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  1. I brined a 26 pound fresh ham yesterday put it on smoker last night. Starting to look good!!!
  2. Next one that impressed him was 1206 sorry on the type o
  3. Grandpa told me a lot of times the first tractor they had that would really pull was a minni UB then the next only impressed him was a 1206
  4. Got some red here but all from inside cab.
  5. Have a Harvest International auger that looks just like that at the moment too
  6. Still working on it here. We are about half done but making good progress. Got a little snow last night though.corn has been very good for no more rain than we got
  7. It’s not too bad anything broke over is a couple feet up so I’m getting it all. Yields are all over the place but better than expected not seeing a lot under 165 in Hills low ground is very good
  8. Did one on our 8230, hooked it to the old one and pulled it through if it’s the one I think you are talking about
  9. Still just getting a good start here, been messing around putting up some used bins
  10. Coors would have worked better in that sentence. The auto correct got me lol
  11. Got my signs all up and plot trimmed up. Best it’s ever looked!!! Usually is too wet there
  12. Still looking good here but getting pretty dry
  13. Mowed 40 acres of new seeding alfalfa with the M got a really great stand this time
  14. Put the 7 year old to work today and she liked it
  15. Planted last field a week ago Tuesday
  16. Little different kind of awesome pics here but still awesome!!!
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