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  1. Had a 1904 for a long time. No problem going in the ground at all, very little bearing trouble just pulled pretty hard for a 20 ft disk and made ridges
  2. Mowed 40 acres of new seeding alfalfa with the M got a really great stand this time
  3. My dad has been a vet for 38 years and can’t think of a lot of farm calls we have been on that they would let on tv. Lots of language and guys around here don’t have very well mannered critters lol
  4. Saw some corn tasseling west of rock Valley yesterday
  5. Saw him up by Sioux Falls a few years ago and he did a **** of a job!!!
  6. Corn looks as good as ever here, we have some tasseling just need a couple shots of rain and not much wind and it’s good to go.
  7. We have some decent parts guys at both red and green stores around here and also some bad. My carquest guy almost never misses and has a great inventory which no dealership has at all!!! We have to keep our own parts inventory make our own hoses and do most of the repair on farm equipment or it just plain doesn’t get done!!!!
  8. All tillable hill ground here is probably around 5-8000 per acre. Good bottom ground 8000-12000. Wet gumbo type bottom maybe 5000. All of that is subject to how crazy people want to get or who owns next to it though
  9. Yes!!! I have cornwell for everything that can break or need replacing on a regular basis. That way I have a new one every Tuesday
  10. Put the 7 year old to work today and she liked it
  11. Have had lots of success with just welding on the race and grounding wherever as long as it’s a clean ground
  12. Is the bar still open?
  13. I like that town. Used to stay the night there in the truck a lot.
  14. My guess is you have more issues than the planter unless seed is in dry dirt
  15. What are you finding when you dig? Lots of emergence problems this year with the cold spell. Where you at? We had 2 weeks of way too cold in western IA
  16. I think you can set sensitivity and dry fingers, the sun behind you and dust on the screen don’t help
  17. You just made a happy kid!!! Got my H when not much older than that
  18. Way more weight and durability for not much more cost. A worn out magnum will far outlast a good maxxum in my opinion. Around here they are about the same price. Mid 30s for a 6-7000 hour machine. Magnum leaves you room to expand or get bigger equipment too
  19. Smaller 7100 series would be best bang for you $
  20. Shoe goo is good stuff you can patch you jeans with it too
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