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  1. I like your rake those work really well.
  2. Yeah, we have over a foot of frost on bare ground here now
  3. Got too hard here about 2 weeks ago but it was fun while it lasted!!!
  4. Wow I need to get better at taking pictures from now on. You have a lot
  5. What are you going to be pulling this planter with?
  6. Our 8230 made it about 1700 separator hours with no major repair. Think it’s close to 2500 now still haven’t done the cone. Have done complete clean grain, complete tailings, feederhouse, complete unload, pans under clean grain and tailings, ring and pinion, hydro and both duals have cracked apart so far. I think this was season 9 for it
  7. I would prefer the flagship now. They have so many less belts and moving parts and being able to reverse the rotor is great
  8. I started running Falken Wildpeak MT on my stuff and love them
  9. I was pretty proud to work there for $7.50 an hour. A lot of fun getting to play with all that equipment!!!
  10. I forgot to include that I put in a year part time at our local case IH Dealer while in high school
  11. We had Moor Mans, Wayne, Kent, Purina, Super Sweet and Farmland
  12. And my uncle that I currently farm with started in 1980 with an early 1586 then 5488 2wd, partnered with my grandpa on several of his and bought his share of the 7140 MFD, 8920,285, 2388 when he retired. Since he’s had a 275,two 856 diesels, 305, 120 maxxum, STX 400, 4410 stayer, another 2388, a 7010, and currently 340 half track power shift, 380 half track cvt, the 120, 8230 combine, and 4440 sprayer
  13. My personal tractors have been 1939 H (bought new by my great grandpa), 1950 M (bought new by great great uncle, 1976 JD 4230, 1972 1466 White cab, 1992 JD 4255, 1998 8910 MFD, 1983 5488 2wd, 2005 JD 6420, 2010 maxxum 125, 2005 MX 210 2wd, JD 8630. Started with 4420 JD combine then 2 1979 1460s, 1992 1660, 1993 1688 Mudhog, and 1995 2188
  14. My grandpa on moms side had 2 Hs an M, Ferguson 55,450 wife front, two 656 gas gear drive, 856 gas, 1066 white cab, 1086 tri-stripe, gleaner C and gleaner F2 from as long as I can remember till he quit farming in about 1999
  15. Your choice. I’ve been catching up on book work all day and feeling a bit lousy too. I figured any kind of tractor/farm talk would end the day on a good note.
  16. Grandpa on dads side started with 101 IH combine, 3300 JD, 77 1440, 83 1460, 91 1680, 99 2388, 2003 2388
  17. I will start. My great grandpas all had Hs Ms F20s I know on my dads side there was a Minni UB and Z and also a couple pull type allis combines. Them with my to grandpas I’m way less cloudy on dads side started with an Allis WC, JD B and an M. Then WD 45 and two 3020 gas. 1206, 706,1066 BS,early 1086, late 986 factory no TA, 81 5488 2wd, 84 5488 MFD, 90 7140 2wd, 92 7140 MFD, 98 8920 MFD and last one he got before retirement in 2005 was a 285
  18. Just thought it would be a good topic. Pretty sure it’s been done before.
  19. I have lived and breathed farming since I could talk. My grandpa and uncle farmed together so I spent every second with them growing up (got countless hours riding in back window of their 5488s and in 1460). In 2000 when I was 14 a local BTO went broke who did most of the custom baling around here. Grandpa helped me buy a tractor and round baler and that evolved into renting ground and building a beef cow herd. Was farming a fair amount of row crop when I graduated high school but those were the sub $2 corn days so it was nothing special. I went to diesel school for a year and then got in to the millwright union and worked with them off and on for a few years. In the meantime grandpa retired and my uncle took over all the family ground. I was officially farming full time in 2007. Had a lot of good times and was farming around 1500 acres for a while. But just never really made any real money. Had a 12 inch rain and a flood in spring of 2007 and planted everything twice, had way to many cattle to feed for the terrible winter of 09 and 10 and had 500 acres of crop in the field all winter. After another flood in 11 and drought in 12 I had to make 2013 my last year of farming on my own. I started running my old Freightliner over the road with a hopper. Trucking has been good to me and got me back on my feet. I now have been married 11 years, have an excellent 8 year old daughter and 3 year old boy. We usually run about 5 trucks with hoppers, have a tire and repair business, and sell 2 brands of seed. I also started farming again in 2018 with my uncle this time. It’s very busy around here but it’s good.
  20. I think that’s correct. The meridian augers look the same except the bracing and cables now go past the weak spot ours has
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