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  1. My main 88 series problem was the priority valve under the cab floor other than that I had good luck. A magnum seat and updated AC does help a lot though
  2. All normal here. Thanks!
  3. These aren’t to crazy but kind of related and I haven’t posted in a while
  4. We have always bought the critter from the farmer and the rest was our responsibility. I haven’t really ever heard of it being any other way.
  5. We had a neighbor plant some 20” corn on us a few years in a row before we switched
  6. We have been on 20” corn for over 10 years and would never go back. We get by for under $15/ace on chemicals because of the early canopy. As 1660 says it’s about the same on good ground but we gain a lot in the hills, gumbo and irrigated ground.
  7. Pretty sure he’s looking for the pullout auger under the bin. I’m pretty sure I have one for you Mule but I’m going to have to let the snow melt some more before I can tell. I will let you know
  8. I used to run an 8 on my 1460 and worked fine just didn’t set any speed records
  9. I also use roadmaster tires almost exclusively. I hope nothing changes
  10. We have an excellent carquest here it’s owned by an ex GM mechanic who was a truck mechanic before that. He bought it from the original owner who had it probably 50 years (Big A Auto Parts then). I have had a charge account there since I was in high school. They also do some machine work. I don’t go anywhere else or care if it’s cheaper elsewhere.
  11. They think it’s great, spent most of the day making forts and snow men
  12. The third picture is on a state highway
  13. We were also supposed to get 1-3”
  14. Discount hydraulic hose.com is where I get all mine. They have about everything
  15. Not much fun around here today but kept going till about 2 when I couldn’t keep the wipers from freezing every 2 minutes
  16. I don’t like two spiked wheels it doesn’t seem to make very even seed to soil contact. One standard and one spiked works pretty good though
  17. Pretty much back to normal here. Everyone has a sign on the door that says wear a mask but not many do anymore. Went to Texas Roadhouse Friday night, it was clear full with all the tables they could pack in there
  18. My 5488 is sitting almost in the same spot in 2010 as grandpas was in 1989 lol
  19. The first one is 2005, second is 2010, third 1997, fourth 1980, fifth 1985 and the last one is 1989
  20. I had the opposite experience when I used to custom bale with my 8910 and get a lot of road time
  21. $10000 give or take $1000 in Southwest IA
  22. Yes I have had that problem. I assume you have checked all the cables and cleaned all connections?
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