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  1. We have 5 trucks on the road all the time. No change here but we haul for two elevators and a bunch of farmer customers (same stuff every year). I also started a custom grain vac service last year and that’s going pretty well. We are never looking for work it finds us
  2. All but the most brutally die hard Deere guys around here had red combines until JD got a rotary, red quad track tractors until deere got one and mostly still have red tillage equipment
  3. We pull 19 on 30” spacing as deep as it will go with the 380 or 340 usually 6-7 mph. Always pulled 17 since grandpa got 7140 when they came out new. Before that he had a 28 ft 496 with shanks on the back with 5488 mfd
  4. 13 should be no problem with a 3394
  5. A bunch of my family have been butchering hogs and giving the meat to anyone who will use it
  6. I just can’t stand the thought of all of these animals going to waste and I have a hard time killing animals for no reason
  7. Good thing they use a lot of tape lol
  8. Needed a tractor to leave on the grain vac all the time since I’ve been doing so much custom grain vac stuff lately. Not really a black stripe though
  9. These all would have gone to waste!!!
  10. Everything around here comes from Kansas. That’s one of my favorite runs. Good share of it comes from Lyons here
  11. I love trucking OTR just hate how busy and behind I am when I get home
  12. While we are talking about mud.... this was me last spring
  13. Haven’t heard of slugs in corn here yet
  14. You can get insurance without them. The just don’t like people to know that
  15. We do not participate in the farm program anymore. 4 years ago we had a 6 inch rain right after planting and they checked our compliance on the highly eroadable ground then. Needless to say it didn’t go well and even though we fixed all the terraces and waterways immediately they wanted to fine us and take 40 more acres out of production for grass strips and waterways!!!!
  16. A patch is always best on any kind of tire
  17. I guess I didn’t mention that we haven’t been able to get any success with no till on our wetter ground so far just side hills
  18. Need about 4 more days here. We have already planted 20-30 acres that is usually cat tales and swamp
  19. Going to assume that we will be turning it black every other year if possible. I appreciate everyone’s opinions on this
  20. Thanks I like the idea of those. I will try to get those on a couple rows this week so I can see if there’s a difference
  21. Rmx 335 stupid auto correct
  22. We have an emu 335 and it just leaves all the residue on top. You can get similar results with a stalk shedder in my opinion so I will agree with the “kicking the can down the road thing “
  23. You have a picture of those closing wheels Bitty?
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