get at it this week and put some bushels in the bin, the swaths are holding fairly well yet
  10. ah i see now ya not a big fan of it so far never dealt with one before till now and i see my 7088 as the same one on the pick up to , probably woulda held on longer if i greased it periodically, ordered a new one had to order it in from the city was $700 bucks Canadian oh well i guess don't use the pick up alot anymore so should last awhile
  11. Running a Radial Pin Slip Clutch on my model 2015 Case IH pick up Header Just curious how they work and if there is an adjustment to Tighten it up, having some issues with table auger slipping and stopping Never dealt with such things does the grease keep pressure in it or something? I've never greased it as there is a big plastic cover over it and I didn't know
  12. ya just seems to be snap your finger and ready, this particular feild is out my way and i dont keep a close close eye on it and i guess i should have swathed it first by the way things look, just wish my cereals would come in this quick to get harvest rolling
  13. bit of a shower this morning so i got a bunch more canola swathed till noonish then started shattering and wind picked up again and blew a few of them around again, i decided to quit and straight cut it now i cant afford to loose anymore with these brutal winds, this will be a learning curve as ive never straight cut canola before, just wish we could get some warm weather to dry the rest of it up to get it in the bin
  14. good to see some one make progress, tried to cut some of that ripe canola and holy **** it was ripe i quit and gonna try again they got showers in the forcast tommorow so i figure i'll try again and i still don't like it i might have to straight cut, the shelling goes down at night but just that it such a fluffy swath the winds we've been having will blow them into the next RM
  15. nah it not the swather its just the year i tried some new Proven Liberty link seed and it grew so tall and the stalks on it were big but had to cut low to get all the pods as it lodged in the rain/wind we had a few weeks back i stayed over with my swather as i couldn't get it through the swather fast enough and the 2188 will have a hard enough time trying to get this stuff though, the other older stuff i grew is normal, never tried any brett young products, yours look pretty good thou as for the power loss i change my fuel filters quite regularly, amazing how dirty a swather gets c
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