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  1. My 5488 is sitting almost in the same spot in 2010 as grandpas was in 1989 lol
  2. The first one is 2005, second is 2010, third 1997, fourth 1980, fifth 1985 and the last one is 1989
  3. I had the opposite experience when I used to custom bale with my 8910 and get a lot of road time
  4. $10000 give or take $1000 in Southwest IA
  5. Yes I have had that problem. I assume you have checked all the cables and cleaned all connections?
  6. Out of my graduating class I think 5 of us actively farmed for a while (being one) and we all went broke and had to quit. One now has some cows and works for another farmer, one started custom spraying and the rest of us started trucking. I’m kind of working into it again over the last couple years. Out of my group of friends 30-40 years old from all over the county there are only 3 that have been farming since school uninterrupted
  7. I have a bunch of the starting fluid coozies from there
  8. I love it!!! I can remember being that excited about everything and it was great
  9. My kids like to drive and ride in anything!!! It’s pretty hard to get out of the house without one of them.
  10. Don’t remember running the 5488 very many times as it was traded for a 7140 shortly after that. I ran that one all the time and was very proud of it!!! They bought it new and every time I got fuel I cleaned every spec of dirt out of the cab and washed the windows. Grandpa and uncle always said they would rather have me run the bigger tractors that were safer and easier to control. I didn’t spend much time on the Hs, Ms and 706 till I was 11 or 12
  11. First tractor I ran by myself was the 5488 mfd wish I could remember how old i was but I had watched grandpa run it so much it wasn’t a problem at all. He would field cultivate around all the fence rows and terraces first then I got to do the rest.
  12. We also had a neighbor run a 35 on a 2188 for a few years
  13. Never seen one with a factory cab in person. Wasn’t there another on here a while back? Or is this the same one?
  14. I think you would be fine. If it was a regular platform it wouldn’t work very well just from the uneven feeding. A friend of mine has a 30 ft on a 5088 and it works great and would handle more. We can run faster with 35 Draper than we could with the 30 ft platform. The worst you might have to do is put some fluid in the rears but I bet not
  15. THRIVE THP Tractor fluid. It comes from US Lubricants they deliver here every day if we want
  16. 39 H bought new by great grandpa, M bought new by great uncle, 74 966 red cab for the IH the rest of the operation is maxxum 110, maxxum 115, 340 half track, 380 half trac and 8230 combine
  17. My cargo insurance would send a check directly to the owner of the property for full value then I pay deductible. That’s how it works with commercial plates, USDOT number and MC number. I’m guessing he is not licensed or correctly insured to haul for hire and it is just a farm policy.
  18. Where Indiana Jones shoots the sword fighter!!!
  19. Grandpa cut all the hand crank stuff off all our tractors with a torch but we have a hill about anywhere we need it. As for the split rims it didn’t take me long to invest in a tire cage. We have had a lot of close calls even with regular rims
  20. Certain grain elevators I have worked for won’t allow anything that can create a spark. Had to use a brass pick axe to break up some crusted corn once
  21. I have a shop with a few extra lots and house in a town of 180 people and we are pushing $7000 while all city, school maintenance, county and state employees hang out in the coffee shop 6 hours a day while our infrastructure is falling apart and they’re on the clock!!! I pay my property taxes at the last possible minute.
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