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  1. Little different shape than the ones I’ve had but isn’t that pretty close to a slug wrench for a combine?
  2. A little bit late but here our some of our 2019 pics
  3. I sell tires out of my shop and have had good luck with Alliance implement tires but the complete opposite with the rears. I’m surprised they made it that far. Our number one seller is Mitas. Have had a few titans get bulges in sidewalls lately
  4. Nothing wrong with that!! Used 5488 and 12 row 7000 for a long time
  5. 340 and 2140 24 row 20” these days since I have started working with my uncle
  6. I always had trouble keeping my 4500 level. The cylinders were always creeping down on one side or the other.
  7. That kind of dirt looks just like Missouri River bottom!
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