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  1. Case ih has good ones and not very expensive
  2. Are 8920 was set at 250 and didn’t have a problem in the 6000 hours we had it. 8910 was set at 225
  3. Shouldn’t be an issue
  4. We need a little rain and a lot of heat!!!
  5. I may be in the same boat by days end you can see my sock now!
  6. Been there and it sure don’t get better for a while!!!
  7. Detriot series 60, Freightliner trucks, Axial Flow combines and ford pickups
  8. We are the opposite have only had a few showers since March
  9. Planted last field a week ago Tuesday
  10. Day one of probably 7 or 8 like this
  11. Not if it uses a common style of fitting you can get easily. I also get all mine from discount hydraulic hose. I couldn’t be without a crimper now that I’ve had one
  12. I would like to someday have all the family tractors or any of them but it’s a long list. 39 H (have), 39 M, Minneapolis UB and Z, 706 American D, 3020 gas, 656 gas, 1206, 1066 red cab, early 1086,1586, 5488 2wd, 5488 MFD
  13. No problem with cvt tranny here. Just hard to get used to. 380 has 2500 trouble free hours
  14. Loaded 3 guys up with seed, fixed ECM wires on truck, made a couple hydraulic hoses, fixed 3 tires this morning then cleaned out a bin, moved auger to another bin, drove 75 miles to pick up some extra pipe for my grain vac
  15. We have 5 trucks on the road all the time. No change here but we haul for two elevators and a bunch of farmer customers (same stuff every year). I also started a custom grain vac service last year and that’s going pretty well. We are never looking for work it finds us
  16. All but the most brutally die hard Deere guys around here had red combines until JD got a rotary, red quad track tractors until deere got one and mostly still have red tillage equipment
  17. We pull 19 on 30” spacing as deep as it will go with the 380 or 340 usually 6-7 mph. Always pulled 17 since grandpa got 7140 when they came out new. Before that he had a 28 ft 496 with shanks on the back with 5488 mfd
  18. 13 should be no problem with a 3394
  19. A bunch of my family have been butchering hogs and giving the meat to anyone who will use it
  20. I just can’t stand the thought of all of these animals going to waste and I have a hard time killing animals for no reason
  21. Good thing they use a lot of tape lol
  22. Needed a tractor to leave on the grain vac all the time since I’ve been doing so much custom grain vac stuff lately. Not really a black stripe though
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