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  1. Had a pretty normal Christmas at the in-laws didn’t really do much different than usual other than we didn’t go to the wife’s grandparents as her grandpa is not doing to well from issues not related to covid
  2. We have a Ninja. We don’t use our oven much anymore. It gets used every day
  3. Have a 39 H and 50 M that both get used almost daily on augers. Mow all my hay with the M and rake with one of them. Most bins get emptied with letter series around here
  4. Going to be cold next week looks like a good opportunity to get it cooled down
  5. Lots of people around here slacking pretty bad on keeping track of the corn since it went in the bins so dry. We have already hauled quite a bit that was getting hot
  6. We had to get away from our 856s for this reason. Running a 13X92 on a tall bin it was really hard on them. The pto units didn’t take it very well either
  7. I like your rake those work really well.
  8. Yeah, we have over a foot of frost on bare ground here now
  9. Got too hard here about 2 weeks ago but it was fun while it lasted!!!
  10. Wow I need to get better at taking pictures from now on. You have a lot
  11. What are you going to be pulling this planter with?
  12. Our 8230 made it about 1700 separator hours with no major repair. Think it’s close to 2500 now still haven’t done the cone. Have done complete clean grain, complete tailings, feederhouse, complete unload, pans under clean grain and tailings, ring and pinion, hydro and both duals have cracked apart so far. I think this was season 9 for it
  13. I would prefer the flagship now. They have so many less belts and moving parts and being able to reverse the rotor is great
  14. I started running Falken Wildpeak MT on my stuff and love them
  15. I was pretty proud to work there for $7.50 an hour. A lot of fun getting to play with all that equipment!!!
  16. I forgot to include that I put in a year part time at our local case IH Dealer while in high school
  17. We had Moor Mans, Wayne, Kent, Purina, Super Sweet and Farmland
  18. And my uncle that I currently farm with started in 1980 with an early 1586 then 5488 2wd, partnered with my grandpa on several of his and bought his share of the 7140 MFD, 8920,285, 2388 when he retired. Since he’s had a 275,two 856 diesels, 305, 120 maxxum, STX 400, 4410 stayer, another 2388, a 7010, and currently 340 half track power shift, 380 half track cvt, the 120, 8230 combine, and 4440 sprayer
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