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  1. I never changed my priority valve just shined up the spool and it would always work again
  2. Good deal!!! I thought we would never get done this year. Everything turn out well?
  3. We have a Harvest International 13X92 auger that was new half way through harvest 2017. It has always had quite a sag in it halfway between the swing hopper and where the first support starts. Put a couple bearings in the hopper right away. By the start of last fall it was shearing 10 plus bolts per day,had new flighting in the hopper and every bearing on it had gone out. At the beginning of this year on the first bin it started to buckle by the first joint. We lifted it straight and welded on more support. 2 weeks later it buckled behind the same joint and broke the bore pipe and flighting. We cut it open got it straight and repaired again. This thing probably only has 250-300000 bushels through it and should have over a million by now if we hadn’t used our old Fetrl so much because this one won’t stay in on piece!!!!
  4. Tonight is one of the first nights I have been home before supper since August. Grilled pork chops and the wife made cheesy potatoes and stuffed mushrooms. Now I’m on the couch watching Garfield with the kiddos. Pretty good evening!!!
  5. Have you checked out the priority valve under the floor. Had similar problem with my 54
  6. Watch for the inner nut turning with the outside. If it does you need to take them all off equally a little at a time or you will lose the threads on your studs
  7. You need an inch impact. I deal with them all the time. Usually if they have been on there a while some will break off then comes the blue wrench. And yes the left side always has left han threads
  8. I have two 2015 cascadias with dd13 470hp no problems here with def or anything. They both run at least 400 miles locally every day. Use 7-8 gallons of def a week
  9. So far just looks like they are going to double my rates
  10. Got paid for the two that tipped over which were actually the same truck 2 weeks apart which totaled out two different trailers and the tractor the second time. The white international was mechanical failure which is not covered. The reverse gear fell off and locked up transmission going 65 mph loaded. It put driveshaft through the trailer and sheared the bell housing and fly wheel off the engine
  11. It wasn’t all bad. We had good yields for the dry summer we had and the corn stood well. Got a lot of tillage done while waiting on combine parts too!
  12. Lost 2 trucks, two hoppers, combine transmission, hydro, 2 fires, new 90 ft auger buckled, feederhouse driveshaft exploded and had several gear boxes go out on cornhead and combine if I’m not forgetting anything else lol
  13. Been a bit of a rough harvest here but a lot of good too. Got started on September 17 and got done today at 11:03 AM
  14. Have almost all cornwell here Truck stops every Tuesday weather I’m here or not. I just leave the broken stuff on the counter and it’s new when I come back. The truck here stops at every shop farm or anywhere they will let him
  15. We still have corn to pick too but still pretty muddy. Maybe tomorrow
  16. I brined a 26 pound fresh ham yesterday put it on smoker last night. Starting to look good!!!
  17. Next one that impressed him was 1206 sorry on the type o
  18. Grandpa told me a lot of times the first tractor they had that would really pull was a minni UB then the next only impressed him was a 1206
  19. Got some red here but all from inside cab.
  20. Have a Harvest International auger that looks just like that at the moment too
  21. Still working on it here. We are about half done but making good progress. Got a little snow last night though.corn has been very good for no more rain than we got
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