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  1. your not the only one with heated stuff the neighbour had the same thing 5000 bushel bin it ran for 1 minute then stopped running I was quite a clump holding 4990 bushels up same as your poorfarmer dry no green etc, ive always like to keep some chaff in it so the air can atleast move through and keep cool just cold and windy all day here got the rest of the canola loaded up only lost a bushel on the ground due to wind but ready to go in
  2. fancy trailers them prestige's, nothing to exciting to report here also durums gone canola is mostly gone, peas just about and have a bunch of wheat left to sell and haul but it will mostly be after seeding now, just working on seeding plans and what goes where and what wont work etc, hoping to start hauling some fertilizer out sometime, most of the seeding equipment don't need a whole lot this year so have some time on my hand especially with no auction sales to chase, got some heavy harrowing id like to do this year
  3. i think your thinking of double 00 a mustang it was blue with flames hired by hogg to race the dukes, or there was a cherry red mustang with 2 woman drivers that luke had a relation with and bo bet the general on the race, I cant remember what the episodes were called
  4. being a lot younger than the show I had to ask mother what the dukes of hazards was and she said i'd like the show I bought season 2 of dukes and watched it ever since such a great show, just seems like a flash back to simpler times you wanted something you went to the local store, gun racks in the back window in jesses truck etc
  5. wheatking

    1482 combine

    farmtronics in regina sask Canada you can either get your repaired or trade it in
  6. this year grain marketing is a head scratcher at most, selling it as feed picked up for $5.00 or just under or selling as a number 2 low protein for 5.40 (prices have went up abit since then) and getting charged shrinkage weither I haul it in or picked up, not to sure on my seeding plans for this year yet Roosty I bet that price is with out the shrinkage they like to use that as kinda the fine print I find, you could probably get in touch with a broker and do better price wise and get it picked up, agfinity offered $5.10 awhile back, it being a warmer winter(cows not eating much) and spring thrash coming around the bend I think feed wheat will go down a lot this spring
  7. thankfully I just got done on the last nice day last year, it was a struggle and got is all off in fairly good moisture levels not dry but manageable, ive been told there is a lot of crop around Edmonton to wainwright to go yet good luck with the harvest in the spring ive had to take off over 1600 acres in spring of 2016 and 50 acres in 2019, that's enough spring thrashin for my farming career, time to get back to normal years Ralph the feed wheat market may hang in there for ya, I sold some for $5.00 picked up the other day for march pick up
  8. hammer handles are worse its like 50cents different, I bought one last year only cause I figure my old hammer head was better quality than the whole new one had not bad luck with appliances but i'm not picky on brand and color, I have a old harvest gold Kenmore my grandma had in the late 70's still working away in the basement
  9. great movie, I thought it was very well done, if you have a lot of time on your hands and you liked the highwaymen is the movie the Irishmen with Robert deniro and al Pacino its like 3 1/2 hrs long but never a dull moment
  10. not quite ih but I have a CaseIH 8820 swather what a piece of junk that thing was, hard to work on, parts incredibly expensive, partsman told me parts were getting difficult to get that was the last excuse I needed to get rid of it bought a wdx 1202, way better and comfortable machine to run
  11. they were a popular machine in our area it was half Axial Flow half massey, I ran a 860 for a couple days but I liked the axial flow better, more comfortable machine to run in my opinion
  12. there was a company called screen-o-matic that made those, not sure if that was a Canadian or American company I have one that was mounted on a 2+2 many moons ago now covered in other junk in the shed, made mostly of plastic and held on by turn buckles onto mounts bolted on the tin work of the tractor
  13. neighbour runs a 3288 on a 10x60 and auguring into a 4500 hopper the auger is standing on it tippy toes to get, usually the tractor dies first, I would want more power in front than a 3488 especially if grain happens to be alittle tough, I would think it would just burn the pto clutches out as well that's a lot of grain moving through a 13" auger
  14. could be i'm not sure I was just looking at the parts book breakdown and it shows a steady bearing inside so I either way id like to take alook inside and see if some flighting is atarting to come apart or whats goin on
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